10 Most Expensive Jordan Shoes Sneakers Ever Sold in 2022

Jordans are undoubtedly one of the best-selling sneakers in the world, but they are also among the most expensive on the market. Although a little pricy for a pair of footwear, Jordans continue to be popular among fans and non-fans of basketball legend Michael Jordan.

The brand has grown so synonymous with sneakers that most sneakerheads believe no pair of feet should ever be without them.

Having said that, here is a list of the top ten most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

Michael Jordan

When it comes to basketball icons, Michael Jordan is one of the biggest and best.

After the heyday of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson came to an end, Mike propelled the sport back into popularity over the course of 15 seasons in the NBA.

MJ was an instant sensation, thanks to his distinctive flare, style, and tongue-in-cheek cockiness, and fans recognized it.

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Types Of Sneakers

Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll sneakers are the most well-known and widely used type of footwear.

Often known as low-top sneakers, Plimsoll sneakers come in a variety of styles to suit each individual’s preferences.

The secret to wearing these sneakers is to use no-show socks so that the sneaker may be the focus of attention. They can be paired with skinny jeans or rolled-up jeans.

Using this footwear to expose your naked ankle is a fashion statement in and of itself.

High Top Basketball Sneakers

High-top shoes have been popular for quite some time. This is due to the fact that they have advantages.

One, you can securely wear long socks without fear of them poking over the top of your shoe.

Two, they always appear to be in good shape. Aside from becoming a basketball court staple, high-top sneakers look great with skinny jeans and basketball shorts.

The Athletic Ones

Ordinary shoes with shoelaces do not look as attractive as athletic sneakers with shoelaces. Athletic sneakers, such as those made by Adidas and Nike, are sometimes referred to as “sport” sneakers.

These sneakers are the perfect blend of fashion and utility. Regardless matter whether you’re walking or jogging, putting on a pair of these sneakers is the ideal decision.

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are classed as classics. These shoes do not have shoelaces, making it simple to slip your foot into them.

Slip-on sneakers have recently made a reappearance. They come in a variety of patterns and metallic finishes, but they remain as comfy as ever.

These sneakers are, without a doubt, exceedingly comfortable and easygoing. However, because they are low-rise sneakers, avoid wearing high socks because they would ruin the aesthetic of the shoe.

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“Authentic” Sneakers

The term “authentic sneakers” refers to the well-known Vans footwear.

Vans sneakers were once the only pair of shoes anyone wanted to wear since they were both comfy and fashionable.

The fact that these sneakers can be worn with anything like gowns, overalls, shorts is what makes them genuinely groundbreaking. The basic and clean style earns them the moniker authentic sneakers.

Leather Sneakers

Leather shoes are currently the hottest trend in the sneaker business.

Although they are on the pricey side, you will be investing in something long-term with these sneakers because they do not lose their attractiveness fast.

Because they are made of high-quality materials, these shoes look best with formal and business clothes.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are most commonly described as traditional and comfortable.

They are material-based, low-rise sneakers made famous by prominent brands such as Converse All-Stars. Because they are a traditional sneaker alternative, these sneakers go nicely with casual clothes.

Furthermore, these sneakers launched the rolled-up jeans craze among millennials.

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Canvas Sneakers

Since it is 2022, there are sneakers available that are manufactured from multiple materials.

These sneakers are manufactured from a variety of materials, including plastic and leather, leather and textile, and many more. You must understand the material blend of your sneaker in order for your feet to become acclimated to it.

These sneakers can be worn on a daily basis as well as for sports purposes.

Velcro Sneakers

Although they are not the type of sneakers that can be worn with all types of clothes, if worn appropriately, Velcro sneakers can boost the look of a casual outfit with the right kind of flair.

These shoes, which come in a variety of colors and styles, may be worn with a variety of ensembles, including streetwear, evening, and smart-casual looks. The best aspect is that they are really inexpensive.

