10 Makeup Websites with Free Shipping in 2022

This article highlights the best makeup websites with free shipping. The cost of shipping is a major determining factor when shopping online and it has been fingered as the major reason why many items never left ‘online shopping cart’ for delivery.

When shopping online, for instance, after selecting a beautiful item for $20 and you are charged $15 for delivery, immediately the beauty of such item fades off and you never get to check out.

The cost of shipping is expensive for obvious reasons. Retailers get to pay for UPS, the postal service, or FedEx to get items to your door, they also have to pay people to find the items ordered, securely wrap them, and label the box.

However, despite the high cost of shipping, there are retailers willing to ship their products for free especially when customers buy goods above certain threshold. For instants, giant stores like Amazon offers free delivery for products above certain amount.

If you are looking for websites to buy beauty items that have been delivered to your door at absolutely no cost, then you have to hang on and read this post to the end as we have compiled a list of makeup websites with free shipping cost.

Some of the websites contained on our list make delivery worldwide why others deliver only to the US and neighboring countries. It means this post is limited to readers in the US alone. If you are in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia and are looking for makeup websites with free shipping, then you are reading the right article as this promises to provide answers to your pressing questions.

Without beating around, I’d like to walk you through the list if the best makeup websites with free shipping

#1. Amazon

www.amazon.comis currently the largest store in the world and you get just about anything you want by simply visiting the site. The store which has started as a book store has since transformed into what it is today, a global renowned conglomerate.

You are certain to get purchased items delivered at no cost when you shop on Amazon that is why it ranks top on our list of the best makeup websites with free shipping. There a handful of delivery options to select from when shopping on Amazon.

The site run has an option called Amazon Prime. When you shop at Amazon Prime, you have to pay for delivery. The advantage of shopping with Amazon Prime is that you get your purchase delivered very fast, either the same day or the following day of making the purchase.

But if you want your beauty product delivered at no cost, you can select the ‘free delivery option’ when shopping and your items would surely be delivered to you for free. Regardless of your country, Amazon delivers worldwide.

But if you want to savor your shopping experience with Amazon, I encourage you to sign up and become a member of the site. By doing this, you get to enjoy services beyond shopping for beauty products.

When you become a member, you get stuffs as discounted price, you could buy your favorite books or stream movies at a cheaper price. Also, if you are student or got a Medicaid or electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card, you enjoy discount when subscribing to Amazon prime.

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Please note that f you’re not willing to go with the Prime subscription price, you can still get free shipping from Amazon. Many items ship free with a $25 minimum purchase.

You can also set up a subscription to products you use frequently, such as laundry detergent and cat litter, to get free shipping and up to a 15% discount.

Amazon is definitely the first resolve when searching for makeup websites with free shipping.  Aside Amazon, other websites are listed below.

#2. Target

Target is another online store that offers free shipping for beauty products. However, there are conditions customers must meet to have their purchase delivered for free.

You must buy items worth more than $30 in order to enjoy the free two-day delivery service offered by Target. If you are buying items less than the set amount, then you have to visit any Target stores close to you to retrieve your items.

Aside beauty products, you can also enjoy free service delivery when you shop online with Target but note that you won’t have the option of free delivery if you are going to buy only perishable items like vegetable and fruits.

To enjoy their free delivery service when buying perishable items at Target, you need to buy non-perishable items in addition.

Also, you can get free delivery at Target through their restock program. You may need to visit the official website to learn how the restock program works. The restock program gives customers the option of having their purchase delivered the next day when they buy items not less than $35.

But you have to note that the restock program only functions when everything you buy fits into a single box and the items must be daily essentials such as pantry goods, cleaners, and pet supplies etc.

Check www.target.com for more details

#3. Walmart

For some reasons, you may prefer shopping with Walmart over Amazon or other online stores. Walmart has got you covered if you are looking for stores that ship for free. Like Amazon and other stores, there are conditions you mjst meet to trigger the free delivery option by Walmart.

Walmart free delivery service is somewhat similar to what is obtainable with the restock program at Target. Customers must buy Items above $35 to enjoy the next delivery service at Walmart and the items must fit into a single a box too.

Not all products are delivered through the next day free delivery service at Walmart. Some products which are delivered through the one day delivery service at Walmart are food and pantry supplies, health care products, home decor, and toys.

These products are often labeled so you know which is eligible for the next day free delivery service. Please note that when you mix these products with items not eligible for free delivery, you don’t get enjoy the next-day free delivery.

