9 Ways you make money with 3D Printer in 2022 | Ultimate Guide

The discovery of 3D printing has changed the way the manufacturing world works, opening up new ways for innovative entrepreneurs to make money with a 3D printer. Due to this, it is important to research and understand how you can make money from a 3D printer

Aside from the traditional 3D printers you’re used to, there are now the multitool 3D printers that are even more versatile – some even call them all-in-one machines.

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about 3D printing and how to make money from a 3D printer.

How important is 3D printing?

3D printers are rapidly becoming available and useful, and large numbers of people and businesses are realizing the possibilities of technology. From universities to workshops in the workshop, 3D printers pave the way for creative ideas to come true.

For those who want to make 3D printing not just a hobby but also a profitable road, there are a few options open to you. 3D printing as a service is in demand by both individuals and companies.

Your 3D printed products will surely find a market if you give them enough creativity and produce them to high quality standards.

Is 3D printing a new technology?

Although 3D printing is old and not available to everyone in many parts of the world, there are still quite a limited number of new companies offering 3D printing services.

This is because technology hasn’t knocked on all doors yet. This means this is a good time to start your business with 3D printing.

If you are ready to learn the different nuances of 3D printing, there is no way you can achieve success with the technology.

Can I make money with a 3D printer?

3D printing clearly offers a number of great ways to make money. However, if you are looking to invest in this opportunity, it is important to consider a multitool 3D printer.

These newer multitool models have interchangeable tool heads that make them multifunctional. With that in mind, certain skills are required to operate a 3D printer.

With access to online courses and the help of experts, you can easily acquire these skills. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to 3D print a wide variety of business objects.

What can I make and sell with a 3D printer?

With the 3D printer, you can do many things that you can ever imagine. So, it depends on your creativity and the target market for your products.

If you decide to make a profit from 3D printing by selling 3D printed items, here are some ideas for things to make and sell:

#1 Jewellery and Fashion Accessories

Using 3D printing technology, you can create some of the best accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, funky jewellery and bag handles, among other things

All you have to do is encourage your creativity to ensure that the products you make are unique and suit the tastes of the target market.

#2 Architecture and Building Archetypes

Today most prototypes for buildings and other architectural designs are made on 3D printing. It becomes easy for the stakeholders to evaluate the designs and make a decision based on a variety of factors.

Most of these archetypes play an important role in the approval process, as they provide a conceptual idea for a possible implementation.

Some of the architectural and construction archetypes include such large buildings as shopping malls, smart homes, and other structures such as highways and bridges, among others.

This sector is growing enormously, making it one of the most important things you can make and sell using 3D printing technology.

#3 Kitchenette

A large number of kitchen appliances can also be made from various types of 3D printing. This includes kitchen products such as plates, cups, cutlery, bottle openers.

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You can go for kitchen products that are aesthetically pleasing and have a unique design with great 3D printing that can entice your customers to buy.

#4 Props for Motion Pictures production

In this day and age, you can create any element from 3D printing. Props used in various motion pictures and other action scenes are among the cool things that you can make and sell using 3D technology.

Many stakeholders in this sector are always ready to buy such 3D models as long as they meet their standards. You can also find game developers and help them create props that will suit their games depending on the theme.

#5 Casing for Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Most fragile electronic devices require housing materials that prevent them from being damaged or coming into contact with unwanted materials.

For example, Raspberry Pi requires casing material to prevent its components from coming into contact with unwanted foreign matter.

They provide a stable housing, as the printer filament that makes such housings is often made of plastic.

It is a relatively profitable industry as 3D printing design offers suitable covers or such devices, among other things.

How to make money with 3D printing

Here are some of the many ways you can make money from a 3D printer which includes designing the 3D prints for sale to customers and Offering Rapid Prototyping Services.

These are tried and tested methods that are sure to make some money if you use enough creativity and diligence.

  1. Design the 3D prints for sale to customers
  2. Offer Rapid Prototyping Services
  3. Use your skills to train others in 3D printing
  4. Start an e-commerce website
  5. Set up your service centre
  6. Homemade products and handicrafts
  7. Offer 3D printing courses
  8. Leasing your 3D printer
  9. Sell your 3D printer

#1 Design the 3D prints for sale to customers

The cheapest way to start a business is by selling 3D printed designs. That way, you don’t even have to buy a 3D printer.

3D design is a somewhat complex task. Even the owners of 3D printers sometimes struggle with designing their own 3D files. And always ready to pay for those who are good at designing.

You don’t even have to set up your own website to get started right away. There are many online channels through which you can sell your 3D designs to direct customers online. That way, you can start earning right away.

#2 Offer Rapid Prototyping Services

This unique type of 3D printing service is in great demand in 2019. Design, architecture, construction or engineering professionals are in dire need of prototyping services.

Basically, you can offer all these people a prototype that was created on your printer. The prototype will then be used by the contractor for mass production.

Professionals want rapid prototyping services because they can take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing: reducing prototyping time and costs, allowing more variations, reducing the possibility of design errors, and being given the opportunity to build a highly complex system that would otherwise not be possible would be built using standard methods.

