Livewave Full Review 2022: Beware Of These Secrets.

Livewave antenna is on the long list of Television products that have improved the sound and picture quality of today’s television. This Livewave Review offers more about the antenna. Is Livewave antenna legit you might ask?

Since television was invented there has been continuous innovative advancement to improve the quality of the visual and audiovisual output. We’ve moved from the dark ages of SDTV boxes to HD, LED, and 3D resolution TVs, all thanks to the innovators.

This Livewave review will intimate you with all you should know about the Livewave antenna. It will also look at how it works, its chain of products, and try to answer if livewave antenna is legit or not

Meanwhile, take a look at our table of contents for an overview of the piece.

What Is LiveWave Antenna ?

The device is a plug-in antenna that converts standard cables and wires in your home into a super antenna for a wider signal range. As long as the cable fits into Livewave you are good to go.

There is no special training you must undergo to be able to install the antenna. Nor do you need any special equipment.

All you need to do is plug Livewave antenna and it automatically gives you access to TV channels broadcasted over the air for free.

Livewave was designed after an advanced military cover piece of technology. The antenna provides very high-quality pictures and sounds and is not In any way affected by the weather. You can get signals with the antenna anywhere you are.

Additionally, Livewave antenna supports full and uncompressed HD broadcasts. And you don’t need cable TV for that.

The antenna is also a compact and durable device that can easily fit on the palm of your hand. It can also be installed anywhere in the house without worries.

It’s built with a grounded circuit and doesn’t directly connect to live home wiring. Livewave antenna is 100% safe to use around kids and pets.

While regular cable TV is usually affected by weather conditions, a problem has been fixed by this antenna. Has a strong signal strength. easy to use and cost-friendly.

As a TV enthusiast, Livewave antenna was made for you, and if you’re not, the experience with this antenna will change your perspective.

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How Does Livewave Antenna Work?

There are no doubt so many other TV antennas out there. Many claims that they can provide uninterrupted and high-resolution picture qualities for your viewing pleasure.

However, you find them wanting when you need them most. Livewave antenna is the difference.

Livewave antenna receives TV broadcast signals from all directions and can recognize both VH and VL frequencies.

Basically, Livewave works the same way as traditional and digital antennas. The key difference is that it doesn’t require you to purchase upgrades or “special cables”, nor pay subscription fees.

This plug-in antenna works by converting your home’s built-in electrical wiring into a super antenna and picking up broadcasts for your TV screen.

However, the channels you get are dependent on what is being broadcast in your area. Additionally, for each TV that you have, you’d need to get a separate antenna to access the HD channels.

The antenna works best when there’s a broadcast tower nearby. But even when there’s none, you’re promised an excellent TV signal. More so, you can boost your frequency by attaching an amplifier.

To start enjoying all the channels, all you really have to do is plug the Antenna into the screen of your choice. After which you select it as your TV source, and you can immediately start channel surfing.

The antenna is compatible with a wide range of screen types from LED, Smart, and even computer monitors.

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Features Of Livewave Antenna

  • High Definition:

The antenna does not just offer lots of free channels. It broadcast both standard and high definition channels.

  • Moderately Affordable:

While Livewave provides lots of free channels, it’s still very affordable. With the antenna, you don’t have to worry about paying cable bills anymore. Additionally, you need not service it intermittently.

  • It’s Easy To Install:

Anyone can easily install the antenna. No special training is required. No special cables to be used. All you need to do is to plug it into your TV or an electric outlet.

  • Hazard-Free Use:
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With this antenna, you don’t have to worry about getting electrocuted. The antenna works instantly and is very safe. The grounded circuit it has doesn’t connect directly to electrical wirings with live current. Therefore, it’s totally shock-free.

  • Compatible With Both iOS And Android

The Antenna is compatible with a wide range of screens and can work for both iOS and Android operating systems. It can also work on your desktop.

Price And Availability:

The price of the antenna is relatively cheap for what it offers. It’s sold at $39.95. But If you want to buy more, you’d be given discounts.

Livewave also offers a warranty to its users but at a price. You pay an extra $9.92 to get a lifetime warranty on the products.

Swell Ecomm Enterprises is the company selling Livewave and their warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship in your Livewave antenna.

How To Install And Use The Livewave Antenna

  • To install it you have to first connect the Livewave antenna to your TV screen using the free inclusive cable.
  • If you do that, then plug the antenna into an electrical outlet. That will instantly convert your home’s wiring into one giant TV antenna.
  • Finally, scan for the available channels and then start watching your favorite ones.

Livewave Reviews: Is Livewave Antenna Legit?

Livewave is absolutely legit. The antenna does most of the things its producers said it would do. However, there have been a series of complaints from customers. Some complained of not getting enough channels, even after restarting the antenna severely.

Some customers who are living in the “big cities” complained about not getting any signal at all. Also, there are those whose complaint was that the signal booster was not in their package.

Apart from some of these complaints, which are bound to happen, and which I’d like to think the company has resolved. Livewave antenna is legit.


  • Livewave is a one-time payment product.
  • It’s very easy to install.
  • The antenna is also very easy to use.
  • Once connected, it gives instant access to TV channels.
  • The picture quality of the livewave is top-notch.
  • You have a wide range of channel choices.
  • The antenna can easily fit into your budget.
  • You don’t have to worry bout the signal strength even in bad weather.
  • It’s very portable and has a very sexy design.
  • Livewave is compatible with most devices.
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  • The antenna is very dependent on the signal broadcast. If there’s none, you get no channels.
  • It has a limited number of channels. This is because it offers free channels to its users and when those channels aren’t available, there’s pretty much nothing to get.


What Comes With An Order Of Livewave?

When you order from our website, you get the LiveWave Antenna along with a free cable cord for your TV.

Is It compatibleWith Other Screens?

Yes, the antenna can work on pretty much any screen, iOS, and android inclusive.

How Many Channels Can I get?

You would get as many channels as possible. However, your area can greatly influence the number of channels you get.

What About Receiver Boxes?

With Livewave antenna, there’s no need for a box. It converts your wires into antennas and receive Broadcast signal on its own.

There Are Fewer Channels, What Do I do?

Reboot the system by disconnecting then reconnecting LiveWave. Then restart your TV screen and rescan for available channels.


Livewave Antenna proffers solution to today’s problem on Television. The antenna gives everyone the opportunity to watch his or her favorite show for free. Additionally, you get to save more by the month, as you have no need for cable fees.

More so, the buying and installing of the antenna is pretty easy. There are little to no complications with the antenna.

Therefore, I recommend for TV lovers. Enjoy.


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