Top 10 Indian File Sharing App For 2022

Remember when we relied on a program that took an eternity to transfer a single file? 

I’m referring to our old best friend, Bluetooth.

When smartphones were not yet invented, Bluetooth left us with a plethora of memories.

It’s a program that lets us send and receive photos, audio, and video files from a variety of sources.

Now, mobile app developers continue to improve our gadgets, as well as the programs and applications that run on them.

They created gaming routers to eliminate latency, internet modems and routers, and now a file-sharing application.

They understood that we needed a more dependable file-sharing application that could transport files more quickly.

As a result, they developed several sharing apps supported in Indian. These various Indian file sharing app are mobile and computer-friendly app.

This article highlights the 10 best file sharing app in India. Stay with me as we discuss extensively how they work.

How Do File Sharing Apps Work?

A file-sharing app is the program that allows you to share and transfer files from one device to another.

The notion is built on networking, in which a transmitter and a receiver are involved.

Both devices have a unique IP address. One of the devices must launch or construct a WiFi hotspot, and the other must connect to it.

Transferring files is possible once the two devices have established a connection. The sending device will select the file(s), and the receiver will only have to wait for the files to be completely sent.

Basically, file-sharing apps don’t make use of any internet or Wi-Fi routers.

Is there any Indian File Sharing App like Xender?

Xender is one of 59 Chinese apps that the Indian government has banned. If you’re still using Xender, it might be time to look for a replacement.

There are various free Xender alternatives available to download and use. We’ll look at the best Xender alternatives in this article.

Meanwhile, most of these alternatives listed aren’t built in India. I recently learned about ShareKaro, a file-sharing program designed by Indians that offers a lot of features.

Share ALL, a file-sharing tool similar to Xender designed for sharing files between two devices is the finest Indian file-sharing app alternative.

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What is the Best App for File Sharing in India?

There are several Indian apps that can simply transfer files from one device to another. Because the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps, including SHAREit, everyone is looking for alternatives.

If there’s one SHAREit Indian file sharing app alternative worth considering, it’s Share ALL.

Share ALL is a file-sharing program for sharing files between two devices, similar to SHAREit. It was created by Indian coders to mimic SHAREit’s functionality without jeopardizing one’s privacy.

What are the Top 10 Indian File Sharing Apps?

If you’re one of those looking for clean Indian file sharing apps like Xender and SHAREit, here is Indian software that you can use to transfer files from one device to another.

1. ShareALL

ShareAll is the first app on our list of the best SHAREit alternatives in India. Quantum4u Lab, an Indian firm, was created with Indian users in mind.

The software allows you to share documents, music, videos, and APKS files to other Android devices.

For having a method that allows for secure sharing, the app gets brownie points. It accomplishes this by incorporating password protection.

In a world where file-sharing is common, it works even if you don’t have access to the internet.

The creator has stated that iOS and desktop browser applications are in the works, so non-Android users will utilize ShareAll soon. Plus, there’s more.

The software cleans cache, garbage, and duplicate files quickly. You can get it by clicking on the link below.

2. SENDit

SENDit is a high-speed file-sharing app developed in India. It is a cross-platform sharing tool that works without the use of mobile data.

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It’s more than 20 times as quick as Bluetooth. Photos, films, audio, and data can all be shared. To talk with a nearby device, you can send files, pictures, videos, apks, and stream text.

  • SENDit does not require the use of the internet and does not require the use of a Wi-Fi network or a mobile data plan.
  • Files can be shared at any time and from any location.
  • Faster than Bluetooth by a factor of a hundred. The fastest speed is over 20 megabits per second.
  • Listening to music on the SENDit music player is a pleasurable experience.
  • Protect your privacy with an integrated encryption tool for images and videos.
  • It is possible to switch between several types of mobile phones without encountering any difficulties.
  • Allows you to send files in any format.
  • There are no further wires or internet connections required for the transfer. Sharing between many devices is simple.

SENDit is a file sharing program that is similar to SHAREit.

