10 Ways to Make Money from Home Posting Ads | Ultimate Guide

A lot of folks have been cashing out real big. Care to know what they’ve been doing? They’ve been posting and hosting ads for brands. I want to show you how to make money from home posting ads.

Just follow me!

Money making is difficult and tasking as it requires a lot of carefulness, hard work and consistency. Interestingly, you can make money from home posting ads:

  • If you have a blog,
  • A social media platform
  • A well-classified list,
  • An ad posting software, and
  • A classified collection tool.

However, sometimes opportunities that pay to post ads are being manipulated by scammers and people fall for the scam. That’s why these real and legitimate ways have been made available so, you can tell a scam at a glance.

You should prepare yourself properly for more than just posting ads and be ready to put in a lot of effort before you start earning online.

In some cases, you need to create a line of your followers and also to connect with your customers, actively and effectively engaging them into business.

Therefore to get paid posting ads you have to:


Before you make nice money posting ads, it’s wise you create your own blog so you can manage your posts. Creating your own blog, you need to pick a comfortable niche. Then create an optimized site. When your blog traffic increases, you can earn through programs that can pay you to display ads on your blog.

When you do your job well, it will turn out to be lucrative. Knowing where to post your ads in your blog is important. You should make sure you post your ads above the fold to capture the attention of visitors that visits your site even when they don’t want to scroll down. You can also post ads anywhere else on your site even t the bottom of the blog post or the footer though not many people will see it quicker compare to the one on the header.

You can also make money through ads from programs such as: Sponsored post: This can be possible when you have a vast audience and you have a particular product or service in detail including photos, personal recommendations and opinions and so more. Most companies and advertisers consider the number of people they will reach if they want to advertise on your blog because their sole aim is to reach many prospect.

If the blogger does not endorse the products or services on the ad or the sponsored ad does not align with their brand, the blogger has a right to reject any requests for publishing that Advert. Other programs include; AdSense, Mediavine, Banner Ads among others. You need to be selective with the companies and brands that you endorse since your audience will associate you with the brand you agree to advert.

  • Advertising on your social media Platforms: Convincingly, there are plenty opportunities of making money on social media platforms with posting ads. Social media comes handy and easy, more especially when you have a unique skill or talent that you want to showcase that will capture the attention and interest of people. These platforms includes: facebook, Pinterest, instagram, Twitter, YouTube to mention but a few.
  • Through Affiliate Marketing: The amazing thing about this one is that Affiliate market pays once you post ads regardless of the fact that the visitor might not purchase the product the product or service after clicking the ad. It promotes other people’s services or product. Registering with an affiliate marketing company such as: Max Bounty, Flex Offers, Amazon Associates
  • Start a freelancing career of Ads posting

As an online freelancer, you get dollars for posting Ads. You can create a free account on freelancing sites such as fiverr or freelancer.com for work that involves getting paid to place ads online. On completion of a project successfully, your clients will leave feedback that will help you get more projects.

  • Advertise on your car: This has been one of the oldest means of advertising. You can make money through companies such as Carvertise. Several national and local companies can pay you if you can wrap your car with their product or brand.
  • Run a race: Companies sponsor marathoners to advertise their company brand or products, brands such as Nike. They also promote social responsibility and charity works to help make their brand or product popular.
  • Get a Tattoo
  • Participate in sports and other competitions: International and local tournaments such as car race, soccer, and plenty of other high-profile events one can earn money by participating and wearing items relating to the ads. Also, take part in cheerleader groups and other activities to make money with ads.
  • Host a Conference
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