Instagc Review 2022: Is It Legit Or Scam | How It Works

There is this belief that gift card websites are scams. Well, some are while others ain’t.

Instagc is one of them that are seeming legit.

One of the reasons instagc is preferred is because of the low balance before you can request payment.

Instagc counterparts require as high as $25 dollars before users can request payment. And with the low points earned, it will take forever to achieve such balance.

Therefore, this instagc review will help you decide if it is a good way for you to make money in your free time or not.

Meanwhile, the box above describes all we will discuss in this post instagc review.

About Instagc

Instagc is a get-paid-to website where users earn gift cards for watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online and searching the web.

It is owned by Day Online Solution, LLC.

InstaGC is one of the oldest online survey sites and has been offering paid surveys since 2011.

How Does Instagc Work?

Simply create an account using your email and earn 10 free points.

You may also sign up using Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.

Using this platform you basically earn points by watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online, or searching the web.

Every 100 points equal $1 which can be redeemed for an instant gift card. Cash rewards are available with a $5 balance.

The advantage of instagc is that you receive the gift card instantly. Even the reviews attest to this.

Once redeemed, the code details will be instantly shown within your account area. No refunds or exchanges are allowed.

There is a disclaimer that instaGC is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards as they are not affiliated with any of the companies offering gift cards.

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According to the reviews about instagc, the platform works as simply as it sounds.

How do I make money using Instagc?

You make money on Instagc using the following means.

  • Completing Surveys. It pays between 2 to 105 points
  • Testing Apps
  • Searching the web
  • Watching videos. Better paying videos are from AceWall, HyprMX, and Hideout. tv.
  • Figure-Eight Tasks. You’ll be given a set of instructions, and you have to complete them to earn the points.
  • Refer Friends and earn 10% of their points

Instagc Review – How do I Redeem the Points?

You need 10 points to request redemption.

The options are through gift cards, direct deposit, eCheck, PayPal, sweepstakes entries, and charitable donations.

Gift cards offer the easiest way to request a payout. A minimum of $1. Plus there are over 350 gift card options to choose from.

Cash rewards require a $5 balance. This can be through direct bank deposit or eCheck.

It is quicker if you plan on using the cash for any of the gift card options.

After you redeem $50 in reward, you can request a PayPal cash payment. Subsequently, you’ll pay 20 point fee for other requests.

For the Direct deposit, InstaGC may waive the 15-point fee for your first monthly cash reward. Each subsequent request costs 15 points.

eCheck: After the first month of free usage, you’ll pay 25 points as a redemption fee.

Instagc Reviews- Legit or scam

The users are the ones who know where it pinches. Therefore, this instagc review is exclusively from instagcites.

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As you would see later on, the contented users are more than the dissatisfied. Take a look!

Review by Joe

“Wonderful site if you’re looking to earn online, however, there’s a chat moderator who seems a bit power-obsessed. It ruins the experience at times”

Christina’s Review

“Best GPT site around! So much money to be made.
I’ve made $3k.”

Roderick’s Review

“InstaGC is an ok site, they pay quickly and have instant PayPal but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s very hard to earn when you’re in need or want to make some quick cash. The “freezing point”, is okay with me because I understand they want to protect the platform from fraud. But waiting 2 months or longer for points is ridiculous. Especially when I have good offer history with no reversals. I did a 736 point offer on 1/9 and as of today 3/16, it’s still on hold and I’m being told because they haven’t got paid yet. Even paid my money for it. But any of my other offers they released with no problems. Even offers under 225 points go on hold. I wouldn’t recommend it, I had to close my account today. I really think they should give people with good sufficient offer history slacker. There are better sites I use like super pay, prize rebel that are way better with no holds”

Tandem S.

“It actually works! I’ve needed extra money for the longest time, and all I had to do was some surveys and offers. The only thing I disliked was that points were frozen under certain conditions, but I understand that there are likely security reasons. I received my first $10 prepaid within two weeks of using the site! A well-deserved 5 stars. Thanks!”

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“I’ve earned 210 points so far, roughly 2 dollars, in the span of around two hours. I could have earned a lot more if I weren’t disqualified for 80 percent of the surveys I took. In conclusion, not worth your time.”

Our Verdict- Is Instagc legit or a scam?

From the Instagc reviews, it is not a scam site. However, they have their challenges. Their prompt response to reviews even on third-party sites like Trustpilot actually passes for a mark. It shows they have greater customer service and as such accept feedback.

Another factor users should note is that the payout may be low compared to the effort.

Again, its PayPal redemption plan is only for long-term users. Using the 10-point = $1 paradigm, when will one accumulate $50?

These are things users should have knowledge of before starting out their instagc journey.


If you are looking for a quick riches scheme, don’t bother going to instagc. But, if you want a side hustle that pays fairly ok, then try them out. This is our honest review of instagc.

InstaGC is a legit way to make extra money. However, some activities pay more.


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