12 Ways to make money from Memes in 2022

It is not unusual in our time that you can literally make money from making memes. The architecture of the meme makes it charmingly insane. But it is very possible.

It is simply combining the right culturally relevant image with a hilarious caption and this strangely addicting visual trope will quickly turn into a viral juggernaut.

While memes started out in image format, other forms of memes now exist, including gifs and video memes. Interestingly enough, meme-making has become more than just a hobby over time. People actually do this as a full-time job.

In this article, you will receive valuable and timely information on how you can make money from memes.

What is a meme?

A meme has been described as an idea, behavior, or style that spread from person to person within a culture – often with the aim of conveying a cultural phenomenon or symbol.

A pretty nifty description, when looking at a meme, is charmingly idiotic in its genesis. However, by combining the right culturally relevant image with a hilarious caption, many memes have gone viral on social media because they are based on an emotion, we all have – humor.

While the goal of these internets in jokes is usually to make you laugh, some of these memes mean serious business. In fact, many savvy social media users have made millions designing, producing, and selling memes that appeal to a global network.

That said, it’s not that easy to put a hilarious caption on some humorous pictures and wait for your bank account to triple.

Are Memes significant?

Social media, television and movies, as well as general popular culture, are influenced by memes. If you’ve been browsing the internet a bit, you probably have a hard time going through a day without coming across a meme.

Memes provide a humorous and easy way to relate to ongoing world events or to communicate with others. Memes are a fun and easy way to package or process information. However, they are also a modern form of communication and potentially lucrative.

The best thing about memes is that they can get a message out faster than any other medium because people share it so often.

How to Make a Meme

Creating Memes with Adobe Spark

Memes have taken the social media world by storm in recent years. Some are funny, some are cute, but the most successful viral memes involve a combination of eye-catching imagery, thoughtful design, and brilliant messages.

A meme has to look good to be shared thousands of times. It has to look clear, distinctive and appealing and convey the message.

Adobe Spark lets you create memes that professional designers would like to call their own. Adobe Spark lets you create and customize a meme too.

This means that your creations stand out from what is already shared on social media platforms.

Make as many changes as you want to color schemes, images, text, alignment, and themes. Best of all, Adobe Spark is free and easy to use.

Select a size

Adobe Spark Post gives you a number of size options to choose from. You can choose square or portrait options, landscape or get creative and adjust it to your own size. When choosing the size option, consider where you want to share your meme and what it will look like on that platform.

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Choose illustrative and eye-catching icons

Make your meme stand out by adding an icon that you can use to tell the story. Browse the Spark collection of icon images or upload your own.

Add in some impressive pictures

Adobe Spark allows you to add multiple images to your meme. Choose images from our Spark photo library or upload your own.

Choose a font and add informative text

Add text to compose the message in your meme. You can then make changes to the font, text size, and text color.

Download and share

When you’re happy with the meme you’ve created, download it to your device or share it online. Adobe Spark makes it easy for you by giving you many options.

How to make a meme using Canva

Creating a meme with Canva’s meme generator is free and easy. With our drag and drop editor, you can customize your meme without restrictions – without watermarks, without font restrictions and with flexible templates.

Instantly upload and rotate your picture, add infinite text boxes, choose any font in any number of colors, and choose the format you want to download your meme in.

Choose from thousands of customizable templates

Canva has 5000+ flexible meme templates that you can customize to suit your needs. Remove elements, make text larger or smaller, or change the layout – there are no restrictions.

Or, you can create your meme from scratch and create a new viral trend. Just select the dimensions you want to use, then drag and drop images, text, and more.

Upload images for free and quickly

When you have the perfect image for your meme, upload it straight to the generator for free and drag it straight into your design.

If you’re looking for a fun image, choose from over 2 million non-watermarked images in our inventory library. With free and affordable images, making a meme doesn’t cost a fortune.

Create memes with friends

Sometimes your funniest memes come when you’re working with friends. Canva’s meme generator allows you to instantly add your friends and create a team. Play with pictures, illustrations, meme subtitles and add comments. Solve suggestions in the Canva editor – all in real time.

Share with the world in minutes

Whether you’re on your iPhone, iPad, Android or desktop, Canva’s meme generator has simple share buttons that let you download your memes instantly (JPEG, PNG, PDF formats available) or straight into social media. All of this with our free meme maker.

How to make money with memes

Unlike various jobs in the gig economy or part time work, making money with memes is not a reliable way to make money online.

