10 Most Expensive Beds in the World |2022

Are you a back sleeper, side or stomach sleeper? Do you find it difficult sleeping or do you experience pains after sleep? Guess what? The pains could be a result of the mattress you use. 

There are different mattresses made to suit different sleeping positions. You will feel more comfortable and stress relieved when you get this mattress for yourself even if some of them might be expensive beds.

In this article, you get to know about the 10 most expensive beds in the world and also figure out which mattress is suitable and more comfortable for you depending on what type of sleeper you are.

In addition to that, you get to find out their price, type, firmness, and warranty.

What Makes A Bed Expensive?

A customer might walk into the store to get a mattress and the next question you would hear is “why are there expensive beds?” The mattress is expensive because a lot of work is put into production and it’s something you can use for a lifetime without having to pay a dime again for it except if you spoilt it, sold it out, or decided to get a new one. 

The cost of production of some mattresses might be as low as $300 but they will charge as high as $2000, shocking right! They make huge profits. The mattress has a high cost because it might be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase as explained above. 

You can use your mattress for as long as you want and if you calculate it on a daily basis; you will notice you actually paid little to sleep on your mattress daily. If you can’t afford the most expensive beds, go for the less expensive ones.

10 Most Expensive Beds In The World

The most expensive beds in the world involve a range of highly-rated beds based on their prices and types. We evaluated some top-rated mattresses in creating this rating.

With this list of the most expensive beds, you can find out what constitutes these beds and what type would be suitable for you. Below is the list of the top 10 beds in 2022:

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The Winkbed

The WinkBed, a high-priced hybrid mattress, is known as the winkbed’s flagship model. This mattress is available in four firmness levels: soft (a 4.5 on the 1-to-10 firmness scale), luxurious firm (6.5), firm (7.5), and plus (8 and designed to assist extra weight). It gives the responsive experience you’d expect to get from a traditional spring mattress.

According to Professional reviewers, the Winkbed is pretty flexible due to its multiple firmness alternatives and maybe a comfortable preference for side, back, and stomach sleepers of all sizes.

But if you’re a lightweight side sleeper, you would possibly need to keep away from the firmer versions, as they could cause pressure alongside your hips and shoulders.

Also, even though there are firmness alternatives to deal with different sleepers, the WinkBed doesn’t give that close “hug” that a memory foam mattress provides.

The winkbed is Suitable for:

  • Sleepers that are heavy and need more support
  • Customers who like experiencing a traditional mattress
  • Sleepers who switch positions easily while sleeping
  • Side sleepers who want to experience that plush feel
  • People looking for a mattress based on their budget
  • Those who want to have space for themselves while sleeping
  • Price: $1,499
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium, Medium-firm, Firm
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Layla Memory Foam

The bed consists of copper-infused memory on both of its sides that can relieve pressure points. The softer side of the bed has a polyfoam layer that gives an extra relief of pressure, thereby providing comfort to the heavier parts of the sleeper’s body. 

The gel copper infusion works to keep the sleeper cool and makes this mattress appealing to those who often overheat at night. The mattress has very conductive copper particles; they carry heat away from the sleeper’s body. Also, the Layla mattress has a cover that is made from thermal. It produces a cooling sensation while you sleep.

According to professional reviewers, the Layla mattress doesn’t offer strong edge support, which helps control edge collapse. Edge collapse is a common downside of most foam mattresses, couples shouldn’t use it but they can go for a hybrid or innerspring mattress. (https://bellarinova.com)

The Layla mattress is not suitable for sleepers with heavier-weight stomachs but more suitable for average and light-weight sleepers.

The mattress is considered the best side sleeper mattress of 2022 according to USNews. 

It conforms to the body, giving sleepers hug-like support to common pressure points like the hips and shoulders. If you prefer a bed with more bounce and if you want to feel like you are laying on top of your bed rather than in it, you might not like this expensive bed.

The Layla memory foam mattress is best for:

  • Side sleepers who want contouring support
  • Shoppers who are on a budget
  • Sleepers who often overheat while sleeping
  • Shoppers who prefer a choice between a soft and a firm sleeping surface
  • Sleepers who prefer a more responsive mattress
  • Couples who want a mattress with strong edge support
  • Price: $939
  • Type: foam
  • Firmness: Medium, Medium-firm

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Avocado green mattress

The avocado green mattress is a bed-in-a-box hybrid mattress with Dunlop latex. It has five zones of the innerspring layer. These zones serve as support designed to distribute the sleeper’s weight across the bed evenly. It provides pressure relief for the shoulders, hips, and back.

