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15 Most Expensive Chocolates In The World 2023

It is chocolate time for a large percentage of the world population. Discussing this rich and exotic piece of dessert is not out of place as it is well-loved.

Only the affluent spend outrageously on these most expensive chocolates in the world. Some of the world’s most expensive chocolate comes with different creative packages, making it a better experience.

Most importantly, these creative packages alienate the money spent on the dessert. It’s a pleasant desert for the little, the young, and even the old.

It is a dessert for every family with every age bracket, from very young to very old. The flavor, the taste, and the after taste all pleasant and relishing.

Chocolates come in perfectly as a present to a lover or a friend and make a beautiful dessert at house parties. One can try out these world exotic and high-priced chocolates just for the pleasure that comes with chocolate.

It is worth it if you can afford it, of course. Chocolate answers it all. Unsurprisingly, it will make it to the list of existing luxurious foods.

This article explores the 15 most expensive Chocolates in the world. The table of contents below highlights the order in which they appear in this article.

What brand of chocolate is the most expensive?

According to Forbes, La Madeline au Truffe is the most expensive chocolate brand. Compared to other chocolates, this brand of chocolate is unique.

It is mixed with various ingredients, including truffle oil and vanilla. It contains over 70% of Valrhona dark chocolate. Interestingly, this brand of chocolate has a 7-day shelf life. So, upon arrival, you have a week to eat it.

Where is the world’s best chocolate?

Belgium has to be home to the world’s best chocolate. You can’t go to Belgium and not go to a chocolate shop.

Over 2, 000 chocolate shops across the country. Belgian chocolate is unique and only cooled at the end of the production process. Also, all Belgian chocolate is entirely handcrafted, making Belgian chocolates quite expensive.

15 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

We consider the prices in selecting the most expensive chocolates in the world. The least expensive appeared in the fifteenth place while the most expensive took first place.

#1. Le Chocolate Box

Price: $ 1.5 million.

Le Chocolate Box is the most expensive Chocolate in the world on our list. Lake Forest Confections made it in St. Louis USA.

Le Chocolate Box is a combination of jewelry and expensive chocolate bars beautifully packaged for the affluent.

Simon Jewellers designed it for a promotional stunt. Unfortunately, you can’t buy Le Chocolate Box anywhere now.

This expensive chocolate brand was just for an ex-display, although it cost a fortune. 

This exotic chocolate box was outrageously priced at a Whooping 1.5 million dollars. It cost this much because of the Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with Chocolate.

#2. Frozen Haule Chocolate

Price: $25,000

The second most expensive Chocolate in the world, Frozen Haule Chocolate is a mix of cocoa and milk until it reaches an irresistible form or consistency.

The exorbitant chocolate bar is a creation of Stephen Bruce, the owner of Serendipity 3, in collaboration with Luxury Jeweller Euphoria New York.

It is prepared with 24-Karat gold leaf, 28 world best Cocoas, and  ‘La Madeleine Au Truffeé as its exorbitant topping.

Frozen Haule Chocolate base goblet is made with Diamond, and adorned with gold for an eye-watering price of $25,000.

This luxurious dessert made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive dessert worldwide. It can only be ordered in advance because it takes a while to prepare it.

#3. Golden Speckled Chocolate

Price: $10,000

The Golden Speckled Chocolate is the gorgeous creation that made it to our most luxurious chocolates of all time.

This expensive chocolate bar is three feet tall, two inches wide, and just over 100 pounds in an egg-like shape.

It took seven chocolatiers across the UK and Japan to make this delicious masterpiece costing $10,000.

Prepared with 24-Karate gold leaf and a couture chocolate filling, it has an outstanding finish of 12 Chocolate mini-eggs, 20 Chocolate bars, and five flowers made from white chocolate.

The world’s third most expensive chocolate can be called “Charity chocolate” and was called “the most expensive non-jeweled Chocolate egg” by Guinness world records.

#4. Swanovski Studded Chocolate

Price: $10,000

The 49 pieces of the luxurious chocolate bar are highly-priced at $10,000. Patchi, a Lebanese Chocolatier in collaboration with Harrods of department store Behemoth, made this decadent piece in 2010.

The uniqueness of this exorbitant chocolate is the Swarovski crystals. Each of the rich, dark chocolate is studded and dressed in silk, rose, and gold. The luxurious Swarovski Chocolate is hand-made, wrapped in Indian silk, and packaged in a Box crafted with hand-woven silk from China and India.

It is completely worth the $10,000. The $10,000 chocolate box is no longer available for sale, but world-renown chocolate shop Patchi is still going strong.

They offer a wide range of chocolate delicacies and teach their customers how to build their chocolate boxes.

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#5. Attimo chocolate Zurich

Price: $ 8,541.46

Not so much is known about the Attimo chocolate Zurich. The Attimo chocolate Zurich according to the Guinness Books of Records, was made in Switzerland by Attimo chocolates.

With a mind-boggling price of 6268.50 GBP ( $8,541.46), it was the most expensive chocolate bar as of the 31st day in October 2019.

#6. Krupschildt Chocolatier

Price: $2600

To enjoy the Krupschildt Chocolate by the legendary Fritz Knipschildt, you will need a deep pocket of more than $2600.

The hard-working Chocolatier started his business in 1999, selling to local retailers from his one-room apartment. Now, he owns a Chocolate company doing as well as this exotic chocolate.

This expensive chocolate can be gotten in his cafe at Norwalk where you can also get the privilege to watch the legendary Fritz Knipschildt make your dessert as he makes the beautiful Truffles. Such an expensive experience you should not miss if you can afford it.