Car designers have also used 3D printing to prototype various auto parts and test various functions on new models by using prototypes made with a 3D printer.

#3 Use your skills to train others in 3D printing

There may not be a lot of people who would be interested in 3D printing. But you can always generate the curiosity by spreading awareness.

The main reason the 3D printing classes are not very popular in local markets is because not many people are aware of the benefits of 3D printing and there aren’t many classes available either.

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So, if you apply on Facebook and various other social media websites, you will get a lot of attention. You can also promote your classes offline through newspapers and other media.

Hold seminars that showcase the wonderful possibilities of 3D printing.

These steps would help others understand the need to acquire 3D printing skills. You are also helping many others make money from technology.

Starting the business can take some time, but it is very productive if you have the skills to train others. Teach others how to make money 3D printing and they would pay you to help.

#4 Start an e-commerce website

By this, you don’t have to design a website at the beginning. You can take advantage of the various online channels that customers already use to come to your website.

This way you can create your own customer base. Although you can expect a little competition with many sellers selling their 3D printing, you can always have an advantage with your unique design and product quality.

If you want to start your website right away, you can too. Use social media platforms to promote your products.

Either Facebook or Instagram, with the number of users available on these platforms, you won’t have much trouble finding a few for yourself.

#5 Set up your service centre

You can also print on demand by setting up your consumer service centre. There are many people around the world who want a few designs printed and shipped to them.

You can accept these customers’ designs and print them exactly as they requested. You don’t even have to design the prints yourself. Otherwise, you may be charged an additional fee if the design is also requested.

Either way, you are the one making the profits. Once you know how to make money using a 3D printer, take advantage of that skill and get to work.

Set up a website and take orders. Advertise your 3D printing facility online through social networks. It would be the fastest way to reach people all over the world.

#6 Homemade products and handicrafts

Another great way to make money from a 3D printer is by entering the homemade products and personalized crafts market. Some companies have started offering products in this area in 3D printing and this has led to many success stories.

A good example of this is how antique style interior design items were made using 3D printing. Instead of spending more money and waiting months for these items to be made by a craftsman, they were made in about three days and are ready to be installed.

They also have companies like American Standard and Emerging Objects who have gone out of their way to 3D print and make unique home accessories.

The 3D printed matter includes everything from furniture and cutlery to unique lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures.

#7 Offer 3D printing courses

Another way to monetize 3D printers is to focus on knowledge needs in the market and universities.

Top schools and companies are willing to pay a high fee to a professional who knows all the pros and cons of 3D printing and can teach their employees / students how to use a 3D printer properly.

Businesses and schools are using 3D printing to reduce training costs and improve the educational process. With 3D printing, the practical end of courses in subjects such as construction, engineering, design, and architecture can be expanded.

The lower cost and increased versatility of 3D printing allows them to develop more customized products and experiment with different designs and functions at much lower costs.

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#8 Leasing your 3D printer

As mentioned earlier, this is a new technology that is still in development. That alone is a clear indication of the high likelihood that a few people currently own machines that support 3D printing.

The other thing is that not all people can afford to buy their own 3D printer. A good 3D printer can cost a thousand dollars. Even if there are some good 3D printers available under $ 1000, not all 3D printer enthusiasts can afford them.

In that case, find another 3D enthusiast. Especially for those who would like to discover their talents but for one reason or another don’t have a professional printer.

If you find such people, you can lease the printer and allow them to use it for a specific length of time and pay you accordingly.

#9 Sell ​​your 3D printer

Selling your 3D printer would be your last resort and the right decision if you were likely to lose your appetite with 3D printing.

Some people have simply neglected their printer in their workshop just because they hardly use it. Instead of letting the printer fill with dust, it is advisable to sell it and get extra money from it. So you can use it for something else that you’re interested in right now.

3D Printing websites

Below are the major websites where you can do your 3D printing and be assured for the best quality.

  1. 3D Hubs

One of the top websites for commercial 3D printing is 3D Hubs. You can list your 3D printer here as a service and then take orders and get paid for the items you make.

It’s easy to become a member, and the website has many resources that can help you. All you have to do is open an account with a valid email address, list some details about your printer, and you’re basically ready to take orders.

In addition to 3D hubs, there are also websites such as imaterialize and Shapeways. These services are easy to connect and also offer many great opportunities for people interested in making money from 3D printing.

You can join the website that you think best suits your needs, or you can join a number of different websites to explore more options.

2. imaterialize

With imaterialize you have a service that is aimed at people whose designs have to be produced. You upload your design, select materials and other special features and then the imaterialize team brings the finished product to life.

In addition, they have features that allow designers to do ads, advertise, and sell.

3. Shapeways

At Shapeways, there is an all-in-one community of designers and printers selling their services to people looking for 3D printed goods.

Customers look there for experts who can help them develop products, find printers to produce their design, or buy the wide variety of products offered by the community.

These online communities make it easy to get your machine up and running and start making money with a 3D printer right away.


If you are a business person looking to increase your profitability, owning a multitool 3D printer can be the tool you need.

3D printing can be an artistic medium and a good way to make money as long as you have the technical know-how and a versatile, multitool 3D printer.


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