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James Allen Reviews: the Best Jewelry Dealers?

When you think of diamonds, do you think unobtainable? well spoiler alert, it’s NOT. James Allen offers amazing diamond rings at lucrative prices.

Read this in-depth James Allen reviews and be amazed at how James Allen has revolutionized the way people buy engagement rings and diamond jewelry.

James Allen is definitely your 21st-century user-friendly online jewelry shop, I must admit, the company has earned this reputation in a little over ten years.

Let’s dive in and find in this review why James Allen is most likely the best jewelry dealer to buy your diamond jewelry.

James Allen history review

James Allen company came to life in 1998 after James Allen Schultz and his wife Michelle Sigler decided to take diamond shopping online. Becoming one of the most popular online diamond retailers, James Allen has gained a reputation for providing high-quality jewelry at cheaper prices. 

The goal is giving engagement ring shoppers more choices at a competitive price and with that, James Allen became one of the first successful online diamond retailers.

In 2005, the company was rebranded with its current name It took on a more sophisticated image, with a lot of emphasis on quality, design, and customer service. It was one of the first sites to offer a 360-degree view of the actual diamonds.

In 2017, Signet Jewelers (which also owns brands like Kay, Zales, and Jared) acquired James Allen. nevertheless, affordability, competitive online pricing remains the same.

Quality/Setting Selection

Reviewing their quality and setting selection, James Allen has various varieties of popular ring settings including solitaire, pave, channel, tension, halo, among others. Their varied collection of settings is not the only fascinating thing.

James Allen has the JA’s tension setting which is specific to the company and competitors such as Blue Nile lack this kind of ring setting.

This varied selection isn’t just surprisingly impressive in terms of quantity, the brand also stands for quality too. Every diamond is selected for its cut (cut diamonds vary), shine, brilliance, carat, among a variety of other factors. 

The professionals at James Allen dedicate their time and effort to provide their customers the very best, which still leaves you with so many options…

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James Allen Product offer

James Allen offers:

  • Loose Diamond: They are all conflict-free and come with certificates by GIA, AGS, or IGI.
  • Lab-created Diamonds: James Allen diamonds are Eco-friendly, and also more budget-friendly. They’re identical to the diamonds from nature, just that the creation process is increased in a lab. All lab diamonds are IGI or GCAL certified.
  • True Hearts: This is a special product line of super ideal hearts & arrows diamonds; they are cut to the most precise angles and proportions for maximum brilliance.
  • Gemstones: James Allen offers loose sapphires, emeralds, and rubies if you choose to find an alternative stone.
  • Engagement rings: You can choose from 600+ styles, also by designers Verragio, Danhov, and more. Almost all can be made in platinum, yellow gold, White gold, or rose gold.
  • Women and men’s wedding bands
  • Fine jewelry: You can also find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even some preset James Allen rings as well.

Pricing /Value

Comparing the value you get buying from a local store to that of a company like James Allen you’ll immediately notice the difference. James Allen has a better price to value rate with the reason being that, they have fewer costs which makes it easier to come up with cheaper prices.

As a Dropshipper, James Allen doesn’t stock their diamonds so they incur fewer overhead costs. The company is free from typical costs brick and mortar stores need to tend with like rent, security, additional insurance, and additional inventory costs.

Stores like James Allen only have to worry about website maintenance, diamond specialists, and the photo and video crew.

James Allen Customer Service

The reason that most sales people focus on earning commissions, customer service always slips off their radar. when reading through customer complaints and you’ll notice how nice the representatives are! Sales representatives at James Allen are compassionate and their response doesn’t sound generic either.

James Allen’s customer service is available 24/7 and can be accessed through the “Chat With Us” button. one good thing about James Allen’s customer service is that as you chat with one of the representatives, you can ask for a maximum of three Idealscope images for free.

As if that is not enough, all customer representatives go through intensive 6-weeks of training on diamonds and jewelry before starting their jobs. Even with difficult and complicated questions, the representatives work their way to give you a reasonable response.

