Lucktastic Reviews: is Lucktastic legit or a Scam?

‘Is lucktastic legit?’ Usually comes to mind each time the name springs up in discussions or arguments. Lucktastic claims you can win up to $2,500 instantly. And they often boast of a whopping $3 million giveaway to 220,000 individuals, since they started in 2014.

Lucktastic is an instant win game lifestyle app, the largest cash prize scratch card, can win anyone $10,000 instantly. They supply you with new digital scratch-off cards daily — for free.

I believe your quest to find out how legit Lucktastic has led you here. And we promise to make justice to that. Read on as we give you our own review curled from a bunch of other reviews from reliable sources.

What is the Lucktastic App?

Lucktastic a is a lottery scratch-off smartphone app created by an app company based in New York namely JUMP RAMP GAMES. Lucktastic was first introduced in 2014, during which period the company was already co-founded by Tony Vartanian and Alex Betancur.

How Does Lucktastic Works?

You need a smartphone and have to download the Lucktastic app and start “scratching”. You’ll need to enter your ZIP code to confirm you’re a U.S. resident. You’ll also need to share your location with the app.

Mind you the app is free but you will be constantly be interrupted with ads, that’s how they generate funds to run the app. This means you will have to watch a video for you to access your scratch ticket instead of having to buy one like you would in a store. If you happen to turn on the app’s notification feature, you may be bombarded with notifications.

Now you can commence playing. You’ll scratch off your first card by holding your finger to the screen and swiping back and forth. After your first card, Lucktastic will continue to walk you through the app and show you how everything works. you’ll be able to select scratch-off games as you please. If you somehow make it through the stock of cards, they’ll reset at 5 a.m. EST each morning.

The bonus tokens are what keep you playing. You have to accumulate a certain number of tokens to qualify for redemption of these tokens into actual cash prizes. There is no token to cash conversion, as a cash payout can only occur if you scratch your way to a cash payout.

You cannot use the app unless you are a US resident. So if you live anywhere else you can’t really take advantage of this opportunity.

How Much Money Can You Make with Luckastic?

They say you can instantly win a whopping $2,500 without breaking a sweat. Lucktastic is a lottery so it’s all based on luck, so there are no grantees on how much you can make.

For the instant win scratch cards, the odds of winning depend upon the number of people playing the cards. Customers’ reviews on BBB are mostly negative.

Some people complain about not making money. Others said they’d played for a month and hadn’t earned more than $1, some reported not being able to cash out for gift cards. 

Though there are reports of some persons walking away with cash and some tokens from Luckastic. Speaking of tokens, you’re more likely to earn tokens in the app. You can find your token count at the top right side of the screen. Use your tokens to enter contests. This is basically a raffle, where you’re entered to win a prize.

When do I cash out?

For this to happen, it practically depends on luck. Sometimes it can take a little time before you can cash out and sometimes it can take a longer time. It takes too long to earn enough for a payout, but getting an Amazon gift card can be quite easy. 

Unlike most websites offering gift cards and cash payments in exchange for using their services, Lucktastic’s does not pay through PayPal. Below are several methods to choose from and cash out: Buy Gift Card, A Mailed Check, Dwolla, AMEX Gift Card, Visa Gift Card.

Is Lucktastic a Scam?

This app is all based on the luck of the draw. You can’t really control how much money you can make. Since it’s more like a gambling app, I believe you understand how lucks works before signing up.

I’m not a big fan of gambling, I never really saw the point in wasting hundreds of cash a year on scratch-off tickets. Some persons like to gamble and am not writing you off for it. Let’s continue, so will you finally see our view regarding lucktastic authenticity.

Below are some reviews gotten from

I have tons of tokens saved up over the last year, but when you try to redeem them for a gift card, they are ALWAYS “out of stock”. Seems like a scam to me! – Rebecca

Used to be able to exchange tokens for gift cards. Not anymore. I have nothing good to say. You are scammers – Li

Waste of your time, have a lot of tokens and whenever I try to redeem them it says cards are not available. I contacted them through the app and received an electronic email that hasn’t related to my questions to them!!!
Advice from me; don’t download the app, if you already have it delete it bcz it just waste of time!!! They get paid they make you watch their adds but they don’t pay you at all. – Lbomare


The app has a rating of 4.2/5 on Google’s Playstore and 3.6/5 on the App Store as at the time this report was made.

Lucktastic is free, and it’s all about luck, so the more you play, the more chances you have of hitting the jackpot. If you like gambling then you understand this when you sign up for this app.

Apparently, there are people that are lucky enough to win money using the Lucktastic App. I wouldn’t advise you to depend on Luckastic app as a major online income. multiple streams of online income would be nice, I believe you already know there are various ways of earning online.

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