iGaming Academy Review: Training For Gaming Businesses

Have you noticed the entertainment scene’s significant development in recent years?! Consumers are becoming less inclined toward television, satellite, and traditional recreational activities and more toward consoles, computer games, and smartphone games.

There is no doubt that iGaming has become a part of the daily lives of millions of consumers. Although this industry is fairly new, it has gained immense popularity lately due to a wide range of factors, and the most important:

  • Increasing and developing Internet speeds and lowering the price of subscription packages.
  • Fantastic development of games.
  • The evolution of smartphones during the last five years.

As the iGaming industry has branched out significantly, many software associated with it has been developed. In addition, many global curricula have been created and standardised to provide appropriate training for those involved in the industry and standardise concepts. One of the industry’s leading providers of vocational training services is iGaming Academy.

The leading training provider courses include gaming content creation, random result generators, responsible gaming protocol, methods for identifying and combating money laundering patterns, anti-fraud, advertising standards, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Each course has a creative, engaging study path, online assessment, and they are updated regularly.

All learners in 46 countries can access these courses through the Academy’s multiple sites. Upon completion, all learners will receive certificates that are recognised by the CPD, and managers can see who completed the course and generate reports that can be submitted to the regulators.

What is the iGaming Academy?

iGaming Academy was established in 2005 to provide training services to individuals and companies working in the global gaming industry. The courses offered by this academy can develop the skills of individuals and boost companies expansion plans as well.

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In addition, it will also contribute to meeting the regulatory requirements of each country, reducing the risk of minors’ involvement, anti-bribery, and suspicion of money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, software development, customer service, data protection, responsible gaming, data engineering, and others risks associated with the iGaming Industry.

These courses provide professional compliance training and help the organisation adhere to licensing compliance and security rules. Also, they help the company achieve rapid growth, build the skills and knowledge of employees, and maintain the firm position in competition with other companies.

Through the advanced training methods that iGaming Academy relies on, the firm can get ahead of its competitors, innovate in formulating new products and services, and keep its customers and employees alike safe.

For example, many global gambling commissions do not have a particular self-exclusion programme, like GamStop, so licensed gambling site administrators have to make extra efforts to provide safety and protection for players prone to gambling addiction and to train staff reactively to reduce the risk of engaging players prone to gambling addiction.

Classes are not tied to time and place restrictions as they can be obtained easily online at any time. Also, they are available in several different languages ​​to make the most of them without the language being a barrier to them.

With its offices in Malta and Gibraltar, the iGaming Academy has for nearly two decades been delivering a wide range of compliance courses through an innovative learning system.

What are the responsibilities of the iGaming Academy?

All types of firms that work in this industry can opt-in to the courses offered by the iGaming Academy. As we have already mentioned, the training courses cover all fields of the iGaming industry.

In 2018, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) conducted a study on employee skills in the gaming industry. It concluded that the iGaming industry was significantly affected by the lack of crucial skills. In the same year in Malta, there were 800 vacancies in this sector due to the lack of sufficient skills, and this number is large as it equals one in every eight employees working in this domain!

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What are the iGaming company must-haves?

The gaming industry isn’t a niche interest, iGaming is now mainstream entertainment, and the industry needs more than just coders. Other aspects need employees to work on, and they also need to meet compliance requirements.

Although companies operating in iGaming increasingly rely on remote work, it is indispensable to have a permanent headquarter, at least in the licensing jurisdiction. Accordingly, there is a set of foundations that every company must follow to meet regulatory demands, reduce risks and maintain the safety of their business, employees and customers.

1.    Provide practical training

This is where iGaming Academy comes in! Although large companies may have the ability to provide internal training for new employees, emerging companies may not have the necessary resources or capabilities to train their cadres to assign iGaming Academy with this task.

It is also possible that the training program is tailored to each company individually to suit the time available and the number of trainees, so the pace of work will not be affected!

With iGaming Academy’s interactive training on compliance rules, gaming companies can ensure that their employees have the skills needed to play their roles proficiently. In addition, during the training period, employees will get an excellent opportunity to enlarge their networks, develop their skills, and get better chances for career advancement.

2.    Hire for skills & talents

The gaming industry requires four primary skills: (management skills, technical skills, soft skills, and marketing skills). iGaming Academy offers courses for all these skills.

3.    Workplace requirements

Workplace requirements include preparing new employees and training them on in-office tasks, professional foundations, and compliance rules. In addition to other general areas such as information security, health and safety, gender equality, sexual harassment awareness, assisting other employees, and carrying out the tasks of absent colleagues.

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4.    Provide tailored training content suitable for every employee

iGaming Academy offers training content ideal for all companies operating in the industry. The Learning Management System (LMS) delivers customised training for both companies and employees while providing a full range of LMS management tool options.


The iGaming industry is undergoing a large-scale digitisation process, and it is witnessing an unprecedented process of expansion as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus, updating legislation related to virtual gambling in all countries of the world, entering new markets, and increasing the popularity of this industry in countries of the world. With the vision of “Growing the Games Industry through education,” iGaming Academy seeks to upskill and develop employees and address the problem of talent shortage in the iGaming industry.

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