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Accordingly, this is an overview of Little Big Town net worth 2022

Net Worth$35 Million
Date of Birth1998
Age24 years old 
Country of OriginHomewood, Alabama, United States
Source of WealthMusic and entertainment
CareerMusical Band
Marital StatusAll members of the band are married
WikipediaLittle Big Town

Little Big Town Net Worth 2022

A great voice and steady release of heartwarming hits is a sure way to get a band swimming in stupendous wealth. Forlornly, the case is not the same with Little Big Town Net worth as the members keep their fortunes separately. However, as individuals, they have made quite a fortune for themselves.

The first member of the band Karen Fairchild leaves us with little or no information about her net worth. Nonetheless, from the little information available, the singer has a net worth of $3 million. Most of her wealth comes from her career as a singer.

The second member Kimberly Schlapman who is also a lady has a net worth of $2.5 million. Her fortune comes from both her career in music and her fame in the TV industry.

The other two members of the band Jim Westbrook and Phillip Sweet have managed to keep their net worth from the prying eyes of the internet.


Little Big Town is a Country Music Band that consists of four members, Jimi Westbrook, Karen Fairchild, Phillip Sweet, and Kimberly Schlapman. One of the qualities that make the band successful is their stanch commitment.

The band initially started as a duo in the 90s before growing to accommodate two more members. Every member of Little Big Town plays a different musical instrument and interchanges the role of the lead singer, which has a great role to play in their success.

Over the years, the band has had quite an interesting run and has worked with different record labels like Mercury Nashville and Monument Records.

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Little Big Town’s Early Life

The successful Little Big Town we see today had quite an inglorious start with many failed records and unproductive first hits. It wasn’t until 2002 before they signed their first-ever contract with Mercury Nashville Record label.

The deal was a flop and did not even birth a single song. In the same year, they released a debut album under Monument Records. The deal wasn’t also a great one as well and turned out a commercial disaster for both parties.

In 2005, the band left Monument Record to seek a brighter fortune with Equity Music Group. The deal gave birth to the group’s second album—The Road to Here.

The album was a deal-breaker for the band and received a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The success of the album paved way for Little Big Town’s journey to stardom and fame.

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In a long run, the commitment to the band members began to yield valuable fruits. The band later released another album titled A Place to Land under Equity Records. However, with the closure of Equity Records in 2008, the band had no other option than to re-release the album again under a different record label—Capitol Records, Nashville.

The deal with Capitol Records was quite a successful run that led to more albums and success. The albums include

  • The Reason Why (2010)
  • Tornado (2012)
  • Pain Killer (2014)
  • Wanderlust (2016)
  • The Breaker (2017)

Some of their songs made it to the Hot Country Songs Charts. Among the band’s most successful singles are “Wine, Beer, Whisky” Subsequently, the once unsuccessful band now bags over 30 awards and has been nominated severally. It all boils down to years of dedication and perseverance. 

Little Big Town’s Career

Talking of career, one thing is certain about the band, music is what connects them primarily. However, the members of Little Big Town have other engaging careers to keep busy when they are not working on a song.

Karen Fairchild, who was born on the 28th of September in Gary, Indiana, USA was the first member of the group that will later become Little Big Town. Karen, together with Leigh Cappillino formed a duo called Karen Leigh and released two singles—This Love Has and Save It for Rainy Day.

Before the duo and the Little Big Town career, Karen was an active singer with Truth, a Christian vocal group. While at Samford University, Karen met Schlapman, who will later become a third member of the group famous today as Little Big Town. Besides music, Kimberly Schlapman is also a chef and is famous for her cooking career on TV and has managed to gather many followers over the years. Schlapman was born on the 15th of October 1969 in Cornelia, Georgia, USA. Besides singing and cooking, Kimberly also has a successful career as a published writer with her debut cookbook:

OH GUSSIE! Cooking and Visiting Kimberly’s Southern Kitchen making

The book was a hit and featured on TV shows like Dr. Oz, and Today’s Show.

Jimi Westbrook is another member of the group. Besides Jimi’s career in music, there are little or no facts about any other career he might be engaged in. Jimi was born on the 20th of October 1971 in Arkansas, United States. He has a promising career as a musician and distinctive physical features that makes him adorable.

