Top 50 Made In India Products That Went Viral | 2022

Officially known as the Republic of India, India is a country in South Asia. It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world. 

It is a country full of diversity and has been known as one of the oldest existing civilizations in the world.

Recently, we are surrounded by a plethora of brands, most of which are dominated by brands from around the world. But, India is known for the development of its own methods & tools for manufacturing almost every kind of product you can think of.

Amazingly, made-in-India products are currently generating a lot of buzzes. When exploring Indian brands, I was thrilled to see that some Indian firms are conquering the world with their products and services.

Some of the following well-known Indian brands were once owned by foreigners but are now owned by Indians. Others were made in India, yet they had European names. They work hard to create well-known made products in India.

This sparked my interest in researching and writing about well-known Indian brands.

The following is a list of 50 well-known Indian brands that meet international standards.

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Why use made in India Products?

Indian products such as Indian Tea, Coffee, Ayurveda, Cosmetics and Organic grains, are popular in other countries.

There are many other companies in India that have been making products since ages like Dabur, Ajanta, Atlas Cycles, Bajaj, Voltas, Blue Star Reliance, etc.

Today Indian products are highly competitive and excellent in quality.  They also offer best quality food items under the Organic India products. Their products are also eco-friendly.

Indian products are rich in class. This is the case because of its rich culture and art. Their artisans are good at handicrafts

Indian handmade products are exclusively unique in its dimensions, quality and worth.

Indian products are fanciful as they have royal essence which depicts class of related Kingdom and have been very instrumental in boosting the economy of the nation.

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List of Top 50 Made In India Products That Went Viral in 2022

The Wealth Circle (TWC) brings to you, the top 50 made in India products that went viral in 2022 and the link to the products/brands:

#1. Bira 91

Bira 91 for beer, the home-brewed beer brand was topmost in all the Made-in-India lists with over 20 mentions.

Bira’s mis-named counterpart is the Corona beer and it is worthy of note that Bira is favored over Corona beer.

Aside Bira, there’s are other Indian-produced alcohol brands which include Old Monk, Kingfisher Amrut, and Royal Challenge.

Product Link:

#2. Mysore Sandal/ Medimix / Patanjali Soaps

Mysore Sandal/ Medimix / Patanjali Soaps are made in Indian products.

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Before the advent of Indian soaps, soaps and other personal care products from FMCG biggies like Unilever and P&G, were used to wash Indian bathrooms. This was the case for over a century.

But with the unfolding of events, soaps made-in-India and owned by India, 100% Indian soap brands such as Mysore Sandal, Medimix, Chandrika, and Patanjali’s range of soaps came to be and have been dominating the Indian soap market, finding favour with Indians. Mysore sandal is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022.

Product Link:

#3. Rupa/Dollar/Lux Undergarments

The made-in-India innerwear brands like Rupa, Dollar, Lux, and local brands under lingerie e-tailer Zivame has come to stay and are currently competing with US undergraduate garment foreign brands such as Jockey, Enamour.

Product Link:

#4. Lakme / MyGlamm 

In 1952, Lakme’s story started as a 100% subsidiary of Tata oil mill and has stood the test of time for over 70 years amidst notable brands in the foreign makeup industry like Mac, Revlon, Maybelline, and L’oreal.

Launched by Indian designer Manish Malhotra, MyGlamm is a makeup and skincare products brand which proudly made in India.

Product Link:

#5. Himalaya / Lotus / Biotique for Skincare

Among made in India products are skincare products made by brands such as Himalaya, Lotus, Shahnaz Hussein, and Biotique. These brands use the principles of Ayurveda and traditional Indian skincare recipes and have become prominent names in the indigenous skincare industry.

The made in India skincare products are currently competing with well-known foreign brands in the global skincare market. These brands include Body Shop, L’oreal, Garnier, and brands under the American P&G umbrella.

Product Link:

#6. Tata and Mahindra for automobiles

Tata and Mahindra are brands for made in India products.

