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15 Ways to Make Money from Tumblr | Ultimate Guide

From being a social platform where people share written content, images, music, and videos, Tumblr has become a powerful money-making tool. So, the question is, how do you make money from Tumblr?

If you want to get the best out of Tumblr, you must invest time, groom your account and learn new ways to monetize the platform.

Tumblr is a social networking and blogging site founded by Marco Arment and David Karp in 2007. The first adverts were posted in 2012 and have subsequently earned up to 13 million in returns. In May 2013, Tumblr was bought by Yahoo for 1.2 billion US dollars.

Verizon then acquired the company in June 2017 in a deal that merged Yahoo and AOL in a new Verizon-owned company called Oath.

Social networking generates revenue from advertisements, sponsored posts, and other services. Though Tumblr has up to 450 million blogs with millions of new posts daily, it hasn’t made so much money.

Though Tumblr isn’t one of the most popular social networking platforms, if you are on it, there are certain ways in which you could make money from the app. In this article, you will find 15 ways to make money from Tumblr.

Is it Possible to Make Money From my Tumblr Account?

Other than being a great platform to connect to people and share your thoughts, Tumblr is also a place from which you could make money.

Tumblr is a wonderful place to market your products and increase sales. In fact, you should be very concerned about increasing your followers because the more followers you have, the more sales you will get.

Other than selling, you could also get paid through affiliate marketing, where you sell products for other shopping sites and you get paid.

Also, you can make money from Tumblr by placing ads on your profile page. Thus, you earn every time someone clicks on it.

What are the Ways to Make Money from Tumblr?

There are different ways to make money from Tumblr. However, one of the significant ways to make money from Tumblr is reblogging.

Reblogging is a key feature of the platform. Therefore, you should keep this mind as you navigate through Tumblr.

Also, you could make Tumblr your own selling place where you market your products and services. Truly, you might be charged an amount to display your goods, but it would be worth it.

You could also monetize ads from Google Adsense of popular Adsense. In fact, there are ads you could add to your blog and you earn money when anyone clicks on it.

Can I Make a Reasonable Amount of Money from Using Tumblr?

The amount you make using Tumblr is determined by factors such as:

  • the number of followers you have,
  • how active and engaging your posts are,
  • the number of affiliate links on your blogs and
  • lastly, if you are able to maximize your account to increase sales.

As a matter of fact, if you apply the right approach, you will be making a good amount of money from Tumblr.

How Do I Get followers on Tumblr?

If you hope to make money on Tumblr, you need a sizeable amount of followers for your blog. Read on for a tip on how you can get followers on Tumblr.

After registering on Tumblr, you must be very active if you hope to get followers. Afterward, you will decide the type of content you want on your blog, the tone your content will take, and the interval at which you will post.

In addition, you need to at least follow people or brands already doing what you want.

Honestly, you don’t have to copy their style. You could just get an insight into what you could do to grow your ‘followership’.

Again, you have to make your posts exciting and engaging so as to ensure that followers keep coming and they even tell others about you.

15 Ways to Make Money on Tumblr in 2023

If you want to profit from being on this platform, the list below contains very straightforward methods you can apply and earn on Tumblr.

#1. Advertising

Advertising is a great way to make money from Tumblr. You could put ads on your blog to promote brands’ products.

You get paid a user anytime enters your page and clicks on the ad. This is why it is important that you have many followers to increase the possibility of clicks.

Again, comment on other people’s blog to call attention to your own page.

To make money through advertising, you could apply through Infolinks or other networks to learn and practice the best way of monetization. Different networks have different requirements and mode of operation.

#2. Sell Your books

As an author who wishes to sell more books, making money from Tumblr is achievable.

First, you can create engaging images with quotes from your book and post those images to your Tumblr blog. These quotes could be catchy, spike your audience’s interest and make them want to read further.

Along with the quotes you put up, you should include a link where people can directly get your book.