Designer Sneakers

Designer sneakers, as the name implies, are sneakers produced by a designer brand. Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and other designer labels, for example, create sneaker lines that are typically worn with formal clothes.

Even though they are really comfortable, they look exceptional and costly, instantly elevating an average ensemble to the next level. Designer sneakers may create a stylish statement, it’s true.

10 Most Expensive Jordan Shoes Ever Sold

1. Nike Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game)

Despite the fact that it is not their original moniker, this pair of Air Jordan 12 is one of the most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold due to the tale behind it.

It was the 1997 NBA Finals, and the Chicago Bulls were up against the Utah Jazz, with the former trailing and the latter closing in on victory.

Michael Jordan was suffering from the flu and wasn’t feeling well, yet he found the strength to lead his team to win that night, scoring 15 points and making it a memorable game.

The Air Jordan 12s he was wearing that night became known as the Flu Game, a black and red variant of the original that sold for an incredible $104,000, making them the most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

2. Nike Air Jordan 12 OG

The Air Jordan 12 OVO is pair of footwear given to a fan at Drake’s Extravaganza Night at the Toronto Raptors.

It was a female admirer who, after receiving the sneakers, turned around and sold them for $100,000.

At that amount, the Air Jordan 12 OVOs are the second most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

3. Air Jordan 2 OG

The Jordan 2 OG was not a popular model among basketball players, fans, or even sneaker collectors; but, despite this, the shoe went for $31,000 on eBay, making this pair one of the most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

It was a 28-year-old pair of footwear in poor condition, but it will undoubtedly end up in a sneaker museum.

4. Air Jordan 1 (Black and Gold)

Since its first release, this model has gone through several iterations. It was a big success among Jordan BB shoe fans and collectors alike.

In 1985, a special version of the shoe was made that was only accessible in Asia.

Only 12 pairs of sneakers were created in black and shiny gold.

This pair of sneakers cost $25,000, making it the pair the fourth most expensive of Jordan shoes ever sold.

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5. Air Jordan 1 (1985 ASG)

The Air Jordan 1 (1985 ASG) is another high-priced Jordan.

These sneakers were worn by Jordan at the NBA All-Star Game in 1985, and despite Jordan not having his best night on the court, he signed the pair of shoes, which eventually sold for $21,780, making it one of the most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

Jordan faced some of the NBA’s finest players that night, making them even more desirable.

6. Air Jordon 10 OVO

This was a sneaker presented to Drake and his crew, with the OVO abbreviation standing for October’s Very Own.

The gesture was meant to represent Jordan’s cooperation with the organization, but the shoes were later donated to a fan by Drake at the Toronto Raptors’ Drake Night celebration.

It was then discovered that the lucky fan instantly turned around and sold the high-priced pair of shoes for $20,000, making this shoe one of the most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold in the history of the basketball shoe line.

7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout

The Air Jordan 11 Blackout quickly became one of Michael Jordan’s most popular basketball footwear.

They are a widely desired shoe among sneaker collectors, and many individuals were willing to sell their pair online when the price of this sneaker soared beyond $11,000, making it the eighth-most expensive Jordan shoe ever sold.

It is a rare sneaker, and individuals who still have a pair may end up receiving even bigger payments for the shoe in the future if they decide to sell it.

8. Air Jordan V (SE)

Jordan developed the Air Jordan V (SE) with World War II fighter jets in mind when it was released in 1990.

At the tip of the shoe, there is a plainly gaping shark mouth. Lace locks were also featured, which is said to be the first time this technology was used as a practical element on basketball sneakers.

Jordan had a unique version of this shoe created for himself, complete with his number 23 emblazoned on the shoe.

These shoes are now on the market for $10,000, making them the fifth most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

9. Air Jordan VI

Jordan’s sixth signature shoe, the Air Jordan VI, was released. It debuted in 1991 and was made with a blend of leather and a #23 on the upper, a visible Air, and a rubber sole.