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3. JioSwitch

At least in India, JioSwitch is ubiquitous. JIO has taken the ‘VocalforLocal’ concept to heart, creating a selection of apps that can easily replace Chinese apps after giving consumers a taste of the world’s cheapest data connection.

JIOSwitch is another of the company’s attempts.

It’s a file-sharing app that can send all kinds of files. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

There is no size limit, therefore if you want to share enormous files, it will be able to do so.

JIOSwitch is another Indian program that is similar to SHAREit.

According to the website, the program can be used for all types of file sharing. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

There are no restrictions on file size or kind. JIOSwitch performs admirably even when there is no active internet connection.

Switch to an Indian file-sharing app after downloading it from the link below.

  • Cross-platform: Transfer data between Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Wireless: Select individual files and share it across.
  • No limit: Share Photos Videos and music without any size limit.
  • Fast as Flash: Fastest file transfer happens over 100 time faster than Bluetooth.
  • No Internet: Works without internet and save on your data package while you transfer files.

4. Smart Share

The fourth app in our list of the best SHAREit alternatives in India is Smart Share.

It’s a free file-sharing app for Android and iOS that can proudly replace SHAREit.

You are free to use all of its features. Users can share music, films, documents, and other material.

Because it is well-equipped to exchange enormous files, you will not lose the file’s original quality.

Smart Share works without an internet connection, but you must be within 100 feet of the person with whom you’ll be sharing data in order to do so.

To share/transfer files, the software takes advantage of your phone’s Mobile Hotspot. You can get it by clicking on the link below.

How it Works

1. Download the Smart Share app and connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. (Transferring files between Android and Windows and MacOS)

2. Within the same local Wifi network, share your media content (photos, video, music, and documents) with your family and friends.

Note that neither your mobile data nor your Wi-Fi data will be used.

3. If both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi, look for a device name and Device Access code.

4. The Smart Share app will locate nearby devices that are linked to the same Wi-Fi network and will send and receive files between two devices that are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

5. Enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot on one of the devices, then link another mobile to this Wi-Fi Hotspot to send and receive files.

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6. This app allows you to securely share or copy photos, videos, music, and documents with your family and friends.

7. Securely share your material without using your Internet or mobile data plan, and send and receive large files without sacrificing quality, 100 times faster than before. Don’t use your mobile data plan to transmit or receive photos, videos, or other files. If your friends and relatives are within 100 feet of you.

This will work on any Android device, and you can use it anywhere by enabling the built-in mobile hotspot for sending and receiving data.

5. SFT

The 6-time award-winning Swift File Transfer, built-in Bangalore, India, is the next app on our list of the best Indian file sharing apps.

It is quick to share files, such as HD films, documents, and images, as the name implies. How quick? It has a maximum transmission rate of 30MB/s.

As a result, transferring HD files takes about 90 seconds. What a fantastic idea!

You will not require an internet connection, but you must be within 30 meters of the individual with whom you are exchanging your data.

SFT also lets you store the files you get to your SD card. You can get it by clicking on the link below.

  • Send or Share Anything: photos, installed apps, videos, music, folders, documents, or any other file format
  • Extremely fast – Share apps, files/folders, etc. 100x faster than Bluetooth®
  • Transfer data range up to 30 meters
  • In-built file explorer allows you to browse and transfer files
  • In-built media player allows you to view and listen at the same time There are no limitations on data transfer.
  • Save received files in internal memory or external SD Card memory
  • Transfer GBs of data in seconds
  • High-speed file transfer up to 30M/s
  • It’s lovely, beautiful, and simple to use. Multiple files can be sent at the same time using the UI.

How simply it Works:

Sender: Launch SFT app -> Tap on “Send Button” -> Select data to share -> Tap on send

Receiver: Launch SFT app -> Tap on “Receive Button” -> Tap on “Senders” image/name

6. Z Share

Z share is a file-sharing app developed in India by Shravan Hedge.

The user interface is excellent, and the file-sending menu is easy to access.

On Z Share, users can transmit files such as photos, videos, documents, music, apps, and more.