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Phillip Sweet is the fourth and youngest member of the group who was born on March 18, 1974. It is obvious that Phillip does not want public attention and so, there is no information available about his other career outside music. Together with the three, they are referred to as the Little Big Town. Beyond their ups and downs, the band has made a successful run over the past few years.

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Little Big Town Family Life

All the members of the band are happily married and enjoying the bliss of matrimony. While Karen and co-brand mate Jimi Westbrook tied the nuptial on the 31st of May 2006, other bandmates decided to move on and find their love mates elsewhere. Karen and Jimi have one son, Elijah Dylan Westbrook.  

Karen and Jimi live in Nashville with their son Elijah.  

Kimberly Schlapman (formerly Kimberly Roads), got married to Stephen Schlapman on November 28, 2016, and adopted his has name. They have two offspring from the union, Daisy Pearl Schlapman (2007) and Dolly Grace Schlapman (2016).

The youngest of the band members Phillip Sweet is married to Rebecca Arthur, a wardrobe stylist, and entrepreneur. They walked down the aisle on the 30th of March 2007. In December 2007, the couple had their first issue, a baby girl and they named her Penelopi Jane Sweet.

Besides Kimberly who has a bit of public life, all the other members are more private personalities. They have managed to keep off information about their private life and family from the nosey media and prying eyes of the internet.    

Luxury Life

The band spends most of their private time having fun together and cooling off with their favorite liquors. One of their songs with the title Wine, Beer, Whiskey is a tribute to the jolly good life the band enjoyed together after a heavy day’s work.

Besides enjoying good times together, it is hard to tell if the band has any luxury apartment as a group or as individuals. The internet is clean and no tangible information can be found about the band’s luxury lifestyle, cars, estates, and other prized possessions. However, we will be on the watch out and inform you in case we find any useful information about the band’s luxury lifestyle and apartments.

Awards and Achievements

From a very ugly beginning to successful after years, the band has received many awards and nominations and has made reasonable progress throughout its career. Some of their achievements include:

  • The Album the Road to Here received a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) (2005)
  • Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM) top new vocal group (2007)
  • Country Music Association Awards (CMA) best vocal group of the year (2012).
  • Pontoon became the number one hit song on Billboard (2012)
  • Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM) Music Video of the year with Tornado (2013)
  • Problem Child became a chart-topping hit and part of the album Nightfall, which was nominated for a Grammy (2020)
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Follow the link for more information about their plethora of awards.

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  • “Sometimes you just have to cross that line and take a chance and when we had that opportunity we did. Of course, we didn’t want to mess up the band but we decided it was worth the risk.” (Karen to US Weekly 2010).
  • “We had taken a break after writing (‘Problem Child’) and I remember asking everyone ‘is it too early to drink? We have wine and beer and whiskey.'” Then, in a matter of minutes, they’d written “Wine, Beer, Whiskey.”  (Phillip Sweet 2010)
  • “When it was time to come up with design ideas, she used the couple’s closet as inspiration. (Interior designer Rachel Halvorson when talking about Karen and Jimi’s house in Nashville in 2020)

Social Media Handle

Little Big Town has an active Instagram account with 1.1 million followers. You can also find the band on Facebook for event schedules.


 If there is something greater than our passion, it’s the commitment to and determination to keep pursuing your passion even when it seems like you are not making headway. Such is the story of the band Little Big Town. With a jagged and rough start and many failed attempts, the band remained determined to work together and the result was a success.

Their story inspires those aspiring in their various endeavors who are yet to see results. It pays to keep finding better ways and the determination to keep pushing against all odds. Your story might also be one to be celebrated in the future.

After many years and different family and personal responsibilities, it is interesting to still find the four together singing as a band and aspiring for greater achievements.

FAQs Little Big Town Net Worth 2022

How old is Little Big Town?

The band is 24 years old and was founded by Karen, Jimi, Phillip, and Kimberly in 1998.

Are the band members married or single?

All four members of the band are happily married and enjoying their time with their family

What is Little Big Town's net worth?

His net worth is $35 million.

Where is Little Big Town located?

Little Big Town is located in the United States with most of its members residing in Nashville.

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