Also, the zones at the side provide solid edge support to enable active sleepers to sleep well and avoid rolling off the bed. The coils are wrapped individually to reduce motion transfer.

The coils consist of two inches of natural latex foam and serve as a layer of comfort. The latex cooler is considered cooler than memory foam by most users. The button-tufted top layer of the mattress is made from organic cotton and it has a moisture-wicking property that helps in keeping the temperature of the mattress neutral.

The avocado bed has a medium-firm feel and this is a really good option for stomach and back sleepers. As for side sleepers, the pillow-top version of the avocado expensive bed would be suitable for them, experts recommended this.

The pillow-top version adds an extra two inches of support on the mattress surface for pressure relief. For the queen mattress, the pillow costs an additional $500.

The avocado green mattress is made of high-quality, non-toxic materials like organic cotton and wool. Amazingly, this mattress comes with a 365-day sleep trial and a 25-year limited warranty.

The avocado mattress is best for:

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Shoppers who want an environmentally friendly mattress
  • Sleepers that would love a temperature neutral mattress

The avocado mattress is not suitable for:

  • Shoppers who are on a budget
  • Individuals who like to feel hugged by a mattress
  • Light sleepers with an active partner
  • Price: $1,474
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-firm, Medium
  • Warranty: 25 Years

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The DreamCloud

The DreamCloud mattress is an outstanding mattress among the most expensive beds in the world today. It has a lifetime warranty and a 365-night sleep trial. This mattress combines layers of high-density foam and innerspring coils that are pocketed.

The mattress’s top layer contains gel-infused memory foam, which serves as a perk for hot sleepers. Also, the mattress’s top layer is made from a cashmere blend that enables breathability.

The DreamCloud was reviewed and concluded to have and is still providing strong edge support. This means that it provides more usable surface area for those who want to share their mattress with a partner.

It permits little motion transfer due to its mattress pocketed coils and foam and with this, partners have isolated movement, making it less likely for them to be disturbed by each other’s movement.

This particular expensive bed is best suited for back sleepers because it provides medium-firm support combined with pressure relief on the surface which supports common pressure points like the shoulders, lumbar region, and hips.

The side sleepers may consider this mattress too firm for them, while the stomach sleepers may consider it too soft.

  • Sleepers interested in a mattress with a lifetime warranty and asleep trial
  • The Sleepers having back pain 
  • Sleepers looking for pressure point relief
  • People who overheat when sleeping
  • Couples who want to make use of the whole bed surface
  • Sleepers with multiple firmness options
  • Sleepers who prefer a mattress that hugs the body
  • Price: $899
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-firm

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Birch Natural

This is an 11-inch mattress that is made up of wrapped coil springs and natural latex foam. 

The owner of this mattress confirmed that it has a medium-firm feel, but some expert reviewers say it is a bit firmer than that. They added that because of its firmness, the mattress might be pleasant for those that sleep on their back and stomach because it prevents them from sinking in and staying on top of the bed.

The mattress also consists of latex thereby permitting sleepers who switch positions often the opportunity to move on their beds easily. However, this can be a disadvantage for couples if one or both are restless sleepers.

The Birch Natural Mattress is best for:

  • Sleepers who want a natural and eco-friendly mattress
  • It is convenient for back and stomach sleepers
  • Sleepers who normally overheat while sleeping at night

The Birch Natural Mattress is not suitable for:

  • Couples if one or both of the partners easily switch positions 
  • Sleepers that prefer sleeping on their side but have uncomfortable pressure points
  • Sleepers that shop on a budget and prefers less expensive beds
  • Price: $1,299
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium, Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: 25 Years

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The Purple Mattress

This is a mid-priced bed-in-box mattress with a totally unique top layer of hyper-elastic polymer in the form of a grid. This grid provides stress relief to the sleeper’s shoulders and hips and also assistant to the spine. Also, it consists of a temperature-neutral gel that keeps you cool and comfortable during sleep.

After the top layer, the next layer consists of two layers of foam. The center layer of the foam provides flexible support to the grid while the lower layer gives stability.

A stretchy cooling cover is used to wrap the purple bed. The Cover is made of polyester, viscose, and lycra; it compliments the grid. The purple mattress is breathable and allows airflow and temperature neutrality in the top grid layer.