You may find a handful of not-so-good James Allen reviews over the internet, but if you investigate further, one of James Allen’s customer service staff replies to each complaint with solutions or affirmations.

James Allen Return Policy/ warranty

James Allen’s return policy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all their products. As such, it provides you the opportunity to try your ring and if by any chance, you feel dissatisfied with anything, you can return the item back and receive a full refund.

For US citizens shipping costs on all returns are free! but, for those living outside the US, James Allen returns policy includes that you will have to pay for shipping costs, as the company will not be responsible for any issues in transit.

Just like any other product, people living outside the country may have to pay for custom taxes that fall in place with their country’s laws and regulations.

James Allen will not accept any return without all documents, and failure to produce classified reports will incur a fine of $150 which is an important part of the return policy. Also, the company will also not accept returns the instant they suspect engagement rings to have signs of use or tear.

Unlike many jewelry stores, James Allen has a lifetime warranty that guarantees its customers long-term support. also, you wouldn’t even have to pay for the vast services that come with its warranty. You’re also entitled to 1 year of free resizing in case you missed the calibrations (it really happens!).

Shipping and Delivery

Taking a look at how your ring reaches you. Firstly, your package does not come in a signature box, there isn’t a distinct ‘there’s a diamond in here’ style packaging. Rather, the wrapping is as dull as they come.

Do you have a ring in there or a notebook? No one other than you know. And that’s a good thing for several reasons. Of course, this amplifies the safety and security of your delivery. But, it also ensures your surprise remains a surprise. If you live with the person you’re planning to propose to, the box won’t give the game away!

James Allen benefits

  • Free Shipping Worldwide:
  • Free Engraving:
  • 1 Year Free Resizing:
  • Lifetime Upgrade:
  • Lifetime Warranty:
  • Special Financing
  • Special Financing

James Allen VS Blue Nile

James Allen and Blue Nile both have a strong reputation in the online diamond ring field. Here are some comparisons so you can make the best decision.

  • Selection: Both James Allen and Blue Nile carry over 100,000 loose diamonds. But James Allen offers 600+ engagement ring setting options, whereas, Blue Nile has only about 400.

Also, both retailers offer other fine jewelry as well, including pendants, tennis bracelets, and earrings. But James Allen has the edge if you’re looking for gemstones or lab diamonds. Blue Nile has more pearl jewelry.

  • Customization: We think James Allen has the upper hand here too. James Allen has more options when it comes to ring designs and metals. But, Blue Nile has very limited options in yellow or rose gold. James Allen lets you create almost any ring in any type of metal.

James Allen is also better if you want to design a gemstone ring. Blue Nile offers only preset gemstone engagement rings. James Allen has loose gemstones that you can set into a ring of your choice.

  • Customer support: Both companies have great reviews for their customer service, but James Allen is a little better. They offer free professional expertise to help you with your decision. This is a good reason why someone may go with James Allen.


Does james allen offer resizing?

Yes, you get one free resizing on all engagement rings and wedding bands within the first year.

Are james allen diamonds cheap?

Yes they are cheap.

Is james allen diamond reputable?

YES, James Allen diamonds are safe and legit. They are known for their 360-degree HD imagery of their diamonds and 30-day full refund policy.

Does james allen ship to different countries?

YES! They offer free shipping worldwide.

Why are james allen diamonds so cheap?

This is because james Allen doesn’t stock their diamonds so they incur fewer overhead costs.

Does james allen offer discount?

Yes, james allen offers coupons and promo codes often, that enables you get up to 30% off your purchase.

Does james allen charge sale tax?

yes, James Allen charges sales tax on the majority of states in the US. nevertheless, you can get out of this tax if you change the address of the order. You can have the order shipped to a closeby state with a lower sales tax, or it can be shipped to one of the 16 states where the company does not collect any sales tax.


For me, it’s James Allen or nothing. you talk about their lucrative prices, their awesome customer experience, their amazing product like the diamond rings and other gemstones, their return policy, and definitely the amazing 360-degree view of the actual diamonds.

I mean what more can you ask for. truly, based on this James Allen review you can agree with me that they are one of the best dealers, if not the best.



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