Visit www.walmart.com for more details

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#4.  Brandless

Brandless is was established a few years ago and the online store has since soared in popularity to become a household name. Like the name suggests, products at Brandless do not come with brand names or company logos.

They say types of things like daily essentials as well as products marked as nonessential. The company makes free delivery for products above $45.

One standout feature about the company is the fact it cares about the environment and are at the forefront of forestalling climate change. Products sold at Brandless are often eco-friendly and produced in way that the climate is not affected.

The company has won the heart of many customers because of climate friendly programs. If you are the type of person not loyal to brands and willing to try out new things, then I suggest you shop with Brandless.

Visit www.brandless.com for more details

#5.   Nordstorm

Nordstorm is popularly known as one of the best clothing stores in the United States. The store sells all sorts of clothes ranging from male clothing to female clothes. They also sell clothes for kids.

All these are sold at affordable prices. But if the store has a reputation for clothing, why is it getting a mention on our list of the best makeup websites with free shipping?

The store also sells beauty products and they are shipped for free within the United States. The store has an amazing reputation with regards to its shipping policy. Nordstorm offers free shipping and free returns for any item you purchase.

There is no such thing as a final sale at Nordstrom. You can find an end-of-season designer dress marked down 70% and return it if it doesn’t fit. You only get this at Nordstorm.

The store also offers price matching online. What this means is that if you are looking to buy a product and you find such product online for a lesser price.

You could reach out to the customer service of Nordstorm and request to have the price matched. In some cases, you can even get the item at a cheaper price in Nordstorm.

Check www.nordstom.com for more details

#6.   Everlane

Just like Nordstorm, Everlane stores shot to fame in the United States due to its extremely high level of transparency. When you visit the site in search of clothes to buy, you lots of amazing details about products displayed on the sites. You get learn about the factories as well as people who made the products.

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The high level of transparency at Everlane has seen the store enjoy positive reviews by customers making it become more popular even far beyond the US.

Interestingly, like other stores, Everlane is just limited to selling clothes. It also sells beauty products making it rank among our list of the best makeup websites with free shipping. 

At Everlane, your first orders are usually shipped for free without any price restriction. After the first, subsequent orders of more than two items are shipped for free.

Visit www.everlane.com to learn more

#7.   Zappos.com

Zappos.com gained popularity as an online shoe retailer before extending to items like clothing and makeup kits. The online store rose to fame for revolutionizing the way people shopped for shoes.

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Before the advent of Zappos.com, you can’t buy shoes online without testing but Zappos ventured into the shoe industry and changed the old ways of shopping for shoes. Zappos offers free delivery services and you can buy beauty stuff and have delivered to you for free.

Visit www.zappos.com to place order

#8.   Sephora

If you looking for a store to go in and buy things without having to contend with long queues and congested stores, then Sephora is your go-to. You get to enjoy shopping at Sephora when you go shopping on weekends.

The stores sell all kinds of items including clothes, shoes, makeups and many more. They offer free three-day delivery services for items above $50.

To maximize your shopping experience at Sephora, you need to sign up with the site. Also, you can save items you wish to buy some time in the future on your shopping cart. When it is time to buy the items, all you need to do is visit the dashboard and pay for the items purchased.

The store also has a reward program for its loyal customers. When you shop regularly at Sephora, you get to earn points that give discounts when you buy stuff on the site.

Visit the site www.sephora.com to place order

#9.   Overstock

Overstock is popular for selling furniture. The company sells all kinds of amazing home décor. Furniture found in overstock range from handmade interior décor to industrially made items. They offer free shipping when you make a purchase that exceeds $45.

Also, Overstocks also sell beauty products and you get items shipped for free when you make up items of more than $45. Another means to enjoy the free shipping option at overstock is to sign up with its membership program.

To place order on the website, visit www.overstock.com

#10. MAC

https://maccosmetics.com is one of your go-to when searching for makeup websites with free shipping. The store gained popularity in the US and the world at large in the late 80s when the pop sensation, Madonna wore it lipsticks during a photoshoot session.

Since then, the company saw it stocks rise beyond expectation as people wanted to identify with the then rave of the moment, Madonna. Mac offers free shipping services when you buy products that exceed a particular price. Visit the site today to place an order for your choice of beauty products.


This article contains a list of the best websites that offer free shipping services across the US and other neighboring countries. We trust the article meets your expectation.

For comments and contributions regarding websites that offer free shipping services for makeup products, please do make use of the comment box below.


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