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10 Most Expensive Guns In The World

The United States is ranks number one globally for civilian gun ownership.

According to a 2017 survey by Small Arms Survey, the Percentage of civilian gun ownership in the U.S.A. is 120.5%. This number should not raise any concerns because the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives you and as an American the right to keep and bear arms.

However, with about 159 firearm manufacturers in the U.S.A., starting with the most expensive gun may just be a good way to help you decide on which gun to get. 

Therefore, this article will list and explain the most expensive guns in the world.

How Many Types of Gun are There?

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) defines a firearm as, “Any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.”

Guns or firearms can be broadly categorized into two namely: Long guns including tactical rifles & shotguns; and Handguns including advanced pistols & revolvers.

As a general rule, long guns fire large-caliber rounds from long barrels and are meant to be fired from the shoulder.

These are some of the most powerful guns. Handguns are smaller-caliber weapons with shorter barrels and are meant to be fired using one or both hands.

The most expensive gun ever sold at an auction is from this category and was sold for $1,986,000 in 2002.

There are also the most popular types of guns namely: rifles, shotguns, handguns, revolvers, pistols, and machine guns.

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 What is the Most Powerful Gun In the World?

Powerful guns may not necessarily be the most expensive, it is determined by the amount of damage, penetration, it is able to inflict on a target.

The factors we have listed are determined by the muzzle energy that the gun is able to transmit to a bullet.

Therefore, the muzzle energy that a gun is able to generate is used as a rough indication of the destructive potential of a given firearm.

Properly speaking, the power of a gun depends on the combination of its caliber a.k.a the type of cartridge (which is the assembled combination of case, bullet, and powder) and the length of its barrel.

The ANZIO 20mm Mag-Fed Rifle is a made-in-the-United States bolt action anti-tank rifle and the most powerful anti-material gun in the world.

It weighs between 59 to 130 pounds (27 to 59 kg) and measures 100 inches (2.5 m) in length. With a barrel length of 76 inches (1.9 m), this gun shoots 20×102mm or .79 caliber round bullets at a velocity of 1,006 meters per second (3,300 ft/s) to a maximum distance of up to 4,572 meters (15,000 ft or 2.841 miles).

You can definitely do some serious damage with this gun- ANZIO 20mm Mag-Fed Rifle and it will no doubt be one of the most expensive guns in the world.

Which is the Best Gun Ever Made?

This question, unlike the question of the most powerful, is a little more subjective and would depend on the parameters you adopt in defining “best”.

A gun could be best for military purposes, hunting, game, or civilian purposes. For this reason, we will adopt the civilian purpose in helping to define what the best gun is.

What is the civilian purpose of a gun? The civilian purpose of a gun in the USA is two-fold. It can either be as a tool for self-presentation/self-defense or it can be viewed as a symbol, the embodiment of core American values — freedom, might, self-reliance.

Depending on which of these two definitions resonates most with you, then the best gun for you may be any of the following below:

1. For Self-Defense:

The 9mm handgun is generally regarded as an effective weapon for self-defense. A typical discharged 9mm round travels at around 1,200 FPS (feet per second) and delivers kinetic energy of 400 foot-pounds.

The best self-defense weapon is the SIG Sauer P938 9mm. It is the perfect conceal weapon and can be stashed just about anywhere in your home, making it an excellent backup weapon for the kitchen, office, home bar, pool house, and the home generally.

It is extremely reliable, easy to fire, and can be ready for use even after an extended period of time without being shot or cleaned.

2. As an American Symbol:

Going by the numbers, the AR-15 is the most produced and widely distributed gun in the country, with it reported having 5 million owners in 2016. No doubt this number would have increased in the time since then as the AR-15 is a true symbol of what makes us strong as a nation – freedom.

The AR-15 helps to bolster a feeling of patriotism as well, as it helps gives ordinary citizens a sense of connection to the military since a variation of the AR-15 is widely adopted by the military.

Below, we will still discuss the most expensive guns.

 What is the Deadliest Gun?

The Minigun M134 Machine Gun is one of the most powerful guns and definitely the most deadly gun, because of its rate of fire.

The M134 Machine Gun is capable of firing well over 130 rounds in just 1 second and can fire 8.6x64mm bullet rounds.

This machine gun is worth grabbing for the zombie apocalypse, whenever it is to happen.

The best part about this gun is that according to the National Firearms Act, any fully automatic weapon made before 1986 is fair game to civilians, so you can definitely own this gun.

10 Most Expensive Guns In The World

These are the most expensive guns because they are rare, custom made, or have unique historical significance.