Some other Indian automobile brands include Bajaj and TVS.

Though the competition between locally-made and foreign-assembled cars, Indian are still after the purchase and use of Indian automobile brands.

Some of the components and R&D used for the production of these locally-made cars which remains largely within India can be foreign-sourced.

It’s been recorded that profits from the automobile industry form a large part of India’s GDP.

It might interest you to know that the Royal Enfield bikes or ‘Bullet’ as it’s more popularly known, is made by Eicher Motors, an Indian company.

Product Link

Tata Motors:

Mahindra Cars:

#7. Maaza, Frooti and Paper Boat for beverages

Made in India drinks that are home-grown are produced by the following brand, Frooti, Maaza and Paper Boat. The drinks from this brand have been the drink of choice for Ind

Product Link:

#8. Gujarat based Nirma, and Ghadi detergent

Gujarat based Nirma, and Ghadi detergent are brands that’s completely conceived and made by an Indian company.

Surf Excel, Tide and Ariel are popular washing detergents that are produced in Indian factories employing Indian workforce which makes them to be considered as Indian brands.

Product Link



#9. Made in India phone

In considering whether some phones are made in India or made by a 100% Indian company, you are to note that telecom hardware is not India’s strongest suit.

Chinese and Korean phone big companies such as Vivo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Samsung respectively have almost full production centres in India. This is good news.

These phones are produced and marketed in India and by the Indian workforce and utilize the technology developed and some inner components made in China and other countries. It is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022.

The claim of Vivo is that 100% of its phones are sold and made in India. Xiaomi, Chinese phone giant and the manufacturer of the entire RedMi range of phones manufactures all of its phones in India. iPhone XR is also made in India. This started in 2018.

In addition, Apple’s announcement last year has it that it would be setting up a factory in Tamil Nadu for its complete production in India. Reports have it that all of the OnePlus phones that have launched since the Oneplus 7 are manufactured in its Noida plant.

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Product Link:

#10. Skore / Manforce / Kohinoor for Condoms

While Durex – made by the Malaysian company Karex – may be synonymous with Indian companies.

Companies such as Skore, Manforce, and Kohinoor are well known for the production of condoms which may just be the best desi option for placing strict control measures on the population development of the country.

Product Link:

#11. Indian Cold Drinks

The following cold drinks are India made:

Kalimark Bovonto, Rose Drink (Sherbat), Badam Drink, Milk, Lassi, Curd, yoghurt, Chaach, Juice, Lemonade (Nimbu Paani), Coconut Water(Naariyal Paani), Shakes, Jaljeera, Thandai, Roohafza (Hamdard), Rasna, Frooti, Godrej Jumpin, etc

Product Link:

#12. Indian Soap

The following are Indian made soaps: Himalaya, Mysoor Sandal, Cinthol, Santoor, Medimix, Neem, Godrej, Patanjali (Kesh Kanti), Wipro, Park Avenue, Swatik, Ayur Herbal, Kesh Nikhar, Hair & Care, Dabur Vatika, Bajaj, Nyle.

Product Link:

#13. Indian Toothpaste

Made in India toothpastes include the following Neem, babool, vicco, dabur, Vico Bajradanti, MDH, Baidyanath, Gurukul Pharmacy, Choice, Anchor, Meswak, Babool, Promise, Patanjali (Dant Kanti, Dant on).

Indian Toothpaste is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022.

Product Link:

#14. Indian Toothbrush:

Indian tootbrush brands include Ajay, Promise, Ajanta, Royal, Classic, Dr. Strock, Monate.

Product Link:

#15. Indian Tea & Coffee 

The following are Indian Tea & Coffee products

Divya Peya (Patanjali), Tata, Brahmaputra, Aasam, Girnaar, Indian Cafe, M.R., AVT Tea, Narasus Coffee, Leo Coffee

Product Link:

#16. Indian Blade

Indian Blades includeTopaz, Gallant, Supermax, Laser, Esquire, Silver Prince, Premium.