Because the transmission speed is 6 MBPS, it is quite easy to share files.

The best feature is that it works even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Overall, it’s a solid file-sharing app that earns a place on this list. You can get it by clicking on the link below.

7. Send Anywhere

For nearly two years, I’ve been utilizing Send Anywhere. It’s the best non-Indian (and non-Chinese) file-sharing app, and it’s a good SHAREit replacement.

To begin with, you have the option of sending the original file without sacrificing its quality.

Secondly, SA implements an easy-to-use 6-digit code-based transfer system.

Simply choose the file to share, click Send, and the code will appear. Instruct the other person to enter the code into their SA’s Receive segment.

This is accomplished through the usage of a secure link that lasts for 48 hours.

It does, however, cause a good internet connection, which may be its major disadvantage.

Send Anywhere can be downloaded from the URL below.

8. MX ShareKaro

The eight app in our list of the best India file sharig app is MX ShareKaro.

The program, which was created by MX Media & Entertainment, which is well known for MX Player, transfers all types of data in the blink of an eye.

But, if I have to specify file kinds, MX ShareKaro allows you to share all common files with your family and friends, including music, videos, images, programs, and more.

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Because there are no annoying adverts, sharing files is no longer an annoyance for people who do it frequently.

With the Mobile data toggle turned on, users can transfer huge files without turning on their Wi-Fi.

It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, according to the developers.

So, if you’re always in a hurry but enjoy exchanging data, MX ShareKaro is unquestionably the way to go!

You can get it by clicking on the link below.

9. File Share Tool – File Transfer Tool

Tipu Sultan Wani, a Kashmiri youngster, created the File Share Tool, a file-sharing application.

According to him, the software is the fastest file-sharing program and a good substitute for SHAREit.

A clean, smooth, and ad-free experience will be provided to users.

Videos, documents, audio, and other files can be shared with other File Share Tool users.

Users will require an active internet connection and the same network on both devices in order to use it.

It also requests that you grant Bluetooth and media file access as part of the transfer process.

File Share Tool can be downloaded from the URL below.

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10. Superbeam

Superbeam is the final software in our list of the best file sharing app for Indian users.

This file sharing app, developed by LiveQoS, lives true to its name by sharing files at breakneck speeds.

It uses Wi-Fi Direct to share files, so you’ll need to switch on the Wi-Fi, but you won’t be utilizing the internet.

With SuperBeam, you do not have to memorize passwords or search for other devices.

By entering a sharing key, utilizing NFC, or scanning QR codes, users can pair their devices.

APS, contacts, photos, movies, ZIP files, and other files can be transferred without difficulty.

The UI/UX is straightforward, and with a variety of theming options, including an AMOLED dark mode, you’ll enjoy every aspect of this program.

Additional capabilities, such as an ad-free experience, file sharing with a PC, and other goodies, are available for a fee.

Superbeam can be downloaded from the URL below.

FAQS ON Top 10 Indian File Sharing App For 2022

What is the name of the file-sharing app by an Indian?

Reliance Jio’s file-sharing app JioSwitch is available in India.

What is the best file-sharing app?

With over 500 million downloads, ShareAll is one of the most popular file sharing apps.

What are the best SHAREit and Xender alternatives?

The greatest non-Chinese alternatives to SHAREit include ShareAll, JioSwitch, Share, and Send Anywhere.

What other options do I have except SHAREit?

Take a look at the top 10 file-sharing apps listed above. Instead of SHAREit, we recommend using ShareAll.

What’s the maximum transfer rate I can get from this Indian file sharing app?

Well, it depends on a variety of circumstances. In most circumstances, we found that rates between 20 and 40 Mbps are optimal. Some customers with high-end devices were able to get even faster, up to 75 Mbps.


So, there you have it, some of the top Indian file-sharing app for 2022 that you can download on your phone (Andriod, iOS, and so on).

These apps allow you to transport huge video files from your Android phone to another phone or your computer.

I don’t suppose you’d have any trouble moving from one ship to another because they’re all free.


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