In addition to these guns, there are also quite a few off the shelf guns out there that can quite literally “break the bank.” Let’s get straight into it:

1. Titanium Gold Desert Eagle in .440 Cor-Bon:

This is an advanced pistol that costs around $5,000 – $7,500. The Desert Eagle is characterized by its large frame and powerful recoil.

Designed by Magnum Research and Israeli Military Industries, the Desert Eagle is a gas-operated pistol currently manufactured in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and .50 Action Express.

However, a few hundred Desert Eagles with titanium gold finishes were manufactured and chambered in the rare .440 Cor-Bon cartridge.

Developed by necking down a .50 AE cartridge to .44 caliber, the .440 Cor-Bon is more powerful than both the .50 AE and .44 Magnum, while producing less recoil than the .50 AE.

However, the .440 Cor-Bon never really caught on with shooters so very few Desert Eagles were produced in that caliber.

As a result, those pistols are very rare and highly sought after by gun collectors all over the world.

2. Barrett M82A1 in .50 BMG:

The semi-automatic Barret M82A1 was designed by Ronnie Barrett in the 1980s as a long-range sniper rifle. It takes advantage of the awesome power of the .50 BMG (12.7x99mm) round, making it a very powerful gun.

The United States military adopted the M82A1 under the designation M107 and Army and Marine snipers have used them very successfully in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Though the M82A1 is still currently being produced, they are still quite expensive, going for between $8,000 – $9,000, and somewhat difficult to purchase.

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3. Krieghoff Trumph Drilling:

Drillings are break-action, three-barrelled firearms that usually consist of two shotgun barrels and one rifle barrel, which may sometimes vary.

The most common variation has two shotgun barrels (typically 12 or 16 gauge, sometimes with a .22 Long Rifle insert) on top with the rifle barrel on the bottom.

The rifles are most often chambered in 6x57mm, 7x57mm, .30-06 Springfield, or 9.3x74mm.

In addition to their high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful appearance, Krieghoff firearms are also accurate and reliable.

Not surprisingly, there is quite a premium attached to these rifles and Krieghoff drillings are correspondingly expensive.

This gun will cost anywhere between $10,000 – $15,000.

4. TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Bolt-Action .338 TP:

Costing around $16,995, the TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm system combines several advanced technology features that allow shooters to make long-range shots with ease.

TrackingPoint currently manufactures semi-auto rifles in three different chamberings (.300 Blackout, 5.56x45mm NATO, and 7.62x51mm NATO) as well as bolt-action rifles in three chamberings (6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Win Mag, and .338 Lapua).

Prices vary by model, but the .338 Lapua bolt-action rifle is the most expensive in this guns series. It is designed to hit moving targets at ranges out to 1,400 yards.

The system also contains an integrated camera that captures still photographs and video from the scope, which can then be transferred to a tablet, smartphone, or even a proprietary set of space-age shooting glasses.

Lastly, the price tag is a true reflection of the tech.

5. Pederson Self-Loading Rifle in .276 Pederson:

John Pederson developed a revolutionary new semi-automatic rifle design along with an accompanying cartridge. This was in response to the United States Army’s search for a rifle to replace the 1903 Springfield in the late 1920s.

Though neither the rifle nor the cartridge ended up being adopted for use by the United States Army, the Army and Marine Corps eventually adopted the M-1 Garand. This was heavily influenced by the Pederson Self-Loading Rifle.

Indeed, the Garand was originally chambered in .276 Pederson.

The Army nearly adopted that cartridge to replace the .30-06 Springfield before modifying the Garand to shoot the .30-06 instead.

Owning a .276 Pederson Rifle would cost you between $20,000 – $25,000.

6. 1903 Springfield in .30-03 Springfield:

That’s right, a 1903 Springfield rifle chambered in .30-03, not .30-06.

Those two cartridges have names denoting the caliber of the bullet (.30) and the year they were adopted (1903 and 1906 respectively).

With that in mind, have you ever wondered why the 1903 Springfield shoots the .30-06 Springfield cartridge (which was not introduced until three years after the rifle)?

Well, here’s your answer. The original design of 1903 Springfield is to shoot the .30-03 Springfield round, which fired a 220gr round-nosed bullet at 2,200 feet per second. However, US Army officials realized that the .30-03 was far outclassed by other cartridges in Europe firing new high velocity, “spitzer” (pointed) bullets like the 7mm Mauser.

So, they designed a new cartridge firing a high velocity, 150 grain pointed bullet in 1906; the .30-06 Springfield.

Rifles chambered in .30-03 could fire the new .30-06 cartridge, but not very accurately.

For that reason, virtually all of the 1903 Springfield rifles then in existence were modified to shoot the new. 30-06 Springfield cartridge in the ensuing years and only a handful chambered in .30-03 still remain.