Product Link:

#17. Indian Shaving Cream

The Indian Shaving Cream brands include Park Avenue, Premium, Emami, Balsara, Godrej.

Product Link:

#18. Indian Shampoo

The Indian Shampoo brands Himalaya, Nirma, Velvette. This is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022.

Product Link:

#19. Indian Talcum Powder: 

The Indian Talcum Powder brands include Santoor, Gokul, Cinthol, Boroplus, Cavin Kare Products

Product Link:

#20. Indian Milk: 

The following are India Milk: Amul, Amulya, Mother Dairy

Product Link:

#21. Indian Mobile Connection

The following are Indian Mobile Connection brands: Idea, Airtel, Reliance, Bsnl

Product Link:

#22. Indian Textiles or Clothes

The following are Indian textiles or clothes brands: Raymond, SiyaRam, Bombay Dyeing, S. Kumars, Mafatlal, Garden Vareli, American Swan, Gini & Jony, Globus, Madame, Monte Carlo Fashions Limited, Reliance Retail, RmKV.

Product Link:

#23. Indian Mobile

The following are examples of Indian Mobile brands Micromax, Karbonn, Lava

Product/Brand Link:

#24. Indian Bike

The following are examples of Indian Bikes brands: Hero, Bajaj, TVS bikes, and auto rickshaws

Product Link:

#25. Indian Footwear

The following are Indian Footwear brands: Paragon, Lakhani, Chavda, Khadims, VKC Pride, Lunar Footwear

Product Link:

#26. Indian Jeans and T-shirts

The following are Indian Jeans and T-shirts brands: Spykar, K-lounge

Product Link:

#27. Indian Garments

Some of the brands that deal on made in India garments include Cambridge, Park Avenue, Bombay Dyeing, Ruf & Tuf, Trigger Jeans, Lakhani, Shreelathers, Khadim, khadi, Action.

Product Link:

#28. Indian Child Food

Indian Child Food brands include Honey, Boiled rice, Fruit Juice. Amul, Sagar, Tapan, Milk Care, etc.

#29. Indian Salt

Indian Salt brands includeTata, Ankur, Saindha namak(Patanjali), Low Sodium & Iron-45 Ankur, Tata, Surya, Tara.

Product/Brand Link:,by%20Tamil%20Nadu%20and%20Gujarat.

#30. Indian Icecream

The following are examples of Icecream brands in India: Homemade icecream/coolfi, Amul, Vadilal, Arun Ice Cream, Milk food, etc.

Product/Brand Link:

#31. Indian Biscuits

Indian Biscuits brands include Parle, Sunfeast, Britannia, Tiger, Indana, Amul, Ravalgaon, Bakemens, Creamica, Shagrila, Patanjali (Amla Candy, Bel Candy, Aarogya biscuit). This is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022.

Product/Brand Link:

#32. Indian Ketchup and Jam

They include Homemade sauce/ketchup, Indana, Priya, Rasna, Patanjali (Fruit jam, Apple jam, Mix jam).

Product/Brand Link:

#33. Indian Snacks

Indian snacks brands include Bikano Namkeen, Haldiram, Homemade chips, Bikaji, AOne, etc.

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Product/Brand Link:

#34. Indian Water

Home-boiled pure water, Ganga, Himalaya, Rail neer, Bisleri.

Product/Brand Link:

#35. Indian Tonic

Patanjali (Badam Pak, Chyawanprash, Amrit Rasayan, Nutramul)

Product/Brand Link:

#36. Indian Oil

Param Ghee, Amul, Handmade cow ghee, Patanjali (Sarso ka tel)

Product/Brand Link:

#37. Indian Washing Soda

Tata Shudh, Nima, Care, Sahara, Swastik, Vimal, Hipolin, Fena, Sasa, TSeries, Dr. Det, Ghadi, Genteel, Ujala, Ranipal, Nirma, Chamko, Dip

Product/Brand Link:

#38. Indian Cosmetics

Neem, Borosil, Ayur Emami, Vico, Boroplus, Boroline, Himani Gold, Nyle, Lavender, Hair & Care, Heavens, Cinthol, Glory, Velvet (Baby).

