15 Ways to make money from gaming in 2022

Did your parents ever shout at you for wasting the time meant for academics to play video games?

Should we tell them that playing video games is now a goldmine? I think they need to hear that you can make as much as $3,000 to $10,000 a month.

Truth is, many families don’t make up to that in a month!

In fact, once my unborn kids are born, they’ll be introduced to gaming. Who’s with me?

However, to make money from gaming, you need to learn how. That’s where we have come in. This article will provide an extensive list of how to get paid playing games.

Is Gaming and Gambling the Same?

Gaming is achieved through skills and not chance. Gambling on the other hand isn’t so. It involves betting.

Although they have similar activities, gambling involves betting as done in the casinos and some apps.

However, gambling is legal in the USA but some states have restrictions.

Gaming is legal and doesn’t involve any form of gambling. You basically earn from your skills.

15 Ways on how to make money from Gaming

Gaming is a fun activity that has fast turned into a full-time income venture. It can earn more than the traditional job when you play it right.

The ways to make money from gaming are listed below.

#1 Test Video Games

Salary Average: In US is $67,813.

Whenever a game is developed, a tester will be needed to play it to spot bugs and make corrections on how to improve it.

Video game testers make lots of money. However, it comes by a lot of hard work.

The tester will basically play all the characters while noting bugs and areas for improvement.

It requires you to put all four senses to test a video game. So, only those who are analytical and methodical should take up jobs as a tester.

Testing video games is a very lucrative way to make money from gaming.

One platform to sign up to test video games is PlaytestCloud. You’ll be sent videos to test which you’ll record your thoughts while playing the game and get paid via PayPal.

#2 Start a YouTube Channel

Do you know PewDiePie? He earned a whopping $13 million from YouTube in 2019. He started his YouTube channel with video game commentary.

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YouTube may be the biggest platform to make money from playing video games and gaming generally.

It pays you for playing games which is as a result of owning a channel.

Are you wondering what to do with a YouTube channel? Here are a few ideas.

Record popular games like Fortnite, make a commentary, review new games, and give expert advice, live stream videos, and lots more.

Your money will come from ads and sponsorship. But, you need to have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months and more than 1,000 subscribers to earn.

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#3 Stream on Twitch

Average Salary: $10,000 to $40,000 per year.

Stream your video game plays so that other people can watch you play on Twitch.

You can make a lot of money from gaming and playing video games on Twitch.

For example, Ninja a popular Twitch streamer made $10 million in 2018.

We have a post dedicated to Twitch streaming that will teach you all you need to be successful. Read it here.

#4 Compete in Tournaments

This is another way to make a handsome amount of money playing games. However, it is not a consistent source.

Playing and winning a tournament like League of Legends, Fortnite requires extreme talent. It is not a game of luck but expertise.

This is probably the easiest way to make money playing video games.

Furthermore, one of the world’s top e-sports competitive, Timothy Miller (aka “Bizzle”), earns around $322k per year participating in Fortnite tournaments.

#5 Develop Video Games

Average Salary: $83,000 for companies like Ubisoft or EA.

You can actually get paid to develop the games yourself. This will take long hours and mental stretching to achieve.

For a career as a game developer, you can work solo or for a company.

Many game developers are self-taught and have developed great video games out of passion. You really have no excuse.

For instance, Markus Persson developed Minecraft. His company Mojang sold the game Microsoft for $2.5 billion. Astounding right? So, what’s stopping you?

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#6 Sign up on eSports Team

Average Salaray: $1,000 to $5,000 per month.

Since eSports inception in the 1990’s it has grown massively and doesn’t seem to have a decline soon.

Let’s show you how to make money fast on eSports playing video games. Are you game?

Focus on one game at a time and become a pro player. Show off your skills on Twitch and YouTube. It will be easier for you to be found and get a sign-up from these platforms.

If this method doesn’t describe you, there are other ways to get paid playing games on eSports. You can host esports events, coach others, act as a referee, market, and manage social media for a team.

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Whichever you choose, just start making money gaming already.

#7 Become a Video game Journalist

Average Salary:  $26,000 yearly.

Yes, you can become a video game journalist. That’s like a real thing!

Specifically, you will write and report on happenings in the game world.

A basic experience in journalism won’t be a bad idea. It will set you up for high paying jobs rather than low-paid ones.

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#8 Work in Customer Service for a Game

Average salary: $13 per hour

Like other industries, gamers also need customer service reps. Develop your customer service and communication skills to be able to land this kind of job.

Companies like Blizzard have in-game admins that play games and deliver support in the chat function.

#9 Create & Sell Video Game Accessories

Selling on eBay is not limited to broken electronics. You can sell any game tech stuff starting from your old gamepad to console.

But, to establish a career, sell new and rare gaming accessories to users. You may also include a ‘how-to-use” and other creatives just to justify the extra cash yours will have.

With a good online image, game lovers will patronize you better than the gaming company.

You may create and sell your own game-inspired merchandise.

Do you think this is not a real business?

Go to Etsy and type “Legend of Zelda”. You’ll get over 16,000 results of t-shirts, figurines, coffee mugs, and lots more.

#10 Farming

Do you know the old-fashioned grinding for gold? That’s what we do here.

You make money from gaming by farming games like RuneScape and Counter-Strike.

Essentially, you’ll be creating an avatar, and then working to take that character up to a very high level.

From there, you can then sell the player with a high level to someone who wants to start playing with a big head start.

Some of those players who started out big farmed their way up.

#11 Video Game Coaching

Average Salary: $20 to $200 per hour

Just offer to coach on your favorite game like League of Legends. This is by far one of the cool ways to make money gaming.

You may make some cool cash depending on how good and in-demand you are.

To get started, you have to gain a populace on social media and offer your services free of charge and later you start charging for it.

#12 Become a Professional Gamer

Working as a professional gamer can be risky unless you enjoy the thrill of competitions.

You also have to be the best at gaming in order to win a competition.

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Therefore, to get paid for playing video games, you have to win either win championships and tournaments, or land endorsement and investment deals.

Do you wish to join a professional gaming team to participate in championships? Check out  Evil GeniusesCloud9, and Team EnVyUs if you’re in North America.

#13 Provide Game Play Tutorial

Nowadays people make money by teaching others a skill they have that others don’t. A professional gamer can make money from teaching others online gaming.

So, go ahead and produce tutorials on how to play video games.

You’ll have many views if you want to get paid for playing video games. This is if you wish to post it on a social media handle. The payment will come through ads, sponsorships, etc.

However, you can market this skill on Udemy, teachable, Lynda, and get people to buy this tutorial as a course.

Truthfully, there are lots of prospects to make money from gaming here.

All you’ll do is to section the courses as beginner and expert versions, then run an update when the games get upgraded.

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#14 Sponsorship

Another great way to get paid to play games is through sponsorships.

Once you have built followership on YouTube, Twitch, or anywhere else, you can contact sponsors too who you’ll market their products.

It is even advised to contact those companies that you use their products. Remember that you’re selling value to them. In essence, you are to bring value to their products in exchange for a fee. This is a great way to make money from gaming.

Go ahead and search them out on social media. You can make money playing video games.

#15 Write for gamers

As a creative writer, you will be able to produce content for games.

Join freelance websites and it will be easier to reak into the video game writing industry.

Just keep an eye on the big companies.

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In 2019, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins got paid between $20 million and $30 million by Microsoft to stream exclusively on their Mixer. He was to leave Amazon’s Twitch.

This could be you if you can sit down and perfect this art of playing video games.

There is a lot of money to be made from gaming and streaming video games. Join us as we make money playing video games.

Come grab your lot!



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