Jetty Insurance Reviews 2022: Is Jetty Insurance Legit Or Scam?

With the high expansion in excessive damages on the houses, insurance companies offer personal property coverage protection to diminish such problems. Jetty insurance is one of them.

Coverage includes sharing damages. By appropriating the damage or stolen belonging of property, insurance offers a simple method to give monetary security over unexpected occasions.

Relax and read on to know more about Jetty insurance reviews and how it works, you will also know if Jetty Renters Insurance is legit or a scam.

But before we continue, you can go through the table of content below for an overview of what to expect in this article.

What Is Jetty Insurance?

Founded in 2015. Jetty Insurance is a licensed insurance agency that offers customizable renter’s insurance policies, including optional endorsements called Power-Ups.

If you live in one of the company’s partner properties and are not in the states of Florida or Indiana, you can only get Jetty insurance.

Jetty can act as lease co-signer and guarantee security deposits through its service called Jetty Deposit.

The company also offers Unlock Deposit, which refunds a renter’s original security deposit and replaces it with either a smaller one-time payment or multiple monthly payments.

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How Does Jetty Insurance Work?

Jetty insurance work in a way that you can make every payment through the jetty deposit. It gives you the option to pay a fraction of the amount which serves as a Jetty-backed guarantee to your landlord that they’ll be protected in the event that you fail to pay for damage or skipped rent.

If you purchase Jetty Deposit, you’re agreeing not to cause damage beyond standard wear and tear on your rental home, and you remain responsible for keeping it in good condition.

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Also, if you cause enormous damage and cannot pay, Jetty assumes the responsibility of recovering the cost from you. 

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Jetty Renters Insurance Coverage

Here are what jetty’s basic renters insurance policy pay for:

  • Damaged or stolen belongings.
  • Unintentional damage you cause to another person or their property.
  • Living expenses if your home is made uninhabitable because of a problem covered by the policy.
  • Certified bedbug infestations by a licensed pest control professional (Jetty will pay up to $300).
  • Also, they pay medical bills if someone is injured on your property or if you, a household employee, or an animal you own causes an injury off the property.
  • Valuables protection: Additional coverage for items worth over $1,000, like jewelry.
  • Personal electronics protection: Pays for damage to devices in situations excluded by a standard policy, like dropping and breaking.
  • Airbnb host theft protection: While you’re hosting through a short-term rental platform, provides the same property and liability coverage you normally receive. In certain situations, which also covers loss of rental income.

What Are The Jetty Renter Insurance Discount?

Jetty’s renter’s insurance rates are extremely competitive, which also means there is a lack of discounts. While Jetty might reduce your rates based on your insurance risk profile, Jetty doesn’t offer any named discounts.

At this time, the discount jetty offers to their customer is a discount for a security alarm system and increasing their deductibles. A higher deductible translates to lower renter’s insurance rates.

 Furthermore, Jetty offers its customers the unique ability to select personal property coverage that is less than $10,000. Providing a coverage option as low as $6,000, making it more affordable for customers with fewer items.

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What Kind Of Insurance Jetty Offer?

There is a large variety of renter insurance options out there in the world but Jetty offers three affordable products and easy to understand. These products are available in over 50 states in the U.S. Here are the products:

  • Traditional renters insurance (property, liability, loss of use, and medical payments)
  • Passport Deposit (covers security deposit)
  • Passport Lease (covers lease guarantor requirements)

Note: You can use passport products if Jetty supports the building you’re applying to. 

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Pros And Cons Of Jetty Renter Insurance

Here are some pros and cons of choosing Jetty for renters insurance. So, you can view it before making your decision.


  • Offers a variety of additional coverage, including for more expensive personal property, bedbug damage, and loss if you are a home-sharing host.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Instant quotes.
  • Covers damage or loss to belongings that occurs even when you aren’t at home
  • Jetty is available in 45 states
  • Claims are paid on replacement cost, not actual cash value, meaning you’re more likely to get more money when you make a claim.
  • You can get help with your security deposit or co-signing on your lease
  • No insurance brokers
  • The company’s online application is fast.


  • Claims are handled by a third-party processor
  • You can only get Jetty insurance if you live in a Jetty partner property.
  • No discount
  • No agent meaning decreased customer service experience

Is Jetty Renter Insurance Legit Or Scam?

While many renters insurance companies cover the “actual cash value” of your belongings, Jetty covers the replacement cost in a wide variety of situations, making it is a great opportunity.

In other words, on average, Jetty pays more in individual property claims than most other insurance companies.

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Jetty’s insurance coverage begins with their Basic Renters Insurance Plans, which covers many situations of loss or damage to your property, expenses if your place is uninhabitable, and medical bills for people who may be hurt in your apartment.

Your insurance coverage can help you and your family provide for any immediate financial needs and will help offset heavy financial burdens.

The aim of Jetty insurance is to make it easy and affordable for everyone to understand and use. Apart from the complaint review, Jetty has some great reviews from happy customers. It’s rated 4.1 on with a total of 19 reviews.

So, in a nutshell, Jetty Renter Insurance is not a scam. It is legit, but it all depends on the area you are coming from like tendering your complaints.

Jetty Renter Insurance Review: Bottom Line

Jetty insurance is doing pretty well because the average complaint ratio score is 1.0.

So, in a nutshell, after we had our jetty renter insurance review, we could positively tell you; Jetty Renter Insurance is not a scam. It is a legit company aimed to offer individualized solutions for those who want more coverage and can afford to pay more in monthly premiums.

But I’ll advise you carefully to weigh your options before you apply to know which option that best suits you also to avoid complaining.



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