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You seem to be one of those that have once asked the question: “can I get a job without a degree”, right? We are glad to be providing the answer to this question and the answer is “Yes”. It might interest you to know that beyond the possibility of getting a job without a degree, you can get high paying ones (that pay at least $ 20 per hour).

Keep reading as I break this further!

Several people are currently leaving their corporate lifestyles and seeking online or work from home jobs as it affords them the privilege to spend quality time with their families.

This aside, many people were laid off from their jobs during and due to the pandemic while many others were currently served furloughs due to the same COVID-19 pandemic.

These and many more caused a significant boost in the demand for high-paying work-from-home jobs otherwise known as home-based jobs.

In line with this, this article will provide necessary details on jobs that pay $20 an hour without a degree in 2022.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect:

Jobs That Pay $ 20 An Hour Without A Degree In 2022

Below are 15 jobs that you can earn $20 an hour without a degree in 2022:

  • Online Tutoring
  • Websites Tester
  • Proofreading
  • Virtual Assisting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Website Development and Computer Programming
  • Freelance Writing
  • Landscaping
  • Photography
  • Medical Transcription
  • Independent Delivery Driver
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Real Estate Agent
  • House Cleaner

#1 Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the jobs that pay $20 an hour without a degree.

Just as the name implies, this job has to do with teaching courses online. There are many such jobs out there but one of the most popular options currently is teaching ESL (English as a second language) to students of all ages,

Average Median Salary: An online tutor earns $36,857 per year.

#2 Websites Testing

A website tester is one who has a knack for the provision of honest and constructive criticisms and feedback about his/her experience while using a site.

Website owners are willing to pay for such services as they need to be kept posted on the look and functionality of their sites.

Average Median Salary: Full-time website testers earn $68,727 per year.

#3 Proofreading

Proofreading is another job that can pay $20 without a degree. It entails checking written content for typographical, grammatical, syntax, spelling, punctuation and formatting mistakes. So, as a proofreader, it is your duty to do all of the aforementioned for any gig you are hired for.

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Average Median Salary: The average median salary you will be earning as a proofreader is $42,860 per year.

#4 Virtual Assisting

Here’s a quick one on what you should know about a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants do almost all of the same things real-world assistants do range from writing and answering emails, managing schedules, making travel arrangements, and generally serving as a Jack of all trades.

If you’ve ever worked as an assistant, then you are good to go as the transition to being a virtual assistant is almost seamless.

Average Median Salary: The median salary for virtual assistants is $39,531 per year.

#5 Bookkeeping

This is another job you can earn $20 in an hour without a degree. As you may know, Bookkeeping is necessary in every business as it is a practice that helps businesses to thrive.

As a bookkeeper, you are to record expenses and income, reconcile accounts, and prepare financial statements. Also, you have to be good with numbers and the practice is a solid career choice.

Average Median Salary: Bookkeepers earn a median salary of $41,806 per year.

#6 Small Business Marketing

Most small business marketing jobs can pay you $20 an hour without a degree. And a good number of jobs we are familiar with fall under the umbrella of small business marketing even though you may be unaware of this. They include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and being in charge of the management of a company’s online advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google.

So, if you have the knowledge of what sells and how to get the job of selling the idea done, and can deliver results, then this is for you as there are small business owners who are in desperate need of your services.

As a small business marketer, we advise that you get certifications (some of which wouldn’t cost you a dime). This will be a boost for you before potential clients as it shows that you’re good at what you do.

Average Median Salary: A small business marketer can make an average median pay of $64,156 per year.

#7 Website Development and Computer Programming

Web development and computer programming is another job that pays $20 an hour without a degree.  

A web developer uses coding and markup to set up websites while computer programmers use various computer languages to write software programs.

These jobs are technical by nature and are usually done by people that have a degree in computer science or graphic design. However, you can also take online coding classes for these jobs.

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Average Median Salary: The annual average median salary for web developers and computer programmers is $58,999 and $61,833 respectively.

#8 Freelance Writing

Can you write clear, concise, and well-researched content? If yes, then you can be hired for freelance writing.

Freelance writing has to do with anything and everything, for publications of all sorts including websites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers.

A freelance writer may also be offered gigs to write (or ghostwrite) books.

Average Median Salary: The yearly median salary for freelance writers is $39,706 per year

#9 Landscaping

Landscaping encompasses a variety of things, from mowing grass to planting flowers, trees, and shrubs.

So, if you love taking care of lawns, then landscaping might be the dream job you’ve been looking for.

Average Median Salary: Landscapers earn as much as $32,030 per year.

#10 Photography

Photography is another job that pays $20 an hour without a degree and could be the job you’ve been searching for.

With your smartphone, you can take snapshots any time any day but the fact remains that photography remains an art for which people are willing to pay good money.

If you are an expert in taking high-quality professional photos, then here’s the market for that talent of yours.

Average Median Salary: $45,047 per year.

#11 Medical Transcription

Medical transcribers turn spoken medical notes into typed documents. To take up this job, you must have some knowledge of medical terminology and type at the speed of light.

Insurance companies, caseworkers, and others in the medical field are very much in need of readable medical records.

One good reason why you should go for this is that for over a decade now, there have been jokes about doctors’ poor handwriting and hence, the need for medical transcribers.

Average Median Salary: Medical transcribers earn a median salary of $32,744 per year.

#12 Independent Delivery Driver

The arrival of Independent delivery drivers dispelled the dark ages of the early 2000s where people getting items of all sort to their place of abode was a hard nut to crack.

But thanks to services like Postmates and many others that have made that concept seem ancient.

As an independent delivery driver, you can deliver restaurant food in dozens of locations around the country and also take people to wherever they need to go as an Uber driver.

Average Median Salary: Delivery drivers earn a median salary of $43,443 per year.

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#13 Fitness Instructor

Are you a great motivator and one that loves to work out? Then, take up the job of a fitness instructor as you can earn up to $20 an hour even without a degree.

Here, your duty will be to give a little nudge to people as they very out body exercises. But if you want to work for a facility like a gym or the YMCA, earning a certification online will give you an edge over others.

Average Median Salary: Fitness trainers earn a median salary of $37,241 per year.

#14 Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is one whose job relates to buying or selling a home which is not straightforward. He is to guide parties on both sides of the transaction and is otherwise known as a Realtor.

A degree is not required to become a real estate agent, but to be certified by your state, you need to complete the required pre-license education and pass your state’s professional exam.

Average Median Salary: $47,854 per year 

#15 House Cleaner

A lot of families are too busy with career and family life hence rarely have the time to clean up their houses and surroundings. Having no other option, these families usually hire a house cleaner.

So, if you are willing to help keep people’s home clean, this job is for you.

House cleaning does not require any educational requirement and is undoubtedly one of the jobs that pay $20 an hour without a degree

Average Median Salary: $25,434 per year.


The above are just a few of the many jobs that pay $20 an hour without a degree and it’s now up to you to go for what you can do.

Furthermore, in cases where you need to take certification courses online, do not hesitate to do that. Also, ensure to be the best of your kind by sourcing for materials on the particular job you want to get hired for and conscientiously develop yourself as it makes you stand out.  

I hope this article helps you as source for an additional income stream.

Best of luck as you search for these jobs in 2022!


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