15 Ways to Make Money from Home as a Kid in 2022

As a kid, I can remember hunting for ways to make money.

I would collect money from my siblings to do their chores, and even from my parents for extra errands. Yes, I loved money that much.

Thanks to technology, Kids these days can make money from home.

They don’t have to wait till their 18th birthday to be legal for a job.

Moreso, as kids you can’t go join your parents in their 9-5 jobs, but you can make money at home through many schemes.

Read this and teach your kids how to make money from home.

15 Ways to Make Money from Home as a Kid in 2021

This century has provided mediums through which people of all ages can make money.

Won’t you as a parent be proud of your kids if they can convert their leisure time to stress-free money maing ventures?

Also, you don’t even have to worry about their safety. These ways to make money as a kid can be done from the confines of the home. And they are very much legal.

Do well to share this with your kids, you are teaching them accountability without knowing it.

#1 Start a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways how a kid can make money from home.

Actually, how much you make will depend on how large your audience is. Monetizing a blog is quite easy for a large audience.

You can make money from blogging through affiliate marketing, ads and sponsored posts.

As a kid, just put out content that is appealing to your audience and you will make money fast.

#2 Create a YouTube Channel

In 2019, the most paid Youtuber is 8-year-old Ryan Kaji. Inspiring, right? This can be your kid!

Did you know that Ryan’s first-ever video was shot when he was 3 years old? But someone will ask, isn’t YouTube policy for earning from a channel no longer 13 years? The answer is simple, his parents got involved.

Get your parents involved and earn money from videos and subscribers.

#3 Take Online Surveys

You’ve probably heard that an online survey is a new goldmine! The beautiful thing about many surveys is that there are no age limits. They need the opinion of the kids as well as adults.

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When it comes to redeeming the coupons earned for cash, the kid can either request a check or through an adult’s PayPal account.

Go ahead and get your kid online to make some money from the home.

There are many surveys that can be taken. Check them out Make Money with Online Survey.

#4 Make Jewelry

I normally will not recommend this as a good way to make money as a kid, but read the story of these siblings who made millions from their jewelry line. You can see their story of how they sold jewelry here and check out this teen who made $100,000 making jewelry. 

You can buy from your local stores and sell online on Etsy, Craft shows, etc.

#5 Babysit

Yes, older kids can babysit their neighbor’s kids for money. The easiest way to start a babysitting business is with people you know.

From here, you can babysit for families that have multiple kids. Weekend nights when parents go out will give you high-paying days.

#6 Review/Test Products

Many companies pay adults to test their products. The ones that produce kids-related items need kids to test the products.

Interestingly, the companies deliver the products to your home and some even pay for the review.

How can you get these websites that you pays you to test products at home? This is a major way to make money at a kid at home. Read the post below.

11 Platforms You Can Get Paid To Test Products From Home.

#7 Become a Photographer

How can a kid make money from home? By selling photographs online.

So, whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you can make money online with your photographs Just the right place to sell them and you are good.

You can even badge a job on platforms like Fiverr.

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Learn how to make money as a photographer.

#8 Teach Others How to Use Technology

Everyone knows that kids learn pretty fast. They learn how to use gadgets and tech devices with the snap of a finger. You can charge people to provide some tech solutions and help. Start with your immediate environment.

Charge your parents and neighbors with some simple tech stuff. You may also pick odd jobs on Fiverr.

#9 Do Chores for Seniors

I told you a story of how I collect money from my siblings to help them with their chores. You may join me.

Run simple errands for your neighbors for a fee. This is one of the easiest ways kids can make money from home.

#10 Become a Streamer

Kids are ardent video game addicts! My nephews can forgo their meals for a video game.

Presently, video game streaming is a multi-million dollar industry.

So many people are making millions doing what they love. Why not incorporate your kid to make money from doing what they love?

With some streaming hardware, you can record the action and upload it to video-sharing sites. Kids will make money from subscriptions, ads, youtube compensation, and lots more. You can stream live on Twitch.

This is a popular streaming Site: How Much do Twitch Streamers Make per Month in 2021

#11 Organize a Garage Sale Online

Every house has some scrap that can be sold for money. As a kid seeking to make money, organize a garage sale for the people in your neighborhood.

You may even extend it to everyone in your neighborhood and they’ll pay a percentage of whatever they’d get for participating.

Do well to advertise your yard sale on social media, and attract more customers on the sale day.

#12 Rent Your Own Stuff

While many adults rent things they do not use often for extra cash like wedding gowns, kids can rent small things that belong to them. Some of your toys can be rented, gaming equipment, and even clothes. Just advertise your services online.

#13 Start a Dog-Walking Business

Pet walking and sitting is another great way to make money from home as a kid.

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Starting from your neighbors who work all day, a good business of walking their pets just started.

This will only take about 5-10 minutes of your time per animal. Take them out, let them go to the bathroom, and make sure their bowls have enough food and water. It’s that simple.

If you love animals, then this is a good opportunity to start making money as a kid.

#14 Become an Influencer

Many people work full-time on social media. The idea of kid influencers is also becoming popular.

Kids and Teens can sign up on many platforms and grow an audience by putting out amazing content.

As your fan-base increases, you can monetize your accounts with brand sponsorships, ads, and more.

#15 Write Content for Other Sites

This means of making money may seem like it is for adults. Let me shock you! A popular comedian said he gets some of his content ideas from his kids. Isn’t that writing content?

So many companies want the opinion and viewpoints of young minds, especially the video game industries. Become a content creator and you’ll be paid handsomely.


Gone are the days when kids just relax and wait for their parents to make all the money needed to train them.

In fact, there is an increase in the number of children millionaires. They achieve this feat by participating in simple things online. As easy as they sound, all you need is consistency and passion.

These are some of the ways which kids can make money from home. Parents, guardians, and teenagers should take note!



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