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Looking for where to make extra income? Then Survey Junkie is one of the passive income avenues. Now the question is: How much does Survey Junkie pay? How does Survey Junkie work? Is Legit? What are the benefits of Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an online platform that rewards users for engaging in their surveys.

How do they do this?

Read on to find out more on this topic. This article is an extensive review of Survey Junkie; we answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity.

What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an online research company that engages users in surveys to determine public opinion on different topics.

Survey Junkie is an online paid survey site owned by consumer insights platform DISQO.

Prominent companies pay Survey Junkie to reach out to their target audience and get their opinion regarding testing new product ideas.

They have over 10 million users who share their opinion by answering surveys online.

The great news is that Survey Junkie pays its users for engaging in their surveys online.

Ride on to get an answer to the question; is legit?

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Is Legit?

To answer the question; Is legit? It’s good to understand what makes a site like this legitimate.

Generally, a survey site is legitimate if it has a positive history, legit ways to make money, and no dubious tactics.

In 2011, Survey Junkie was found in Glendale, California. So far, they have an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and a B rating.

BBB website claims they attributed a B rating to Survey Junkie because it has over 280 complaints from customers, which are resolved most times.

Trustpilot gave Survey Junkie a 4.5 rating with over 12,000 reviews.

So far, Survey Junkie has had an outstanding and positive achievement.

However, they have a statement on their platform stating, “You will NOT get rich by taking surveys.” Notwithstanding this statement, users report earning money by partaking in the surveys.

Is legit? Yes, it is legit. As they claim, you can not get rich by taking surveys but can still make cool cash on

How does survey junkie work? Ride on; let’s find out more.

How Can I Earn On Survey Junkie?

We have done justice to the question, “is SurveyJ legit?”

Let’s find out how you can earn on Survey Junkie.

To earn on Survey Junkie, you have to first create an account on Survey Junkie. There are three ways you can earn on Survey Junkie: Taking Surveys, Sharing Your Online Activity on Survey Junkie Plus, and Taking Part in Survey Junkie Focus Groups.

Taking Surveys

To earn on Survey Junkie by taking surveys, log on to survey junkie and check available surveys.

Each survey has an approximate amount of time outlined that it will take to complete, as well as points that come with the survey.

Choose the survey you want to engage in, and start the survey. You will be directed to a screening page where you will be asked simple questions like your occupation, age, or income level and queries relating to the survey topic.

If the answers you give fit their survey target, you will get to take the survey.

On the other hand, if your profile does not fit their target requirement, you can still earn points for just trying.

Generally, Survey topics are different; you can not tell what kind of questions you may have to answer. Some surveys may require you to watch an advertising video and give feedback on your thoughts.

You get points for your time, and each point is worth approximately one cent, so if you earn 100 points, that means100 cents.

Taking Part In Focus Groups Survey

Aside from taking surveys, you can also earn on by participating in focus groups. In this segment, you give your opinion differently from just taking surveys and can even make more points.

However, you have to fit particular demography that is the unique population the focus group survey targets.

Sharing Your Online Activity With SJ Pulse

SJ pulse is an acronym for Survey Junkie Pulse. It is a free browser extension where users can share their internet usage data with the company for rewards.

This is possible through a browser extension or the survey junkie mobile app. The extension learns about your browsing habits, enabling them to provide additional surveys that resonate with you.

They track what you search for, the websites you visit, ADS you see, content you engage in, shopping activity, etc.

This implies they have access to your privacy, but the company addresses this by sharing your information and surveys anonymously with companies. They ignore data like your email address, passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, etc.

If you want to surf the internet privately while the extension is active, you can open a private or incognito window that will disable the extension.

Although you need to keep the extension active for at least 30 days, you won’t get compensation if you fail to do so.

How Much Does Survey Junkie Pay?

Survey Junkie pays its users with points that can be transmitted to cash or gift cards. Taking surveys is usually worth between10 to 200 points, with times ranging from 3 minutes to 20 minutes or more.

