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10 Most Expensive Items On Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest retail stores in the world and has a variety of items ready to be shipped across the globe for the right price, including the most expensive things/items one can think of.

Since its launch about 27 years ago, Amazon has become a household name offering its services not just to residents of the United States but to international citizens from various countries. The company was borne at a time when most people were unaware of the need for the services the company would offer.

The company has gone to branches into various fields in the economic sector. The product line offered by the company includes various products, from clothing to sporting tools and equipment.

The company is a careful blend of commercial innovation. Amazon owns over 40 subsidiaries, including Goodreads, IMDb, Shopbop, Twitch, and many others.

The ability of Amazon to flawlessly fuse technological innovation with commercial satisfaction has gone a long way to securing the company’s place as the largest online marketplace and one of the world’s largest internet companies. Being a globally recognized marketplace, the company has a range of very expensive items in its shopping catalog. 

Are you interested in finding out what Amazon does? Or curious about the most expensive item on this global marketplace? In this article, we’ll focus on the most expensive items on Amazon. 

What Is Amazon?

Founded on July 5, 1994, it is an international technology company mostly focused on electronic commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and AI. Amazon has its roots in Bellevue, Washington, DC.

The company Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most internationally recognized public companies. The company is known as a trendsetter due to the various innovative feats which the company has been achieving since its inception.

Amazon is one of the companies with slow and steady growth, with the founder JEFF BEZOS starting the company just from his garage. The company has surpassed all expectations, raking in a revenue of $469.8 BILLION as of 2021.

The branching out of the company into the various sectors in the community has earned Amazon a reputation as a constantly evolving brand focused on dominating the e-commerce sector not just in the US but globally.

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What Are The Services Offered By Amazon?

Taking a step back to the history of Amazon, we can see how the company moved from initially selling music videos and games to allowing various verified individuals and startup companies to sell their various products on the platform. The company has been popularly dubbed “The everything store”.

Being the largest online marketplace, what do you tend to gain from using this platform? The most relevant services offered by Amazon are:

1. Retail services

Amazon has many product lines like consumer electronics, beauty products, kitchen items, and grocery names, and chances are you can find them on Amazon.

The E-commerce company was designed to provide a secure platform for sellers and buyers to exchange goods without physically meeting each other. The retail service offered by the company is its most prominent feature.

2. Amazon prime

This is a paid service that Amazon offers.

The feature requires a monthly subscription, but the users of this service have benefits like 2-day free shipping, free access to advertising service, and various add-on open to subscribers of this service.

3. Digital content

Amazon has been making consistent positive strides in its digital content services, from Amazon music, which was launched in 2007, to its streaming service, “Amazon music unlimited.”

This Amazon product enables subscribers to listen to millions of songs on the streaming platform. The digital streaming service benefits Amazon prime members with its monthly $2 discount. 

4. Amazon business

The Amazon business product feature was launched in 2012 and is focused on providing business owners with an easy and trustworthy platform for purchasing products, supplies, or services needed for the business.

Opting for this service on Amazon makes you eligible for shipping discount discounts and allows you to compare prices from various sellers. 

5. Amazon Drive

This impressive service offered by Amazon is used mainly for sharing and syncing files, but that’s not all it does. The Amazon drive is like a cloud storage application for securing critical data.

The Amazon drive is also known as the cloud drive and is one of the most used services offered by Amazon. 

What Are The Most Expensive Items On Amazon?

Amazon is a widely reputed global marketplace, and due to this, it attracts sellers of various products, from cheap and affordable to extremely pricey items.

With over 350 million products up for grabs, Amazon has several expensive items on the platform. The most expensive items on Amazon are:

1. 1884 American Silver Morgan Dollar MS-67 Illinois Set

The rare coin tops our list as the most expensive item on Amazon. The coin was graded by the reputed, professional coin grading service to confirm the authenticity of the rare coin.

It is said to attract a hefty price tag due to bearing a CAC certification. The coin has impressive detail and an incredibly bright Luster. 

1884 American silver Morgan dollar rare coin is found in the collectible and fine art collectible currency section on Amazon. The coin comes with a very hefty price tag of $995,000, just a few thousand away from the million-dollar benchmark.

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2. Cal Ripken Jr. 1981 Rookie MLB Debut Signed Game Used Jersey

This item gets a spot as one of the most expensive items on Amazon, with its mind-blowing price tag of $801,818. The article belongs to the legendary American baseball player Calvin Edwin Ripken jr, who was popular around the 80s.

The baseball player was so successful that he was nicknamed the iron man. He belonged to the famous Baltimore Orioles team from 1981 to around 200. Calvin Edwin Ripken is widely known for recording impressive feats throughout his career.

