Meijer Money Order & How it Works | Tips & Fees

For many who have been longing to get Meijer Money Order but have little or no knowledge about how it works and the charges, this article will help you.

Over the years, Meijer through the Western Union service has been rendering financial services in many ways which their Money Order is one of.

Among Wal-mart, 7-Eleven, K-mart, and other Money Order providers, Money Order Meijer is among the best. It’s in the top chart because of some obvious reasons you will get to know by staying longer in this article.

Aside from it being a suitable alternative to cash payment, which is a general advantage, it’s affordable.

Read on to learn more about Meijer Money Order benefits, how it works, its fees, and the easiest way to get it.

What is Meijer?

Meijer is a combination of many supermarkets situated in the state of Michigan. When talking about local stores in Michigan, Meijer is among the popular stores because of the extension of operation hours and its low prices. 

As a customer, even without cash, their financial services allow you access to funds through their Money Order service.

They initiated this service in 1958 as a state-chartered credit union to help citizens make purchases easily. And since then, it has been active and helpful.

Currently, there are 7 credit unions in Michigan that Meijer Money Order is among the best because of its easy accessibility, low fee charge, and flexibility. 

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What is Money Order Meijer?

Meijer Money Order is a kind of check that you can use to pay for your purchases. Most people prefer it because it’s more reliable, helps keep their checking account information private, and also serves as a suitable alternative to cash.

However, most banks don’t accept it because they are often used for money squandering or laundry.

How Does this Money Order Works?

Meijer in processing its Money Order requests, uses Western Union service, one of the best money order service providers. This money Order from Meijer can only serve as a means of payment. This means you can’t cash them.  

You can’t use it outside the United States because it’s limited to only American grocery stores. And, you must have Debit or cash cards are also accepted, not credit cards.

Another interesting fact about this Money Orders is its availability. Their customer service desk is open from 8 AM-10 PM daily.

Why Do you Need Money Order Meijer

You should consider Money Orders from Meijer over others for many reasons. 

First, aside from Walmart, Meijer is the cheapest place to buy money orders in the state. They only charge $0.65 per $500, which is less expensive than other options. 

Second, this store’s Money Order request process is very simple. It doesn’t require many steps. Moreso, with this money order, you can also pay bills and lots more.

How Do I fill the Money Order from Meijer?

To fill out the Money Order request form at any Meijer store, follow the five steps below:

  • Fill in your name as the receiver. The receiver is the person or company that is authorized to receive the money order. Ensure the name is written correctly.
  • Write your address in the purchaser section. The purchaser here is you. Ensure you fill in your full name. Nicknames are not acceptable.
  • Then, add your account number if you’re paying a bill.
  • Add your signature where necessary. Note your signature is very important because it authenticates the form.
  • Once you are done, they will issue you a receipt that you are to keep safe.

How Do I pay for Money Orders at Meijer?

To get this Money Order, first ensure you have an active debit card. Once you are sure, you can walk up to the service desk near you.  

Then, request a money order in any denomination you want. You can ask for $500, which is the largest denomination Meijer offers.

Don’t forget, you can use more than one card for a transaction. All you have to do is to let the staff attending to you know so that you won’t be charged unnecessarily.

Once you are done with that, you are good to go.

It’s very simple, right?

To get started, click on the button below.

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What is the Meijer Money Order Fees?

At Meijer, you can get up to $500 Money orders. As a customer, you can only make purchases of $3,000 at most each day at a fee of $0.65 per money order.

Interestingly, you can get a refund of your money if you losses your money orders once you are ready to pay a refund processing fee of $15.00 so far, you have a receipt.

On the contrary, if you don’t have the receipt, you will pay #30 as a processing fee and fill out a research request form. So, to avoid paying high, keeping your receipt safe is expedient if you misplace your money order. 

Where to cash a Meijer Money Order

Money Order at Meijer cannot be cashed in any of the locations.

Bottom Line

With all the information provided above, you can get your Money Orders today at any of the Meijer stores, and you will be glad you did.


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