Product/Brand Link:

#39. Indian Pen

Camel, Kingson, Sharp, Cello, Natraj, Ambassador, Linc, Montex, Steek, Sangita, Luxor.

Product/Brand Link:

#40. Indian Electronics

Indian Electronics brands include Voltas, Videocon, BPL, Onida, IFB, Orpat, Oscar, Salora, ET&T, T-series, Nelco, Weston, Uptron, Keltron, Cosmic, TVS, Godrej, Brown, Bajaj, Usha, Polar, Anchor, Surya, Oriont, Cinni, Tullu, Crompton, Loyds, Blue Star, Voltas, Cool home, Khaitan, Everready, Gee

Product/Brand Link:

#41. Indian Computer & Tablets

Indian Computer & Tablets brands include HCL, MICROMAX, SPICE, Reliance, Carbonn, Amar PC, Chirag

Product/Brand Link:

#42. Indian Online Shopping

Flipkart, IndiaPlaza, YeBhi, Myntra,Naaptol, SnapDeal, HomeShop18, bookmyShow, makemytrip, yatra, via, ibibo, cleartrip.

Product/Brand Link:

#43. Indian Car

TATA, Mahindra, Hindustan Motors, Maruti

Product/Brand Link:

#44. Indian Refrigerators

Some of the refrigerator brands in India include Hitachi, Godrej, Electrolux.

Product/Brand Link:

#45. Indian Ceiling Fan Brands

There are a number of ceiling fan brands in India and they include Crompton Greaves, Usha, Orient, etc.

Product/Brand Link:

#46. Indian Batteries

There are a number of battery manufacturers in India that produce batteries for use in automobiles, for the generation of solar and wind energy, or usage in smartphones and air conditioners. Batteries have application in virtually every area.

Some of the battery manufacturers in India include

  • Exide Industries Ltd.
  • Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.
  • Southern Batteries Pvt. Ltd., etc.

#47. Indian Cements

Record has it that India is the second-largest producer of cement globally. The cement industry in India was deregulated in 1982 and had ever since then, attracted huge investments, both from indigenous and non-indigenous investors. The Indian cement industry employs approximately 20,000 individuals across downstream sectors for every million tonne of cement the country produces.

Some of the cement Companies in India include:

  • Ultratech Cement Ltd
  • Ambuja Cements Ltd
  • Shree Cement Ltd
  • The Ramco Cements Limited

#48. Indian Paint Industries

Indians are known for painting everything- from caverns to shrines, homes to industrial installation, military bases to aircraft. This has been the case for centuries now.

Some of the Paint manufacturing Industries in India that produces made in India products include

#49. Asian Paints Ltd.


Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd


Shalimar Paints Ltd


AkzoNobel India Ltd (Dulux Paints)


Berger Paints India Ltd


#50. Breakfast Cereal Companies in India

Neeland Foodland is among the companies that produce made in India products. It is the supplier of soft drinks, fruit juices, ready to eat food, organic food items, canned food items- vegetable, pulses & cereals or spices, baking items and diary products.

Some other breakfast cereal companies in India includeKuber Impex Limited, SSU Enterprises, Paithan Mega Food Park Private Limited, Aussee Oats Milling Private Limited.

#51. India footwear industry

India footwear industry has experienced some recognized increase which has come along with sharp growth.

Some of the India footwear industries include Mochi, Metro, Limited, Woodland.


Having gone through the top 50 made in India products that went viral in 2022, you must have seen that India is among the most industrious nations in the world.

You can decide to make contact with any of these brands, Industries for business purposes and be sure to have the delivery possible.


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