10 Most Expensive Cameras In The World In 2022

A camera is a device for recording visual images as photographs, film, and video signals.  For professional photographers, it’s a means of getting that iconic shot to illustrate a staggering headline. For photo artists, capturing a superb piece to display.

In addition, families use it for capturing and storing very special moments.

For the film industry, the camera records scene after scene, everything you see at the cinemas or from the comfort of your laptop.   

 Just about everybody owns a camera now-   thanks to Smartphones- with the benefits of added enhancements.   From the moment the camera was first invented,  it has been a very important device worldwide for decades. 

Several photography buffs have their varying opinions at which camera is the best every made. Sure, there are many selections.

But the camera that holds the highest rank of being the best camera ever made is the Kodak, which was invented by American entrepreneur George Eastman in 1888, and marketed by the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company of Rochester, New York.

However, the Leica O-Series No. 122, which was sold in 2018 at a Leica auction in Vienna for a whopping $2.79 million! 

Why are Leica cameras so expensive?

Here’s why. Leicas are made in small numbers, which are more expensive.

Second, they’re made for engineering quality with no regard for price.

The fact is that, for over 100 years, many Leica cameras have been made, machined, and/or assembled by hand at its Willy Wonka-like factory in Wetzlar, Germany. 

A new professional camera costs $4,499 to $6,299, but used cameras start as low as $100.

The cost of the camera usually doesn’t include a lens, so it’s important to think about professional lenses as well. Depending on how many lenses are necessary, the price can add up quickly.

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Read below for the top 10 most expensive cameras in the world. 

10 Most Expensive Cameras In The World In 2022

Here are the 10 most expensive cameras in the world.

1. The Leica s3

If you have $19,000 to spare, this is the camera for you! German company Leica Camera AG is known for its cameras, lenses, microscopes, and binoculars.

Founded in 1869, the company went on to manufacture some of the best and most stylish cameras in the world including the Leicaflex, SL2, Leica R series, and eventually, the Leica S2, which was launched in 2008.

Since then, fans have been looking forward to the S3. But the wait is finally over. 

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 9. Leica s (Typ 007)

This most expensive camera in the world commands the price of $20,000. 

This Leica camera features a 37.5 megapixel CMOS sensor, a 921,000 dot LCD monitor, and predictive autofocus.

What differentiates it from many Leicas is the responsiveness of a 35mm camera (while the processor is 50% larger than 35mm), the Cine-4k movie mode, and fast continuous shooting (3.5 fps) at high resolution.

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8. Leafe Credo 80 MP

Ranking 8th place in the most expensive cameras ever made is the Mamiya Leafe Credo 80 MP, which is sold for $29,000. 

This medium format camera system consists of an 80 megapixel Leaf Credo Digital Back and a Mamiya 645DF camera.

The system has a dual-core microprocessor much like your computer and handles like a 35mm, but has an image area three times the size at 56 x 41.5 mm.

The ISO only goes up to 800 so you better have good lighting ready! 

7. Hasselblad H6D-100c

 7th place in the rank of the 10 most expensive cameras in the world is the Hasselblad H6D-100c, sold for $33,000. 

This camera has a 100-megapixel image sensor along with 15 stops of dynamic range and UHD 4K and Full HD RAW video at 30 fps.

The sensor is 50% larger than a 50-megapixel image sensor found on the top SLRs. ISO range is an amazing 12,8001! 

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6. Leica 10715 M9 ‘Titan Set’ Digital Camera

 Ranking 6 in the most expensive cameras in the world is the Leica 10715 M9 ‘Titan Set’ Digital Camera, currently sold at $34,999. 

All visible metal parts of this fashionable camera and lens are made from solid titanium, inlays on the camera body are made from genuine leather.

There are not so many photography gadgets in the world of such quality, that’s why the price is very high. Don’t you just love to own this? 

5. Hasselblad H6D-400C MS

Number 5 is the Hasselblad H6D-400C MS, sold at  $47,995. 

Featuring a 100-megapixel image sensor, what makes this camera special to many professionals and worth the price is its ability to shoot up to six sequential high-resolution images and composite them automatically into a 400-megapixel frame with improved color detail and non-existent aliasing or moiré.

This results in a 2.4 gigabyte still TIFF file. The dynamic range of up to 15 stops can be appreciated by professionals and it even shoots UHD 4K and Full HD video.

4. Phase One XF

Number 4 in our list is the Phase One XF IQ4 150MP Camera, with a price of $55,000.

This system delivers an incredible 151 megapixels (a world first) making it possible to print large-scale images many feet in size with great detail, give you a 14204 x 10652 resolution.

Its new backside-illuminated Sony (BSI) CMOS sensors improve the color, detail, and noise handling. An ISO sensitivity of 50-25600 and an exposure length of up to 60 minutes are a long way since digital medium format cameras topped out at 1600 ISO.

It has professional photo editing software built-in.

There are 3 versions of the Phase One IQ4 camera: the IQ4 100 megapixel Trichromatic ($47,990), the IQ4 150 megapixel ($51,990), and the IQ4 150 megapixel Achromatic ($54,990) for black and white shooting.

3. O-Series Leica No.107

Number 3 on the list is the  O-Series Leica No.107, sold at  $500,000.

Trust me, it’s worth it, based on its history. O-Series Leica No.107 is one of the earliest portable cameras which was created in 1923 by Oskar Barnack.

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There were produced nearly 20 cameras to know the competitiveness of portable cameras.

This one was taken off to New York for getting a patent in the United States, therefore becoming the first Leica to be exported.

Lastly, it is one of the most expensive cameras in the world.

2. Susse Freres Daguerreotype Camera

Number two on our list of the most expensive cameras is the Susse Freres Daguerreotype Camera, sold at $978,000 .

This is the oldest camera ever built (1893).

Moreover, it’s one of the first two commercially produced cameras.

It was made by Alphonse Giroux and signed by Jacques Mande Daguerre. For enthusiastic photographers, it might be the real masterpiece of art.

The camera was built for making the whole plate and optimized for landscapes. Much of the cost of this camera was in the lens handmade by opticians, believe it or not. 

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1. The Leica 0-Series

Finally, number 1 on the list of most expensive cameras which was already mentioned. The Leica 0-Series No. 122, which was sold for 2.97 million dollars. 

This Leica tops our list of most expensive cameras as it had the highest sale price of any camera to date.

It was sold at an auction in Vienna to a private collector from Asia.  It was a preproduction prototype, hand-made in 1923. 

Interestingly, the lens cap was attached to a cord since the focal plane shutter was not self capping on the early models.  It has an aluminum body with a black lacquered brass top plate, base plate, and nickel-plated knobs.


Are you satisified with this list? Which more expensive cameras in the world were not mentioned? Please state your comments below and thanks for reading! 



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