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How to Make Your Life More Exciting in 2023| Best 17 Ways

As hard as life seems, no one wants to live a boring life. Then, as much as there’s a quest to make life more exciting, you can only do what you can.

This article comprises the little things you can do to make your life spicier.

Life becomes more meaningful if you have to live on your terms. Get up and try out the adventures there are to try to be happier.

Remember, these things may have to shift from the norm. So, the table of contents below will help you figure it out.

What is the Rationale Behind how to Make your life Interesting?

The earlier you realize that you own your life and should treat it as such is one great stride to living an interesting life.

It may not be easy at first but the understanding of how life works is all the push you need.

This is a list of the principles you must adhere to in life.

  • Bother less about other people’s validation of you
  • Not all great memories are created with money
  • You can always make more time
  • You’ll lose if you become too serious
  • Make your life fun, exciting, and interesting

#1. Bother less about other People’s Validation of you

There is no way you want to live an exciting life when all you care about is other people’s perception of who you are.

It is your life for crying out loud and you should live it to the fullest because it is you who is responsible for what you do.

Do what you love to do and stick to it.

#2. Not all Great Memories are Created with Money

As shocking as this is, the most exciting and reliable memories are done without money. Although money has an effect on great moments to a very large extent, you can equally live an exciting life without money. (Modafinil)

Develop an attitude around gratitude, and you’ll see just how much you are able to live a great and exciting life.

#3. You Can Always Make More Time

It is true that time no longer seems to be enough for all the things we have set ourselves to achieve, but you can always create time for what matters most to you.

So, find out what makes sense and matters to you and endeavor to create time for them.

While you’re here grumbling at how the 24 hours isn’t enough for you, some people actually make the most of it and are still happy.

#4. You’ll Lose if you Become too Serious

If you are serious with the way you handle everything that comes your way, you might soon realize that life is short and everything that you hold dear will vanish in a twinkle of an eye.

Take out time to weigh up your past and your present and then, have fun.

#5. Make your Life Fun, Exciting, and Interesting

While being human, smile all you can, and be emotional. Remember that your financial status has got nothing on how you should spend and enjoy your moments.

Going further, you will discover the best ways to live an interesting and exciting life. Your time starts now.

17 Best Ways to Make Your Life Exciting

#1. Always Watch the Sun Rise

Irrespective of what kind of human you are, make it become part of you to always wake up early and watch the sunrise.

Research shows that those who wake up early tend to be more productive.

While you’re seated at a strategic point taking in the beautiful view, it is also nice that you make yourself some hot cup of coffee and re-affirm the possibilities the day holds for you.

While this may be difficult at first, you’ll definitely get used to it.

#2. Have a Healthy Breakfast

The next best thing your body needs after a whooping 6-7 hours of sleep is a healthy breakfast to provide it with both energy and water to keep the body’s metabolism active.

So, do not skip your breakfasts.

#3. Read a Book

You can make a pick from the variety of books available in a bookstore, provided you can handle the cost.

You can, however, narrow down what your read to personal development and inspirational books.

That way, you train your focus and improve your knowledge.

#4. Go Offline

There might not be a need for you to do this the whole day but you should think of a time when you should disconnect yourself and have alone time with yourself.

Things you will do at this time include: working on your project, doing some reflections and reviewing your life’s ambitions.

This is just so you can be at peace in your head.

#5. Plan a Weekend Getaway

There is a parlance that goes this way; ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. So, it is important to create your fun time and observe them from time to time.

If you are among those who believe that they have to stay on a particular activity for so long, then, get ready for when there will be a decline in your productivity level.

While on the same trip, ensure you do some reflections about yourself.

#6. Try Out New Restaurants

Are you looking for ways you can live a more interesting life? You should make an attempt to try out that new restaurant in your area today.

Add some color to your life by satisfying your taste buds.

#7. Practise Random Acts of Kindness

Another strong way of making your life interesting is by practicing little acts of kindness. No matter how little the act is, you wouldn’t know how much it is able to lighten someone’s day.

While you are impacting people’s lives, it also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

#8. Volunteer

There is no better way to feel accomplished and add spice to your life than to live the life of change you’ve always wanted for the people around you and the world at large.

Check out for groups where you can act as a volunteer and reach out to them.

#9. Spend Time With Pets

Animals can be interesting to the people who keep them as pets. So, if you keep one or more animals as pets, think of spending more time with them.

#10. Have More time enjoying your Hobbies

What do you think makes you happy? Doing your hobbies is another way to make life interesting.

So, spend time on your hobbies at least, once in a week.

#11. Make New Acquaintances

Just because we need each other in life, it is important to expand your network. Interestingly, it is the same network that will prove to be your support when things go south.

If you know how to take advantage of your network when you want to get things done, you will commit yourself to make new friends.

#12. Treat Yourself to Special Meals from your Cuisine

Did you know that making your own meal could pass for a fun time and one of the ways to make life interesting?

If you find it boring eating your food alone, you can invite a few friends over and make dinner for you all to eat and have a fun time.

#13. Learn a new Language

Has it ever crossed your mind to go learn an entirely different language from the ones you already know?

Now is the time to do so. Make time for it and have a paradigm shift somewhere in your brain.

Besides making your life more interesting, this activity will give you satisfaction.

#14. Declutter

This is by far the most underrated means to live an interesting life.

It is not a new thing that your disorganized place of abode indirectly affects your entire being through a lot of distractions.

So, decongestion is part of the ways you can make your own life interesting and even more exciting.

#15. Rebrand your Environment

A little touch of freshness and hunger for green plants and new furniture won’t hurt.

Avail yourself of the opportunity to stay successful and healthy. Also, have people who are willing to support your dreams.

#16. Exercise

There is no how on this green earth that you can live a happy while everything is wrong with your shape.

Commit yourself to do more exercises and keeping fit.

This is an attitude you can associate with successful ones because they know the importance and try to stick to it.

#17. Show Gratitude

The secret to living the good life is to show gratitude for things you already have while you look on for more positive things to happen to you.

In doing this, you develop an impeccable attitude towards becoming grateful.

Final Thoughts

This list has been provided to you not because you must live up to all the processes but because you can decide to do the ways that fit into your schedule and live your life to the fullest.

Again, you can create your own way to live an exciting life. Don’t you think so?




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