#3. Sponsored posts

You could publish sponsored posts to make money from Tumblr. You have to be able to constantly provide detailed and engaging content to your audience to promote the products of your sponsors effectively.

Since links can be added to captions of photos, when users repost pictures, the link will be visible and also direct them to the main website.

#4. Infographics

Want to make money from Tumblr? Try infographics. You could use infographics to promote a course or even an ebook you sell.

Infographics usually perform well on Tumblr. You can post them alongside the link to the site on which the ebooks or courses are.

#5. Consultant for brands

 If you are an expert at “how Tumblr works”, you could offer your services to organizations or brands that are interested in building a presence on Tumblr.

Also, you can decide to fully dedicate your time to learn about the app, learn the ins and outs and general workings of the platform.

This knowledge cannot go to waste as you can put it into helping both individuals and brands find their way through. You could teach through a video tutorial or texts. You can also include clear photos with details of the process.

#6. Sales

Tumblr is a major selling platform. You could use Tumblr to boost sales if you are already selling on sites such as eBay, Craiglist, Esty, and others.

Take clear and amazing pictures of your products, share them on Tumblr with a link that directs potential customers to where they can get the products.

#7. Affiliate marketing

You can make money by placing affiliate links on your blog. When a user clicks on the links, you get a commission.

If your Tumblr account is already product-based, like a blog where you review beauty products, you can monetize through affiliate links. You can also join the Amazon Associate Program and include Amazon links on your account.

When visitors click on the link you will earn from Amazon. Amazon isn’t the only option for affiliate links, you also have ShareASale and other popular brands. You should take care not to have so many affiliate links as it can to your account being deleted.

#8. Teach others how to use Tumblr

If you really know your way around the platform, how to grow followers, increase sales and the likes, you could offer your expertise. Reach out to people who are just beginning on the platform, and you can help them navigate their way around for a fee.

#9. Sell your designs

If you are a designer, you could put out a selection of your best works on Timblr; then you add a link to the exact services page so potential customers have direct access to make purchases.

#10. Ad space

If your blog is popular, you could sell as much space on it as on other blogging platforms.

Brands are looking to get their products across to as many clients as possible, so a blogger with many followers allows them to reach out to more people.

#11. Share your artwork

Tumblr is a wonderful place to display your art pieces. You can share your artwork or photography on Tumblr along with a link to your gallery/purchasing page for each piece.

#12. Sell Tumblr themes

To make money from this, you have to be really creative. You should be able to think up and create unique designs that people are willing to pay for.

You will need to improve your technical skills if you hope to create outstanding Tumblr themes. Top-notch technical skills, in addition to a creative mind, you will have no problem making money from this.

You will need to understand spacing, navigation around Tumblr, how best to create images, merge colours and generally bring beauty to people.

#13. Book reviews

 You could try reviewing if you enjoy reading and are interested in books. Of course, not everyone will make money on Tumblr through sales of products or advertising.

You could write reviews of almost any type of book. It could be a work of literature, a business book, a documentary, or a textbook.

You could also review movies, music, TV shows, video clips alongside books.

#14. YouTube

You could use your Tumblr account to grow your Youtube page. Place links of your Youtube channels with your post to increase traffic on your Tumblr page.

#15. Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s top selling platforms, and you can sell almost anything there. No matter the niche you have chosen for your Tumblr page, you could occasionally make a post about a product or a service and link them on Amazon using an Amazon Associate link.


Like most platforms, if you want to get the best out of Tumblr, you must invest time, effort, and creativity.

You also need to be patient because good things don’t happen simultaneously. You must groom your account and expertise and learn new ways and levels to monetize the platform.

It is best that you are consistent and original with your content so people can trust you. If you put out several engaging posts weekly, it keeps your followers interested. They know when to return to your blog as there is something to look forward to.

Tumblr is a flexible place; you can use this attribute to your advantage. It is also very simple to use.

Having gone through some ways you could make money on Tumblr, it is now left to you to decide which you will start or switch over to, that is, if you have been involved in other methods.