He recorded about 431 home runs and 3184 perfect hits and won the widely sought Gold Glove Awards twice.

The jersey in question has the signature of the legendary player and was worn by him for a real baseball game hence adding to the allure and price tag it comes with.

3. Mickey Mantle Autographed Set

Going for $363,376, the Mickey mantle autographed set definitely one of the most expensive items currently on Amazon. Who is Mickey Charles Mantle? The legendary baseball player was nicknamed “the comet” due to his impressive skill in baseball.

The player has won many awards and recognitions, with most even arguing that Mick was the best baseball player the game has ever witnessed. This item has a beautiful sea-green border design with the player’s autograph scribbled in blue on the card.

Mick built a reputation in baseball is the reason for the high cost of this his autographed memorabilia.

4. Manhattan Oriental Antique Indian Carpet

If you can’t own a flying carpet, you can get this Manhattan oriental Antique Indian carpet that retails for a whopping $350,000. The hand-knotted carpet has an octagon-like design and is produced by Manhattan Oriental.

The item has red, blue, white, and green intricate designs. Its price shows a slash from the initial price of a$400,00 hence making it one of the most expensive items on Amazon.

5. John Thomas Serres Painting

The painting depicts an English frigate in the bay of Naples with a Vesuvius erupting behind. John Thomas Serres created the painting in the 1800s. The beautiful painting depicts the raw talent that the painter possessed.

The English frigate in the painting is shown to be flying the blue peter, which signifies its imminent departure; at the far end of the background, the famous Vesuvius is seen to be erupting amid ongoing activities.

This stunning painting is flawless and was retailed on Amazon for $285,000.

6. The Daum Crystal

Daum crystals are famous for the quote, “no two Daum crystals are alike’. This artwork’s impressive details and outline might not be recognized by people who are not enthusiasts.

The unique artifact is produced by blending fire with crystals and designing it into beautiful modeled structures. The stunning statue is usually about 26 inches; Kiln fired and has a dark silver outline. Adding to its beautiful features is the fact that the statue is hand-modeled.

It retailed at $280,500.

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7. Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Ceramic Watch

Only a selected number of people in society can afford to wear a wristwatch retailed at $283,500. The watch is undoubtedly one of the most expensive items on Amazon. It has beautiful features like a ceramic bracelet, an AP folding clasp, and an automatic dial.

The watch is built to give you information about the day, month, week, and the next leap year.

This watch on Amazon comes with a COSC certificate, a 3-year warranty, hang tags, booklets from the production company, and an appraisal for insurance.

8. Nioclas Roberts Fictitious Parrot

Art is life; how much do you think life is worth? Definitely more than the $275,000 price tag attached to this stunning work of art by Nicolas Roberts.

The artwork was painted in the 17th century. The Fictitious parrot painting was made by one of the most recognized painters in the 17th century witnessed. The painting was skillfully framed using Archival materials enclosed in Gold leaf molding.

It was crafted o vellum using watercolors and had a Plexi-glass design for viewing. The painting is one of the most expensive items on Amazon.

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9. Frank Chance Signed Baseball

Being the only baseball ever signed by the legendary baseball player Frank chance, the sports memorabilia cuts one of the most expensive items on Amazon.

The frank chance Baseball was authenticated by PSA, and the baseball comes with the authentication certificate on purchase.

Frank Chance was a legendary baseball player whose ardent fans widely adored this baseball with his signature.

The baseball is found in the collectible and fine arts section and is currently priced at $267,265.99.

10. 17X34 Antique Circa 1880 Agra Hand-Knotted Area Rug Oriental Carpet

The last and most affordable item on this list of most expensive items on Amazon is the antique Oriental carpet. The fact that the carpets are more than a century old adds to their allure and costs $250,000.

The Oriental rug was hand-knotted in India with a subtle fusion of wool and cotton to attain a beautiful finish. The beautiful rug has burgundy as its primary border color with a golden center design.

The rug fuses various colors like midnight blue, copper, ivory, and rusty brown to attain the ultimate finish worth its price tag. 


As one of the world’s most widely adopted online trading platforms, Amazon has a collection of jaw-dropping items with price tags that make us wonder if the system might e having a glitch.

The steep price of most of these items does not deter people who can afford them, most of them being bought less than weeks after coming on sale.

FAQs On Most Expensive Items On Amazon

What is the most expensive item on Amazon?

The 1884 American Silver Morgan dollar is the most expensive item on Amazon, with its price tag of $995,000.

Do these items come with a warranty?

It depends on what you want. The items have proof of authenticity and usually come with a warranty.

Are prices of items in Amazon fixed?

No, the company relies on constant price monitoring.

How expensive is Amazon compared to other retail stores?

Using average estimates, Amazon is about 10% more expensive than similar online retail stores.




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