Getting your hands on one of these most expensive guns in the world will require you to spend well over $25,000.

7. Chapuis Savana Double Rifle in .416 Rigby:

To get one of these most expensive guns in the world, you will need a bank balance of between $28,000 – $30,000.

Developed in the 1800s for use by European hunters on dangerous games in Asia and Africa, a double rifle was considered an essential element of any dangerous game hunter’s equipment.

It gives the hunter the ability to fire a follow-up shot without having to work the action, thus saving valuable time during an encounter with a dangerous game.

Especially when they were first designed, double rifles were the perfect tool for cape buffalo hunting. Double rifles are difficult and expensive to produce since both barrels hit at precisely the same spot at a given range.

This, plus the elaborate engraving that they usually have, ensured that wealthy hunters were by far the most common users of double rifles.

Over the years, the development of smokeless powder has allowed ammunition manufacturers the ability to produce ammunition that is both more compact and more powerful than the old large bore “express” cartridges of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

As a result, gun makers can produce magazine-fed rifles that give hunters the ability to fire a third, fourth, or even fifth shot without having to reload, a clear advantage over a two-shot double rifle.

Also, especially when chambered in popular cartridges like .375 H&H or .416 Rigby, the double rifle has hung on as a stylish throwback to the golden age of African safari hunting in the hands of wealthy hunters.

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8. Winchester 1886 in .50-110 Winchester:

Now our list of most expensive guns is getting serious. Costing anywhere between $50,000 – $80,000, the Winchester 1886 is quite popular with collectors.

Lever action Winchester rifles like 1886 just scream “Wild West”.

When Winchester released the Model 1886 rifle in America in the late 1800s, the rifle quickly caught on with the shooting and hunting communities.

In addition to being an exceptionally beautiful rifle, 1886 also had an incredibly strong action that was capable of safely shooting many of the most powerful cartridges of the day, like the .50-110 Winchester. It was the first true American “express rifle.”

Though Winchester 1886s chambered in any caliber are in high demand, rifles chambered in .50-110 Winchester are extremely rare.

Unfortunately, since the rifle was originally introduced to fire black powder cartridges, many 1886s on the market today are in pretty rough shape.

1886 in good condition, especially one in .50-110 Winchester, will demand a high premium indeed.

For this reason, it will make any gunsmith smile and will be the perfect gift for you as a hunter or shooter with a burning desire and love for old Winchesters.

9. Beretta Imperiale Montecarlo Shotgun:

When you saw a list for the most expensive guns, you probably did not expect to see a shotgun that will cost over a hundred grand. Well, $106,800 to be precise, is the price you would have to pay if you want to own an extremely high quality Beretta shotgun.

Beretta semi-auto and double-barrelled shotguns are excellent for being the best in the world. It is officially used by Olympic champions in skeet and trap. 

As with anything else, you’re paying for the name as much as for the quality of the actual product. The bottom line is that since so many of the top dogs of the shot-gunning world often use Beretta shotguns, lots of other people do as well.

The Imperiale Montecarlo is the top-of-line side-by-side 12 gauge shotgun that Beretta produces. It features amazing engraving and craftsmanship as well as outstanding performance.

The pricing is also appropriate.

10. Holland & Holland “Royal” Deluxe Double Rifle:

Costing well over a whopping $228,000 the H&H double-takes most expensive guns to a whole new level. You may be wondering what would make this gun that expensive.

Well, for starters, all Holland & Holland firearms are made by hand by master gun makers with meticulous inlaid designs.

They advertise that 850 man-hours of work go into making one of their Royal Side by Side Shotguns to ensure that they are the finest guns that money can buy.

H&H firearms are also extremely reliable and accurate. These rifles are tailor-made to the shooter and therefore will point almost as well as a fine shotgun. Especially when chambered in a seriously heavy-hitting cartridge like .470, .500, or .577 Nitro, it well suited them for stopping an angry buffalo or elephant at ranges measured in feet. 

Holland & Holland firearms are among the most expensive guns ever sold because of their reputation and exclusive clientele.

They count the British Royal Family among their many happy clients, besides other famous hunters such as former U.S. president Teddy Roosevelt and Frederick Courtney Selous.

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Having gone through this article, we hope you have learned about the several types, most powerful guns, deadliest down to the most expensive guns in the world.

Don’t just read this article, follow through when in confusion about the kind of gun to purchase.

Please leave a comment below on which of the most expensive guns listed below you would love to get or if you think any of the guns listed does not justify the price tag.

FAQs on most expensive guns

What is the most expensive gun brand?

Fabbri Best Grade

How much is the most expensive gun in the world?

$6.03 million

Is AK-47 the most powerful gun?

The AK-47 is the deadliest gun ever built