How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything: 15 Best Ways

Do you know there are ways to make money online without paying anything? Just think about that! You will agree that these days, the need for you to have money has taken up the mind.

As your daily expenses increase, the need for a legit way to make money online without paying anything seems to be in your mind. No doubt! There are good numbers of trees to tap the juice of money without you paying anything. Just as the trees are rightly available, you are not stopped from enjoying what comes out of the tree. 

First, let’s give a big thanks to you for the internet. Today, thousands of people are quietly making money from the opportunity right at their feet. Beginning from the cash you get on your shopping to carrying out simple and minute tasks. It is not a gimmick. This is the world you are lucky to be part of.   

In this article, you will know the good opportunities only a few know about. The eye-openers that are mentioned in the article will enable you to increase the emptiness you own.
So, let’s ramp up! 

Can You Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

You may be skeptical about this, but if you are willing to know the answer here, you have to be open-minded.

There are a lot of online ventures you can hold on to and start making cool cash out of them without your own money leaving your pocket. Yes, you can make money online.

However, you have to put something down for this to come forth. Your time and effort are required to make money from these online ventures. 

What are the ways you can make money online without paying anything?

Here are 15 ways you can make money online without paying anything.

1. AppKarma

AppKarma is an online platform for you to start making money from. It does not need you to put in money before earning. You make money as you play selected games of your choice. Using AppKarma, you would be requested to finish the offers to earn rewards. Rewards come in the form of points, which you can either convert for a gift card or PayPal.

Not just that, there is an extra offer for you called Achievement Badges. Here you get bonuses for the installation of apps and watching videos. If you love what AppKarma offers, then start your earn with it.

2. Timebucks

Timebucks is another simple way to catch fun alone or with friends and still make money. You make money with Timebucks as you watch videos.  Is it only that? Certainly not! There is an offer for you that helps you earn added cash: the daily bonuses. It runs every day, and the bonus is given to the top five earners.

With Timebucks, 5 seconds is what it takes to sign up and free for you, with no approval needed before you start earning. The interesting part of Timebucks is that it accepts different payment options. 

3. Swagbucks

Are you a shopping lover? This platform is there for you to make money for any of your shopping spree. What you need to do to earn money is simply using the platform to make purchase online and $5 or $10 percent is given to you as commission. 

Other earning points are web search, survey answering, and watching videos. You can gain your points for an Amazon or Walmart gift card or get cash back through PayPal. Give Swagbucks a try in your next shopping and it will not disappoint you.

4. VipKid

VipKid is an exceptional platform for making money online. Here, you earn as you extend your expertise of English Language to kids in China.

What you need for this opportunity is a major in English and perhaps an informal teaching experience. It is not a must you should have a formal teaching experience. The pay for a base rate is from $7 to $9 per class. Every class takes 25 minutes.

You can earn $14 to $22 per hour for teaching more classes and doing referrals. Payment choice is rightly in your hand, which you can choose your local bank account or PayPal. There is what you stand to enjoy for becoming a teacher: community perks from Amazon, TurboTax, ClassPass, etc.

5. Online Course

Selling online course to people is a way to make money online. Making money from this allows you to know what service you can render. It may be in an e-book or virtual class.

There are so many persons needing the skill to learn online, you can be the savior for that need through your teaching or short piece of write ups. Create courses like “cooking recipe” “icing designing” and more.

Places where you can sell your course and make your money, are udemy, Coursera, etc. One good thing in this, you earn a royalty for any purchase of your course. 

6. Rover

Rover is a platform to earn money without paying anything. Every pet lover will love to sign up for this. Not just pet lovers, it is open to those who have free time and can spare their time for a walk with dog.

Signing up for Rover is free. All you need is to book for the service to walk a dog. You can make $50 per hour for a dog walk.

7. Sell Online Photograph

Selling photographs is a way to earn money without you paying anything. Capturing attractive photos that you can sell for a social media post or website design is a good opportunity to hold on to.