Jordan wore the shoes when he won the NCAA title, an Olympic gold medal, and an NBA championship, therefore this edition of his Jordan lineup sells for $7,200 a pair now.

This is one of the most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

10. Jordan III OG

The Jordan III OG debuted in 1988 and was the first shoe in the Jordan range to feature the Jumpman emblem, which became synonymous with the brand. It was also the first model to feature a visible air unit at the heel.

Jordan had an incredible year the year he wore the model, winning a slam dunk contest against Atlanta Hawks star Dominique Wilson and then winning All-Star MVP the next day.

That year, he was also voted Most Defensive Player of the Year.

This was an extremely popular Jordan, with Jordan demonstrating what the shoe could help him achieve, and it was selling for $4,500, making it one of the most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

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Choosing the Best Sneaker for Each Occasion

Sneakers are a versatile form of footwear that may be worn in a variety of ways. You can wear a comfortable pair of running sneakers to the airport, whereas your basketball shoes can be worn with skinny jeans and a simple tee.

Here’s how to flawlessly select the right pair of sneakers for various events:

Taking a Walk

If you walk as a form of exercise, the best type of sneaker for you will be one that has some sort of padding for your foot and is flexible, but it must also be supportive. When wearing walking shoes, your foot must feel secure at all times.


If you run on a regular basis, you should invest in a pair of running sneakers. The importance of purchasing a pair of running sneakers is that they provide the appropriate level of support for your foot.

When your foot is moving quickly, it needs greater support, but the shoe must also be breathable.

Because your feet will be moving in jarring motions, it is critical to have some extra cushioning at the sole of your foot to keep it from jabbing against the ground.

High-top sneakers or sports sneakers are the best options.

Running shoes might be big, which makes them unsuitable for everyday wear, but if you’re trying for a street-style vibe, they can look terrific.

Spinning or Cycling

There is no need to buy a new pair of sneakers when cycling or spinning. Because all you have to do is insert your foot into the pedal and strap it on, you may wear standard athletic or plimsoll footwear.

If cycling is something you do on a daily basis, you should acquire sneakers that clip onto the bike’s pedals. Although not required, having these specific sneakers will make the entire experience much better, safer, and easier.

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Formal Meetings

When you attend a formal party, everyone expects you to be dressed up in a suit and suede loafers, but you can deviate from this “formal gathering” cliché.

Wearing leather sneakers or low-top sneakers that match or contrast with the color of your suit is the easiest method to accomplish this.

Although sneakers are considered informal, fashion is changing and individuals are wearing them with nearly anything. Wear shoes with a formal outfit to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

It will be not only a fashion statement but also a game-changer for many.


‘Wahlburgers’ by Mark Wahlberg x Air Jordan 4. In 2018, he raffled off a pair with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, with the proceeds benefiting those devastated by the California wildfires. Because there are only 30 pairs in existence, it’s easy to see why these sell for so much.

The Air Jordan 1 ‘Black Toe,’ the Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago,’ the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Bordeaux, and the Air Jordan Mid Bred 1, a mid-top in a black and red colorway that was originally forbidden by the NBA, are among the best-selling Jordans.

The Nike Air Jordan I is the first and only pair of Jordans ever produced. Nike designer Peter Moore created the shoes exclusively for Michael Jordan in 1984.

The Jordan 1 Low is the most affordable sneaker in the Air Jordan lineup. The general release of the lifestyle-oriented sneaker costs $90.

The Passion Diamond Shoes are valued at $17 million. The world’s “most expensive” pair of shoes, worth USD 17 million, debuted in the UAE in October 2018. The opulent Passion Diamond Shoes, composed of diamonds and gold, took nine months to design and create.


Those are the most expensive Jordans ever sold. Whatever you think of them, these sneakers aren’t just a passing craze that will fade away in a few years.

Their exorbitant pricing are not just based on how and what they are built they symbolize one basketball player’s legacy and the spirit of others who may or may not have had the opportunity to see him play.



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