Level Money Reviews 2022: Apps, How it works, Legit or Scam

One of the longstanding rules of money teaches us to learn to cut down expenses and then learn to save more.

It teaches that if you are ever going to be rich, then you must learn to shred off things you do not really need from your budget list.

To help you achieve this is the ultimate purpose of the Level Money App.

The level money app is designed to help you track your funds, which is the amount left after you pay all fixed expenses and set aside some money for savings.

So, we decided to help you do some reviews on the level money app to ascertain what people think about it. The level money reviews will help you know if it is worthwhile or not.

Do really take your time to get all of it below but before then, see the table of content here below for an overview of what to see in this article.

What Is Level Money App?

Level Money is a dedicated mobile budget app that allows users to manage their income by tracking all expenses.

By comparing basic expenses like rent, utility bills, and different financial liabilities, Level Money can create accurate financial accounts.

If you’re thinking of buying a cup of coffee, eating out, or spending money on retail therapy, the Level Money app is a great way to check available funds and determine if such extravagance is possible.

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Launched in 2013, Level Money is based in San Francisco and currently has over 800,000 app downloads.

According to their website, the Level Finance app has tracked more than $25 billion since its launch. The app can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

But after reviewing Level Money, the problem still remains, Is Level Money app safe?

How Does Level Money App Work?

To register for the Level Money platform, please start the process on their website. You must be a US resident as the app only supports US banks and app stores.

You need to register with an email, create a password, then select the bank account and credit card to link to the app.

After linking the bank account and credit card, you need to verify the account so that the app can access all account transaction information. After that, you can download the Level app for free.

After downloading the Level Money app, it will automatically capture user transactions, such as income and expenses, but it allows you to categorize these expenses and set savings goals.

For fixed-income users, the Level money app provides a useful tool to track monthly expenses and track your spending habits.

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If your source of income is not fixed, just set your monthly income to $0. This means that the Level Money app will review your transactions one by one based on the amount received during the month.

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In order to correctly calculate your disposable income, Level Money displays the following information:

  • Monthly income
  • Recurring basic expenses
  • Auto Savings Amount is required

Is Level Money App Legit?

So far, we learned from Level Money reviews that the Level Money app is a very useful tool for tracking expenses and gaining insight into your income and spending habits.

However, you may ask yourself, is Level Money safe?.

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To answer this question, let’s take a look at the data security info available on the Level Money website and some Level Money reviews.

A Level Money review based on the information available on its website revealed that the Level app uses the same 128-bit encryption as banks and other financial institutions to protect users’ data.

They also work with Intuit to ensure that all transaction data and account information remain secure, while allowing the Level Money app to discover cash flow trends.

McAfee, one of the tech world’s leading security experts, has rated Level Money and rated the site as McAfee SECURE Certified.

This security certificate means that the site does not contain malware or malicious links, has a valid SSL certificate, and no phishing has been detected on its website.

Advantages of the Level Money app

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Tell users how much they can spend daily, weekly and monthly.
  • There is a tracking tool that can capture all transactions in the linked account.
  • Provide a detailed comparison of transactions in different months.
  • Available for free.
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Disadvantages of the Level Money app

  • Bugs and glitches often require recertification.
  • Sometimes the data cannot be updated in real time.
  • There are no tools to manage or track financial goals.

Bottom Line

Level Money App is a good and safe app.

And sincerely, not only is the Level Money app safe to use, but it is also one of the best budget apps to consider installing this year. 

Just as with any other expense tracker app, users need to take proper precautions.

It is advised you use enhanced security measures to protect sensitive financial information. There is no such thing as a 100% safe application.

Be careful to secure your devices with encrypted passwords to avoid data and information exposure, should the device fall into the wrong hands.


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