The Purple Mattress is best for:

  • Those that sleep on their back or side 
  • People who want to relieve their joints of the stress
  • Sleepers who feel hot while they sleep
  • Sleepers who wish to sink into their mattress during sleep
  • Sleepers with heavier weight are likely to need more support
  • People who prefer sleeping on their stomach need a mattress that is firm
  • Price: $1,169.10
  • Type: Foam
  • Firmness: N/A
  • Warranty: 10 Years

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DreamCloud Premier

The DreamCloud bed offers a lifetime guarantee and a 365-night time sleep trial. It’s a hybrid bed with layers of high-density foam and innerspring coils that are pocketed.

It also consists of consolation layers with its top layers consisting of gel-infused reminiscence foam. Just like most mattresses, it promotes breathability.

This mattress is suitable for:

  • Customers who want a mattress with a lifetime warranty and sleep trial.
  • Sleepers having back pain or looking to relieve pressure
  • Sleepers who tend to feel hot while they sleep
  • Couples who want to make use of the whole surface while they sleep
  • People who prefer multiple firmness mattress types
  • Sleepers who prefer a mattress that hugs their body
  • Price: $1,298
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Tuft And Needle Mint

The tuft and needle mint mattress is a three-layer mattress made of mostly foams. It’s has a firmer transition layer and a fair firmer base layer.

This mattress is bouncier than traditional memory foam thus, making it easy for sleepers who wish to switch positions while sleeping to do so. It allows your hips to sink into the mattress and conform to your body curves nicely mainly if you’re a mild or medium-weight sleeper.

The tuft and needle mint mattress doesn’t give that hug-like feel you can get from traditional memory foam beds.

  • Sleepers that overheat but will prefer staying cool while they are sleeping
  • Side sleepers wishing for a bed that suits them
  • Couples who want a bed that isolates their movement
  • Stomach sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress
  • Heavier sleepers in need of a supportive mattress
  • Price: $1,015.75
  • Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Warranty: 10 Years

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Casper Original Foam

This is an all-foam, bed-in-box mattress that consists of 3 layers. The first layer is Casper’s AirSpace perforated comfort layer designed to aid the airflow and keep the sleeper cool while they sleep. The next layer has three levels of firmness. It’s softer at the sleeper’s head and feet but firmer in the middle to protect and align the spine while offering pressure relief. This mattress also has durable polyurethane foam.

  • Partners who change positions frequently
  • Back and combination sleepers
  • Budget shoppers looking for a mattress of good quality.

The mattress is not suitable for:

  • Strict side sleepers
  • Heavy sleepers who might need more support
  • People looking for a traditional memory foam feel
  • Price: $1,165.50
  • Type: Foam
  • Firmness: N/A
  • Warranty: 10 years

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Tempur-pedic Tempur-cloud

This type of expensive mattress has high quality and possesses 3 layers of Tempur material of high density, slow-moving foam but lets a sleeper sink into it. It’s considered to be packaged in a box, so expect it to be delivered in a box when ordering for this.

At first, it feels firmer when you use it, but it begins to soften up with time. Unlike most mattresses that allow you to sink in, this mattress has no bounce. 

The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Mattress is best for:

  • The mattress is suitable for side sleepers wishing to relieve pressure
  • People who like slow-moving foam and find it comfortable
  • Stomach sleepers who want a supportive mattress
  • Sleepers who normally feel hot while they sleep and prefer to feel cool
  • Price: $1,399.30
  • Type: Foam
  • Firmness :Medium

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What Is The Most Comfortable Bed In The World Made Of

The most comfortable you can find in the world today consists of one or more of the following:

  • Hybrid
  • Innerspring
  • Latex.
  • Airbed
  • Foam

Frequently Asked Questions On 10 Most Expensive Beds In The World

People prefer sleeping on their sides like softer mattresses. The most expensive beds types among them are the foam, latex, and foam hybrid models.

People who experience back pain need a mattress made of foam or latex layers to support their shoulders and hip. This helps in improving alignment and relieves the lower back of pressure.

Less expensive bed might be less or more comfortable depending on the features of the bed. You can therefore get a less expensive bed that would be comfortable if the proper features are considered when buying.

When you sleep face down, you tend to sink into the bed. When you wake up, you experience aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips. Stomach sleepers would be more comfortable with a mattress with minimal padding and a strong support system.

When buying a mattress for comfort, consider the mattress type, contouring, quality materials, firmness level, pressure relief, responsiveness, and temperature control.


Despite how expensive beds are, they provide comfort and help to keep us healthy. Having a comfortable bed to lie on when you get back from your work completed your day because you just get that feeling of relief.

With the top 10 expensive beds listed above, you now know the features and also what type of beds to look out for, when searching for a comfortable mattress to get.



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