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H & R Block Tax Software Reviews 2022

H&R Block tax software provides easy-to-use tax service for e-filers who want to claim their relevant income, credit, and deductions. By providing complex and simple returns in the help options and user experience.

Although it is not the most expensive or the cheapest tax software, it is a solid competitor in the crowded market for tax software. h & r block tax software is distinct from its competitors because it provides more options for personal tax preparation, DIY software, online applications, in-offices services, and several alternatives for virtual expert assistance. 

About H & R Tax Software

The h and r block tax software company was founded by two brothers named Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955 and has expanded to become the leading tax services company, having prepared more than 800 million tax returns. H&R tax services company employed a minimum of 80,000 tax professionals, many of which are bilingual.

Its interface is thorough but simple. The easy-to-use and straightforward interface of its free version are one of the best on the software market. Series of questions are being asked by the program to take you through the tax form, each question will require you to answer either a yes or no response or an inventory and the software automatically populate the authorized tax form with your answers.

If you want an easy-to-use tax software with the assurance of a tax professional going through your returns before filing, you can trust h and r block tax software to offer the best tax Pro review, giving you the convenience to complete your tax return at home on H&R block online and to choose a professional to review your returns to make sure it is detailed before submission to the IRS.

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Who Is H&R Block Tax Software Good For?

H&R Block tax software is a good option for people who want to save money while still using high-quality tax software. People who qualify for H&R Block’s Free Online version and have student loan interest, tuition, fees, or unemployment income would benefit in particular, because other providers usually charge you to file your return with these tax items. Contrarily, H&R Block’s software accurately prepares your tax return for a little less than TurboTax would in most cases.

If you don’t mind whether your tax professional is a CPA or an EA, H&R Block’s Online Assist options are also less expensive than TurboTax’s Live help packages. H&R Block has a long history of providing tax preparation software, so you’re in good hands.

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What Is The Cost Of Preparing Taxes With H&R Block

Majorly there are four H&R blocks main lineup. So if you’re contemplating the h&r block tax software you should choose for your tax filing, check for the review of these features, to determine which will best suit your purpose.

  • Free online tax filing
  • Deluxe online edition
  • Premium online edition
  • Self-Employed online edition

1. Free online tax filing

This edition of h & r block tax software is free for both federal and state. The free edition of h&r block tax software can accurately handle your needs if you are planning to file a 1040,1040A or 1040EZ form.

However, like most free tax software the H&R block free online tax filing is restricted to enumerate deductions on 1040 with a schedule A. There are no audit support and unlimited expert advice for this program so it might not be the right option for you if you have a complex tax situation.

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 2. Deluxe online edition

This edition of the h and r block tax software is specifically designed for investors and homeowners to successfully maximize their deductions. The cost for the federal and state tax filing is

• Federal: $24.49

• State: $36.99

Its features and benefits are wider than the free edition. it includes all features in the free edition, recommendations for contending deductions in your real estate and home mortgage interest taxes, vast technical support by phone, and tax advice via chats. With the deduction pro feature, you can easily track and value all the generous donations you have made through the year, while the investment income reporting feature will guide you into knowing if you have correctly made a report of your investment income for the year.

In addition to these features, you can easily revisit your tax data anytime because you’ll be granted free access and storage of your tax returns for up to six years.

3. Premium online edition

This edition of the h & r block tax software is best for real estate investment. It will help you report the profits and losses from Independent financing contracting on the Schedule C-EZ form. The cost for the federal and state tax filing is

• Federal: $37.49

• State: $36.99

This edition of the h and r block tax software has an advanced filing calculator to help you determine the cost factor of your dividings, sales, inheritance assets, and gifts to ensure and assure that your digit is perfectly accurate.

There is an inclusion of the investment income reporting picture, deduction Pro, audit support guarantee, and unlimited expert tax advice. You can also get your tax filing reviewed by a tax professional at an additional cost.

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4. Self-employed edition

This edition of h&r block tax software offers the program you can get with the premium edition and also includes some peculiar features such as:

  • Business Partner™- a feature that enables you to get mutual deductions for your business.
  • Business Booster™ – a feature that helps you write off start-up costs.
  • Business Snapshot™- a feature that permits you to see your business components in one place.

Like the rest of the other non-free tax filing software, the self-employed edition of the h & r block tax software has a cost price. The cost for the federal and state tax filings are

• Federal: $59.99

• State: $36.99

Self-employed taxpayers who want to ensure a perfect tax filing can opt for a tax professional review.

Why Should I Use H&R Tax Software?