One point equals one cent. So if you take a 10 points worth of survey for 6 minutes, you make ten cents. In one hour, you can earn one dollar. You can make more if you are consistent and faster than the estimated time.

The numbers may not be impressive, or you may not get whooping sums from Survey J. This is why this income stream is a passive income avenue.

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How Does Survey Junkie Work?

How the Junkie survey work is simple. Sign up on the website and start taking surveys. If your information matches the demography of a survey, you can take the survey. If it doesn’t, you still get rewarded with points.

After taking surveys on, you earn points. Each point is equal to one cent. Once you reach 500 points, you redeem your money which is approximately five dollars.

To withdraw your money, you can choose to use your Paypal account or a direct transfer to your bank account.

Another option is to make use of gift cards. Survey Junkie can send your cards to leading car retailers like amazon, iTunes, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Survey Junkie?

Yes, is not an avenue to become a millionaire, but it’s undeniable that survey junkie has exceptional benefits.

Survey Junkie Is A Passive Income Source

Unlike other sources of income where you need to get actively involved to earn money, Survey Junkie is different.

One of the benefits of survey junkie is that you can make cash at your convenience.

If you have a laptop or phone with an internet connection, you can map out some time and take surveys.

Even if you do not qualify for a specific survey, you still get a reward for trying.

Survey Junkie Is Easy To Use

Another benefit of survey Junkie is easy to use as it is straightforward and not difficult to use. The user interface and experience are simple and make it easy to use. Survey Junkie also sends Email notifications to you if you qualify for new surveys.

The benefits of survey junkie may not be numerous as the benefits of some other sources of income, but it’s still great.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Survey Junkie

Even after getting the answer to the question “Is legit” or understanding how survey junkie works, it’s also essential to know the good and bad of Survey Junkie. Below is a tabular representation of the pros and cons of survey junkie.

It’s completely free to signup on survey junkie.The survey is limited to US, Canada, and Australia users.
You can get bonus points for some quick tasks when you sign up.There are few surveys offered to users.
It takes longer for points to expire, unlike on other sites.Surveys work best on laptops.
You can redeem your points through gift cards, PayPal, or bank transfer.You may not always qualify for surveys.
Even if you do not qualify, you can earn points for just trying out.Opening to apply for a survey often closes up fast.

Who Is The Founder And CEO of Survey Junkie?

According to, In June 2013, Survey Junkie was founded by Armen Adjemian and Armen Petrosian.

Are There A Lot Of Survey Junkies Available?

Yes, surveys are available on but not “A LOT” Users often complain that surveys on the platforms usually get filled up fast.

This does not mean you will be unfortunate. You can get surveys if you can be proactive. Ensure to keep tabs on the website and email notifications that may be sent to you.


Yes, is legit.

Although it may be a pleasant avenue to earn passive income but note that this avenue can not make you an overnight millionaire, it is also important to note that consistency enables you to make more money on

Once you start earning on Survey Junkie, keep your account active because if you don’t, this can cost your points. If your account is inactive for a certain period, your points will expire.

Is SurveyJ legit? How does survey junkie work? We hope we have answered your questions and given an excellent review to satisfy your curiosity.

If yes, then cheers to satisfaction.


What’s wrong with survey junkie?

Users’ most common complaints about Survey Junkie involve difficulties cashing out their earnings. For some, it’s because Survey Junkie couldn’t verify their identity. Some users say they tried to cash out their earnings but never received a gift card.

What is survey J?

Survey Junkie is an online survey platform that pays users for sharing their opinions. Each survey is worth a certain number of points, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

Does Survey j real?

Yes, you do get paid in real money.
And they are willing to pay for them to make important decisions about their client brands. This online survey app rewards you with points you can redeem for Paypal cash or gift cards to various retailers.

How do you cash out on SurveyJ?

Survey Junkie gives you the following options for cashing out.
Cash via PayPal: If you provide your PayPal address, you can redeem your points for cash. …
Direct Bank Transfer: You can request a bank transfer via Dwolla.
E-Giftcards: Survey Junkie also offers a variety of e-gift cards from many popular US retailers.


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