With the Twenty20 community, there are about 3000 photographers and a crowd-sourced photo of more than 50 Million. Here you have the big chance of being overwhelmed with orders for your photos.

You should pick which order is suitable for you. You can sell your most creative photos for a fixed price.

 8. Big Crumbs

Big Crumbs is a platform where you make money just by shopping online.  It is affiliated with more than 1,200 online retailers. 

The earning differs with each retailer setting up its rewards. But Big Crumbs has made things easier for you with an excellent offer to follow and earn nice reward in every shopping you make.

To earn a good percent, kindly, visit Big Crumbs website, and the link to your selected retailer would be provided. Signing up is absolutely free. So, don’t bother about that just follow the instructions.

9. Munch Eye

A tool like Munch Eye provides you with a passive income for free. It gives and keeps you updated on any product that is yet to be released. You earn through product promotion.

Munch eye is not alone in promoting product. It offers you related affiliate programs like JVZoo and WarriorPlus. Both affiliate programs offer different commission and duration. For JVZoo, the duration is a lifetime, while WarriorPlus is 60 days.

The good thing with MunchEye is the information on the product, vendor’s name, price, launch date, and time. This gives you a better idea of what exactly you want to produce.

10. Ebates 

Ebates is one of the oldest places to make money with an offering deal of 10% or more for using any of the 1,700 online retailers that are linked to its website. It offers you a commission for shopping with any of the retailers that are attached to it.

While the percent may not be the same, it ensures customers’ satisfaction for their shopping. As an original site for making money, it makes your purchase online easy with it browser tool. Try and trust the oldest Ebates for your earning.

11. Redbubble 

Redbubble is an incredible marketplace to make money online without paying anything.

It is an Australia firm with the opportunity given to independent artists to make money for free. Artists with the creative pieces can capitalize on this platform and make money comfortably.

Get the design you love on any product you want. As a firm with about 700,000 artists and designers and million fans, it does the printing and shipping for you and all you do is upload your art or design. Pricing fixing is yours, so charge the value your piece is worth.

12. Shopathome

Shopathome is a free site to make money. It offers you cash when you purchase online with any of the 3,000 local stores. First, it gets a report of your order, and your account will be credited with a percent.

Sound good, right? Not just that, it brings you the choice to get paid through PayPal or gift cards, which are at a discounted rate.  It makes things easy for you through the free browser app for the alert. Always ready to update you on the latest offers. 

13. Textbroker

Textbroker is another good platform to make money online without paying anything.

Using Textbroker for your earning would mean a lot for writers, as this platform offers service levels and price points you can choose to place and review orders.

It takes care of your content creation with over 800,000 satisfied clients across the globe. There is no monthly fee in Textbroker. The quality and length of your content are conditioned only to what you order. 

14. Capitaloneshopping

Making money with Capitaloneshopping is absolutely free, all you need to do for your earning to be true is simply to shop on its website. It offers better prices and rewards to over 30,000 online retailers.

You get a percentage when you input your credit card with a local store to your capitaloneshopping account. Through the options like comparing prices across different retailers, credits, and coupons search, it saves you a good buck of your money.

Customers are saved from stress with the browser tool for easing shopping.

15. User interview

User interview is a platform created for companies to have their products reviewed. Every company wants to have its product assessed, so they pay you for your honest review.

Only review products you know pretty well. That will give you ideas to share. Here, you must be objective in your reviews. It uses a focus group to make your views on a company’s product and get paid. The average fee for that is $50. 


Most people have little or no knowledge of the many ways to make money online for free. There are numerous channels to do that, which are listed in the article. Having reviewed some platforms and websites, it would be better if you picked anyone easily and fast. Every platform is unique on its own, so you are free to opt for the one with a good offer.

While you would want to make money with any of the platforms, you must know such a way does not give real wealth as it is just a little passive income. However, if you choose to make that as a means to earn, most ways listed would need a lot of time and effort to earn big. So start your journey of making money online with the listed options.

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