Memes are really a way to get an audience or monetize an existing following. The following business ideas take time and luck. Don’t turn to memes for easy cash.

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However, let’s take a look at some of the different ways to make money from memes.

#1. Social media

The first step in making money from your memes is to create a social media account where you can post memes and reach a large following. Businesses see your value in the number of people they can reach through you, which is represented by your followers.

If you plan to grow a page, you need to have a steady flow of content. You should be sure that you can edit a certain number of memes consistently and know the sources of your content in advance.

One way to accelerate your growth is to know the current search terms and customize your hashtags, etc., so that they are easily searchable.

As you gain more followers, you will likely receive offers from other accounts and / or brands or products to work with you.

Instagram and Twitter are definitely saturated when it comes to meme content, so they are competitive. You could try creating an account in one of these apps, but you could also try looking for new platforms to be one of the first big accounts and get a foothold there.

#2. Open a Meme Etsy Shop

One of the easiest ways to sell meme merchandise is to open an Etsy shop. Etsy has millions of monthly visitors and is one of the most popular marketplaces for online crafts, homemade goods, and printable art.

In addition, Etsy lets you sell handcrafted goods or third-party goods on your own online marketplace.

#3. Create an Instagram Meme Page

This idea was definitely beaten to death and is incredibly competitive. However, Instagram can still be used to make money from memes. Usually there are two different ways to create a profitable Instagram meme account:

  • Option 1 – Create a meme Instagram account to attract a fan base, then sell sponsored posts or ads.
  • Option 2 – Monetize an Instagram following by selling meme merchandise.

#4. Selling on Zazzle, Redbubble & Other Pod Stores

This is a similar method of making money from memes as when you are selling on Etsy. However, at Etsy, you run your own business and you can make your own products or even set up an independent business with a paid Etsy plan.

In contrast, selling on POD marketplaces like Zazzle or RedBubble is absolutely essential.

POD marketplaces are competitive and just like Etsy, you need to work to optimize your listings and drive traffic to your website through social media. However, if you can get it rolling, it’s not a bad passive income game.

#5. Fiverr Meme Gigs

A quick search for “meme” on Fiverr shows how creative salespeople get. There are gigs for making memes, gigs for managing social media, or even people who just sell bulk files with thousands of memes.

This is not an incredibly lucrative market, but it is also not that competitive.

#6. Make YouTube Meme Compilations

In terms of making money on YouTube, this is quite an odd niche to be honest. There are some reports that make meme compilations that resemble vine compilations or random funny video rolls.

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If you have a knack for video editing and want to get into YouTube, this might be a niche to explore. It’s pretty fun and rewarding to learn how to record and edit video.

#7. Make A Meme Based Game

Obviously, the chances of creating the next What Do Your meme, the most successful meme game of all time, are pretty slim.

However, it’s interesting to turn a popular concept on social media into a game or even an app. Plus, quite a few sellers seem to be trying their hand at the meme-inspired game market:

Again, this is a long way to go in making money. However, if you want a side project to be worked on, this isn’t a bad option.

#8. Try Picturepunches.com

The idea behind PicturePunches is that when people see the memes you post, you get paid. PicturePunches places an ad under each meme on its website.

To pay contributors, they pay a percentage of ad revenue based on the number of views your content generates.

#9. Channel Traffic to a Blog

As a blogger, this is definitely one possible way to make money from memes.

Memes are just a form of communication and a way to get people’s attention. If you can use memes to grow an audience and then drive traffic to a blog that you’re making money from, you’re spot-on.

#10. Instant Articles from Google Adsense and Facebook

Popular meme sites create websites that generate traffic from these pages. If you choose to use the Facebook algorithm, it will not favor pages that only publish links to their websites.

So, these websites publish an article after 2-3 meme posts. You can easily earn money through website traffic with Google Adsense or apply for the Facebook Instant Article service, which pays off by placing banner ads in the articles.

#11. Sponsored memes

If you follow meme sites, you must have seen them post about movies or the launch of a smartphone.

Well, some of these posts are sponsored by the companies as memes are a great way to share information about a product or generate hype before the movie starts.

Some popular sites make their goods and sell them on Facebook and Instagram. This is also a great way to do branding and make good money.

Those for whom you don’t have websites of your own post links to other websites and charge them a fee for doing so.


Ultimately, it’s very unrealistic to make a full-time income from memes. However, if you get creative there is no reason you can’t turn your love for memes into a small passive source of income or a hobby.


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