#7. Cadbury Wispa Gold Chocolate

Price: $1628.52

Cadbury is finally on our list. One of the very famous chocolate companies, serving just right over the years, made an exquisite chocolate bar, the Wispa Gold Bar, in 1995, although it was launched in 1981.

To give more visibility to the event, the luxurious Wispa cold was made, costing a jaw-dropping sum of $1600.

This high-priced chocolate was made with Madagascan premium cocoa beans and beautifully wrapped in a 24-karat edible gold leaf.

Sadly, the highest bidder did not come up to pick the Chocolate, so the company took it back.

And it is currently on display with its lower versions available for pick up after a protest, even by celebrities such as Tony Hadley and Spandau Ballet to bring it back by 2008.

Interestingly, you can always get a pocket-friendly offer. Not this one, except for the affluent; of course, it is worth the trial; let’s see who picks our 7th most expensive chocolate in the world.

#8. The Royal Book Chocolate Selection

Price: $1,307. 05

The Royal Book Chocolate bar is a beautiful pick for anyone planning a luxurious gift package for a chocolate connoisseur.

This beauty of Debauve et Gallais was created by the old lady of The des Saints-Pères as an oversized tooled leather, gilded book. This delicious luxury contains the story of the legendary Maison Debauve et Gallais and was created on its 200th Anniversary.

Its finish has a bag with a beautiful crest and a business card that looks magnificent and outstanding.

#9. Gold and Diamond Chocolate

Price: $1,250

This expensive Chocolate is the product of Cocoa Gourmet’s Royal collection of chocolates.

In a box of this exorbitant chocolate, there are 12 pieces of chocolate bars. Each is covered with pure silver, four with delicious diamonds, and the other with the costly 22-karat gold.

The 22-karat gold made this chocolate ridiculously expensive. This piece of luxury has a semi-sweet mixture of cream and chocolate. It is also filled with Swiss ganache and comes with pieces of chocolate jewelry. It costs a whopping $1,250.

#10. Michel Cluizel Box of Assorted Treats

Price: $890

The Michel Cluizel Box of assorted treats is the world’s tenth most expensive chocolate. It is one of the mouth-watering chocolate boxes of all time.

This box of chocolates contains 400 hand-crafted chocolates by the Michel Cluizel family. 

The Michel Cluizel Chocolatier is an independent family business that has been in existence since the year 1948. The family owns cocoa bean farms in almost everywhere cocoa is known to grow worldwide – typical of an independent company.

They take care of it from the beginning to the end of their chocolate-making process, with no intermediates in the production process. 

They also make it possible for chocolate to come in the consumer’s desired package. You pick your desired packaging style, and you get just that.

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#11. La Chiorsa churso chocolate Bar

Price: $694.72

Another luxurious chocolate box for a chocolate connoisseur. This is a good pick to spend your feel-rich money. 

This beautiful piece was made with 68% Chaua chocolate, crystallized orange from Venezuela, and saffron grown in the Swiss village. This piece of food art costs CHF  640($694.72) and weighs 80g.

#12. Le livere

Price: $550

This exotic food is thirty-five Chocolates mixed with ganache and pralines arranged in a leather box made with gold that looks just like a book to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Debauve and Gallais French Chocolatier.

Years later, this beauty is still in the chocolatier’s portfolio, featuring truffles, bonbons, hot chocolate chips, white-chocolate bars, and “Pistoles De Marie Antoinettes” (gold coins).

#13. Delafee Gold Chocolate Box with Antique Swiss Gold coin

Price: $517

Do you want to give your taste buds a fulfilling taste while still spending filthy rich? Here is your option. This delightful box of chocolate contains 8 chocolate bars and gold pralines made with real edible 24-karat gold.

The crown is a real Swiss Gold coin from 1910 to 1920. Yes, real, not edible coin; this also added to the high price of the Delafee Gold chocolate box.

So it’s a two-way, you get the delightful pleasure that comes with the chocolate, and you also get money.

No one rejects money, and no one rejects a good treat, either. Such a creative thought.

#14. Art Series Guayasamin by To’ak

Price: $450

The Art Series Guayasamin chocolate is more of a sign or, better put, an honor. This expensive chocolate was made as a tribute to Oswaldo Guayasamin’s traditional Ecuadorian chocolate.

The beautiful luxurious Chocolate was made with wood, Carmel, tobacco, and honey flavors. A duality of 77% cocoa and earthy toffee notes as its attractive outstanding finish.

The sign on the chocolate box cap represents the people’s resilience or hardship. They must also work hard to preserve the legacy of over 5,000 years with the seeds of the Heirloom National cocoa.

This is the major component in the making of chocolate, as it is almost gone extinct

#15. Gold collection ultimate gift collection gift set

Price: $375

The last on our list is this Godiva set. Do you want a classy yet filthy rich and exotic gift to a friend or a lover? Search no more!

You have your perfect gift for Baby showers, birthdays, and surprise parties.  The Godiva set of chocolate is the last on our list of the 15 most expensive Chocolates in the world at the whopping price of $375.


Some of these high-priced chocolates were done for auditions. If you are an affluent chocolate connoisseur, one of these chocolates on our list will make your day.

Getting all the sumptuous delight the thrilling dessert offers is worth it. Please, go for it.

Chocolates will always bring that homely and luxurious taste. In its nature, Chocolates have a Rich taste that will leave your mouth with an experience you can only get from a luxurious chocolate bar.