15 Best Investment Advice Websites with Realtime Data in 2022

Before you make any investment, you should probably discuss it with a professional so you don’t lose your money. However, professionals have made it easier for folks like you to receive investment advice by creating platforms wherein you can invest your money for safe and great returns.

These investment advice websites help you make the best decision on investment depending on your capital. Furthermore, you have access to data that reflects the market trends and open windows available for investment.

A lot about this article will discuss the best investment advice websites, but it will still key in on the need to utilize an investment website immediately.

Why You Should Utilize Investment Advice Websites

The internet has become a dominating force commanding people to adjust to certain types of communication and marketing. This new strategy has also made certain concepts easier and the transfer of information seamless.

Investment advice websites don’t only offer you an opportunity to learn about investments and trading signals, a good number of them will mentor you through the process although you’re miles away from any of their physical locations.

A wise thing to do would be to leverage these systems as some of them have the numbers and track record to prove they’re an astounding force.

15 Best Investment Advice Websites With Realtime Data

Before a good investor gives away their capital, the investor must have researched on the platform he wants to invest it and its capacity to yield return. So, from my research, the best investment advice websites with real-time data consist:

1. Investopedia

When you desire to find information regarding finances, investment strategies and insight, Investopedia is your lead source. For a grave number of years, they have analyzed and carefully researched the market, and this has led to a whole lot of their contents dominating search engine pages.

Investopedia has a wide range of options on investment, learning and practice. For example, the Investopedia Academy offers you an opportunity to learn self-paced online courses at a fee.

After each trading day, Investopedia offers you news and analysis on dips and spikes in the market.

2. Motley Fool Stock Advisor

If you’re interested in making better investments, Motley Fool Stock Advisor is helpful. You don’t need a degree in Finance to build your income. Instead, you only need a few minutes a month, and exceptional stock recommendations.

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Motley Fool is advantageous cause they offer you an opportunity to get 100% of your investment on returns. As a new member, you receive stock picks directly from the founders of the platform.

With their unique user interphase, investing and getting returns has never been easier, hence, they rank as one of the best investment advice websites.

3. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha boasts that it possesses the largest investing community in the world. With a strong knowledge of stock analysis, investment ideas, earnings calls, and charts, they have the knowledge and tools to boost your investment returns.

Their platform has different categories ranging from top stocks, stock ideas, and dividends down to investing strategies, just to name a few. The platform seldomly pops up hot investment plans with good projections on returns.


CNBC is another platform with a similar mode to Wall Street Journal. They’re actually the world leader in business news and real-time financial market coverage.

Their platform displays trade levels across different markets in Europe and Asia with price variations on gold and oil. So, I think you would highly rate them as one of the top investment advice websites in the world.

5. Morningstar

With Morningstar, you possess the ability to reach your financial targets by leveraging a coordinated system of trading that brings profitable returns on huge investments. An aspect that many platforms don’t offer.

Morningstar offers you market analytics with a view to help you make smart investment decisions.

6. Atom Finance

Atom’s singular mission remains to empower people to make informed investment decisions with best-in-class software and data. They continue to strive by providing the right investment research tools with quality resources.

With great features such as real-time quotes, equity research, brokerage interaction, etc, there is a strong guarantee on the projections of your investment in terms of returns.

Atom Finance remains one of the best investment advice websites due to their amazing features and quality offerings.

7. Trade Ideas

Trade ideas wants to crush average marketing analysis by introducing A.I. intelligence. With this platform, you become a guru in simulated training with artificial intelligence, helping you achieve your goals.

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Even if you’re just a beginner or you have no knowledge of trading, you will get an opportunity to learn, practice, and become a successful trader.

8. American Association of Individual Investors

A lot of people prospect AAII as a respected source for learning how to invest in stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. For example, their model investment portfolios as an example to build your own investment portfolio.

An annual subscription on this platform amounts to $49 a year. Hence, they don’t only rank as one of the best investment advice websites but the cheapest as well.

AAII offers other newsletters that pivot on investing strategies like dividend investing. If you’re comfortable with the basic AAII membership, you may love to consider other subscription plans.

9. Google Finance

Google Finance is a platform that provides reliable market quotes, updated financial analysis, and analytics to help you boost your trading and international exchanges. With these tools, you can make informed training decisions.

Google Finance is a subsidiary of Google.

10. Zacks Investment Research

Zacks is another top platform wherein you get professional investment counsel and advice. On this platform, experts spotlight 7 stocks that are positioned for an instantaneous breakout from the list of 220 Zacks Rank.

Similar to other investment advice websites, the homepage of the Zack website is replete with articles that discuss financial analytics. Furthermore, you have access to the market summary of each trading day.

11. Barron’s

Barron’s started off as a weekly magazine, but today they’re a leading source of financial news, providing in-depth analysis and commentary on stocks, investments, and market moves. This has gathered a lot of interested investors on their platform.

At Barron’s, you have access to a magazine, data on trades, and an advisor to help you make the best trading decisions.

12. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a news agency that has always provided insight on happenings in the U.S and the world. Today, they do more than report the news, as they have transitioned into an institution.

Due to their deep research capacity, they have uncovered key investment places in the market. And they have serious numbers to back their claims.

On the Wall Street Journal web page, you find one of the best investment advice websites to help you grow your finances.

13. Kiplinger

When it comes to news, business forecasting and professional consulting, Kiplinger is your best bet. With this platform, you get quality counsel on taxes, savings, real estate, insurance and cars.

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Kiplinger is a subsidiary of Dennis Publishing.

14. Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is a subsidiary of the company Yahoo! In this section, you get access to a wide range of investment options on the market some of which include stocks and bonds.

While the home section communicates financial articles written by different professional aspects, the right section displays market numbers and ad placements.

As an investment portfolio owned by Yahoo, they possess credibility and remain one of the top investment advice websites in the world.


Founded by Tim Sykes, Tim’s Alert is a simple trading platform that alerts you on available and highly rewarding trading signals. You receive emails when there are open spaces to gain profitably in the market.

For $74.95 per month, (or $697 per year), you receive emails from Tim’s PennyStocking watchlist every morning at 8 am. Additionally, you get follow-up emails with any trades I make throughout the day within seconds of my actual trade executions.

16. Stock Rover

Forbes and Better Investing have recommended Stock Rover as a top platform wherein you can invest and get financial advice too.

To efficiently serve their clients, Stock Rover leverages a quality user interface that allows navigation easy. Whether you’re using a mobile or a desktop, your experience will be singular.

Steadily expressing professionalism in comparison, screening, creating research reports, building portfolios, and charting, you can have faith in their system. Indeed, this is why they are one of the best investment advice websites.


In investments, risks are inevitable. However, it doesn’t mean you should throw your personal capital into any investment that promises prospects of high returns. You have to self-analyze the model and research its strategy.

Utilizing any of the platforms in this article will help you increase your money.

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