Here are a few reasons why you should try H&R Tax Software;

Search and virtual assistants on H&R block

You can easily navigate and find your way around h and r block tax software. By clicking the back and next buttons, you can advance from screen to screen. There are some other navigation options you can also go for. When you click on the chat icon in the lower-right corner, the chat link opens the virtual assistant which will start an automatic conversation with you about the phrase or words you entered.

The procedures you need to take and where you need to proceed subsequently are understandable on the H&R block Deluxe edition, but it lacks thorough navigation when compared to that of FreeTaxUSA, and is also choppier than the linear and smooth flow of the Turbotax Deluxe. H&R Block and Turbotax sites are somewhat different, H&R block is a little more logical white Turbotax is friendlier, greeting you with a big smile and engaging in some small talks while you move along your tax filing process.

In case you have some questions about the site itself, you can call a specialist during business hours or Text Chat. But if you have questions on tax-related matters, you can then connect with a tax professional in numerous fee-based ways such as phone calls, chat, and video screen sharing. Users of FreeTaxUSA and Credit Karma Tax do not connect with a professional with a fee.


You can rest assured that your data is monitored and protected always with the secured h and r block tax software. The website offers considerable protection that includes multi-layer authentication, and industry-standard web-browsing encryption technology. The h & r block tax software company employs external security experts to audit, assess risk on networks, data centers, and servers. Ensuring that they are harbored in safe facilities.

H&R block mobile experience

The file app (Android and iOS) and H&R block tax prep allow you to access your return by simply entering your username and password. As it has been reviewed by many users that the apps successfully duplicated the desktop experience on the mobile phone, and both versions offer an able help system, simple navigation, and comprehensive coverage of tax topics. 

There are only a few exceptions from the browser-based versions, which is that the mobile version displays icons at the bottom of the screen replacing the toolbar of the desktop version.

Audit support

At the purchase of h&r block tax software, you are automatically eligible for free in-person audit representation. I.e you will be assisted by an H&R block enrolled agent with your audit preparation, IRS correspondence, attendance with you at the audit itself, and guidance through what to anticipate during the audit. The H&R block will assist you to organize this entire process with no extra fee.

Accuracy and Convenience

You can simply snap and upload the picture of the form to the software using the W-2 Snap-a-pic feature, instead of typing in the information from your W-2. Once the photo is uploaded the information will be posted out to where it needs to be. This particular feature saves time and improves accuracy since it is apparent to mistype a number when you are organizing information manually.

Is H&R Block Tax Software Reliable?

The h&r block tax software company has professional employees to ensure that you get the maximum tax filing experience and accurate calculations on your returns. However, if errors should result from their side they guarantee to bear the penalties and pay the interest charges. This is in addition to their maximum refund guarantee.

Are There Alternatives To H&R Tax Software?

While H&R Block Tax may be a solid choice for individuals and business owners, there are alternatives to H&R tax software that can be helpful. Here is a list of the top 4 alternatives to the H&R block.

1. Turbotax

Turbotax makes it easy for you to prepare your taxes as you have the software ask all questions for deductions.

The software takes you through the entire return and helps you get through to the correct figures.

Turbotax helps with many things. From tax deductions to investments to rental property taxes etc.

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2. FreeTaxUSA

FreeTaxxUSA is a credible tax-paying system that will give you less stress and afford you an opportunity to fulfill your duty on time in addition to avoiding litigation.

On the tax software,  you can easily track your tax records and get notifications towards payments and receipts.

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3. TaxAct

TaxAct is an easy-to-use, inexpensive app that just about everyone can use. With extra features and plans for each budget,  TaxAct is a good choice for first-time filers or people who want a full online filing service.

TaxAct’s products are less costly than TurboTax and H&R Block comparable products. The free version of TaxAct allows you to file Form 1040, but not Schedules 1, 2, or 3. 

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4. Taxslayer

Taxslayer is a company that provides the software, forms, regulations, and resources its customers need to file for state and federal taxes.

It uses modern technology, a dependable and knowledgeable team of tax experts to ensure its clients’ file taxes accurately and on time.

Taxslayer saves you this stress. It aids you to file your state and federal taxes online with all the expertise required.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I create a new account?

Go to the create your account button and sign-in page of the software and follow the prompts.

How can I get technical support?

Visit the support page and select your appropriate products

How can I get assistance with the returns that were prepared in the h&r block office?

Go to the support page and select your preferred method of contact.

What can be done if I do not receive my password reset email

Go through your junk or spam mail folder in your email account

Is it possible to delete an account with h&r block tax software?

No, but you can delete the information you entered.


h&r block tax software is a universal consumer tax provider that offers top-notch tax services for the best user experience. Each of the levels of tax software has features that are best for different categories of purpose, to enjoy the maximum benefits of h&r block tax software, ensure that your purchase best suits the purpose to wish you want it to accomplish.


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