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20 Jobs That Pay $50 An Hour | More Than $100/Day 2023

Low-paying jobs can be exhausting, especially if you have a lot of bills to settle and a family to feed.

Although you may not start big, you must ensure you get enough financial value to help you achieve your goals.

Regardless of your career field, it is expedient that you move upward in your profession.

So, if you intend to take home a much more deserving paycheck, see 20 jobs that pay $50 an hour or even more!

Remember, it is a gradual process. This is not rocket science.

Take a look at the table of contents below to see how and where you can get the $50 hourly jobs.

Is $50 an Hour Good?

For a regular job, $50 is acceptable. If you can work 5 days a week, you take home about $2,000 weekly.

If you can work for longer hours, here is how much you will make by the end of 2023.

There will be 260 Weekdays in 2023. Working for 8 hours daily gives you 2,096 working hours.

Therefore, an hourly pay of $50 gives you a total of $104,800 annually.

From the calculations above, you see that even though it looks so small initially, it makes sense later.

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Where Can I Find Jobs That Pay $50 an Hour?

There are ideal places where you can find jobs that pay you as much as $50 for an hour.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives the impression that it is the perfect place. It provides you with the necessary information regarding the job type you are looking for.

Also,,, are all great options.

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What Jobs Pay $50 an Hour?

See 20 jobs that can pay you at least $50 an hour.

#20 Embalmer

So many people find it scary to engage in this kind of job. Only those who are highly skilled, committed and humane can see their way through this profession.

This job requires you to clean up a corpse, sanitize it and prepare it for burial.

So, embalmers in the US make about $50 an hour.

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#19 CEO

For everyone in the corporate world, the dream is to get to the apex of the career ladder.

Therefore, with the right skills, you can rise through supervisory positions to this enviable position.

It is the job of the CEO to devise ways that enables an organisation meet their goals.

Although this position can be exhausting, it pays off. The average salary for the CEO is $50.47 an hour.

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#18 Nuclear Engineer

The job of a nuclear engineer is one of the best you can get to pay you at least $50 per hour.

As much as your certification is needed in this role, your experience helps you gather data for nuclear power plants.

Also, this is a highly recommended side hustle where you can make money fast.

#17 Lawyer

This particular job is not for those who are lazy. To become a certified lawyer, you need a bachelor’s degree, go to a law school, and pass your bar exam.

Your responsibility as a lawyer includes protecting the interest of your clients, which fetches you good money.

Lawyers in the US make up to $50 per hour.

#16 Optometrist

High paying jobs come with a lot of tasks. To become an optometrist, you will need to spend a minimum of four years obtaining your Doctor of Optometry degree.

Although it is a highly competitive career path, it is one to make your pocket full.

Optometrists spot and treat different eyes issues, and they make as much $50 an hour or even more.

#15 Sales Manager

It has become a norm for sales managers to make good salaries.

The sales manager works through the position of a sales representative first to garner much experience.

This $50 hourly job is an incredibly stressful job.

#14 Political scientist

The job of a political scientist includes understanding political systems, their histories, and mode of operation.

This career path requires years of acquiring knowledge at either the master’s or PhD level.

#13 Physician assistant

Yet another career in the healthcare system with beautiful pay.

It is the job of a physician assistant (PA) to examine and treat patients under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Although this job pays well, it requires an indepth knowledge to handle patients efficiently.

#12 Aerospace engineer

As a full-time job, this professional designs aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and observe spoilt products.

To become an aerospace engineer, you will need a bachelor’s degree and a license.

It is important to note that aerospace engineers spend more than $50 an hour completing bulky tasks.

#11 PR manager

A PR manager is responsible for protecting the image of any organisation it stands for.

This professional does this by giving speeches, advertising, or writing press releases.

After completing stressful tasks, PR managers take home a high pay of $50 hourly.

#10 Nurse practitioner

The popular saying ‘bed is not a bed of roses’ applies here. Being a nurse practitioner is no child’s play.

This $50 hourly job could be demanding as much as it makes you vulnerable to communicable diseases.

However, what is paramount is improving a patient’s health.

#9 Physicist

There is more to being a physicist than just acquiring knowledge of gravity.

This job requires in-depth research on how the various laws of physics correlate.

You can also turn this job role to a full-time job.

#8 Software developer

Everything relating to programming virtually needs the professional to devote his time for maximum results.

Obtaining a degree in computer science or software engineering, in addition to the right skillset, you go on to earn $50 per hour.

Whether you are specialised in designing, programming, or developing softwares, you can opt for this part-time job.

#7 HR manager

At the time when organisations put up notices for hiring staff, it is the human resource manager who is behind the mask.

They also are involved in training individuals in different settings. Several years of work experience is important for this job role.

#6 Geoscientist

This job involves the study of the physical components of the Earth.

As much it requires fieldwork, you may also need to travel extensively to distant locations.

You will need a bachelor’s degree to become a geoscientist, but a master’s is necesary to take this job role up as a career.

#5 Financial aid officer

As a financial aid officer, you are directly involved in the paying out student loans, grants, and scholarships.

This job role is intended to simplify education for students by making them afford it.

Usually, a bachelor’s degree is required. The average pay this role is $51 per hour.

#4 Judge

A judge presides over cases in an open courtroom.

The common ground where judges start up their career path is in the law school.

So, the average hourly pay for this job role could be more than $50.

#3 Computer scientist

A computer scientist researches how to better the use of computer and develop neural networks.

This job requires that you have at least a bachelor’s degree.

#2 Biochemist

Basically, it entails a comprehensive study of both chemical and physical principles of living things to become a feature as a biochemist.

You can comfortably add this job to your list of jobs to make a wholesome living.

There will be about 35,000 jobs specifically for this role in 2023.

#1 Health service manager

The role of a health service manager is to oversee a particular area in the clinic or department for medical practice.

Currently, there are about 385,000 jobs in the US.

To perform effectively, you have to be familiar to the rules and regulations governing the healthcare system.


50 dollars may not seem too big, but it is not definitely not something that you can forgo.

Make the most of these jobs and have a better meaning to life.



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