10 Most Expensive Necklace In The World

Jewelry has a special appeal for all sexes, and necklaces are part of the crop. They add charm to the face and make a person look really good. Jewelers around the world invest their efforts in crafting jewelry so that they can bring out its natural beauty.

The biggest names in jewelry such as Bulgari and Tiffany & Co have invested heavy amounts to craft the most expensive necklaces. Interestingly, many of these are very extravagant.

Some are made with precious stones and set in precious metals, while others have pearls, rubies, and emeralds that make them look breathtakingly beautiful.

Today, we will tell you about the ten most expensive necklaces in the world. Few of these insanely expensive necklaces took years and years to be made and some take decades.

10 Most Expensive Necklace In The World

Here is a list of the ten most expensive necklaces in the world:

  1. A Heritage in Bloom – $200 Million
  2. The “L’Incomparable” Diamond Necklace – $55 million
  3. Heart of the Ocean – $20 million
  4. The Heart of the Kingdom Ruby Necklace – $14 Million
  5. The Star Of China Necklace – $11.1 million
  6. Leviev’s Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant – $10 Million
  7. Christie’s Diamond Necklace – $8.14 million
  8. Etcetera’s Burmese Ruby Necklace – $6.4 million
  9. The “Mrs. Winston” Diamond Necklace – $5.8 million
  10. The “Red Scarlet” Diamond Necklace – $5.1 Million

#1. A Heritage in Bloom – $200 Million

A Heritage in Bloom
Image source: expensive-world.com

This opulent necklace is the world’s most expensive diamond necklace, with a price tag of $200 million. In 2015, it was designed by Wallace Chan, a Chinese master jeweler. This masterpiece is made even more unique because it can be disassembled and reassembled in 27 different ways.

$200 million is nothing to sneeze. This necklace features an exceptionally rare pink diamond weighing 26 carats, which is surrounded by a ring of white diamonds and another ring of pink diamonds.

It also includes a detachable brooch made up of three pear-shaped white diamonds and seven fancy intense pink diamonds, as well as a pair of earrings with two pear-shaped fancy vivid pink diamonds, each surrounded by white diamonds. The necklace was initially offered for $250 million but was reduced to $200 million.

#2. The “L’Incomparable” Diamond Necklace – $55 million

The “L’Incomparable” Diamond Necklace
Image source: forbes.com

In 2013, Mouawad created this stunning masterpiece: the 637-carat ‘L’Incomparable’ diamond necklace, which is valued at $55 million. Guinness World Records named it the world’s most expensive diamond necklace at the time.

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The $55 million “L’Incomparable” necklace was made possible by its valuable pendant gemstone, a flawless brown-yellow diamond weighing 407.48 carats.

The necklace is set with 35 round diamonds, 27 pear-shaped diamonds, nine heart-shaped diamonds, five emerald-cut diamonds, five cushion diamonds, four oval diamonds, three Asscher-cut diamonds, and two radiant diamonds, in addition to this massive rock. “L’Incomparable” has the appearance of a vine, with the central stones hanging from the stem.

#3. Heart of the Ocean – $20 million

Heart of the Ocean
Image source: dreamstime.com

The necklace is the world’s third most expensive necklace. It’s the most famous necklace in the world, and Kate Winslet wore a replica of it in the 1997 blockbuster film Titanic.

The replica cost $10,000, but the original is worth $20 million. It was designed by Harry Winston and features a spectacular and rare 15-carat blue diamond.

Rose, played by Kate Winslet, wore only this piece in the blockbuster film “Titanic,” as Jack, played by Leonardo di Caprio, drew a nude sketch of her on the doomed ship.

The pendant is a heart-shaped blue diamond surrounded by white diamonds in this magnum opus. The priceless stone is suspended from a string of white diamonds.

The film “Titanic” piqued the interest of renowned jewelers who wanted to create their own “Heart of the Ocean” editions.

Asprey and Garrard’s production brought in $2.2 million, while Harry Winston’s superior version brought in an incredible $20 million.

#4. The Heart of the Kingdom Ruby Necklace – $14 Million

The Heart of the Kingdom Ruby Necklace
Image source: Pinterest.com

Designed by the renowned jewelry house Garrard and Company, this stunning ring is set in a band of 155 carat pear-shaped and round white diamonds.

These stones encircle one of the world’s largest Burmese rubies. This ruby is shaped like a heart and weighs a whopping 40.63 carats. Its rich pigeon red tones add to its allure.

Furthermore, the necklace is flexible enough to be worn as a headdress.

There are 150 diamonds in Kingdom Hearts. Glamorous rubies have been extremely rare and authentic by a Swiss laboratory. It’s no surprise that the asking price is a whopping $14 million.

#5. The Star Of China Necklace – $11.1 million

The Star Of China Necklace
Image source: pinterest.com

The world’s largest (75.36 carats) Briolette diamond “China Star” diamond necklace, known as “China Star,” is ranked fifth among the top ten most expensive necklaces. In 2013, Christie’s sold the necklace for $11.1 million. This item is for sale.

Harry Winston, the owner, had to be one-of-a-kind and powerful enough to claim royalty with this piece. It’s made of platinum and features a large star sapphire as the centerpiece.

Christian Nobleman-Anderson, Harry Winston’s master jeweler, spent over 1,000 hours handcrafting this breathtaking work of art.

Wearing the second largest cut stone in North America at her neckline makes me feel like a queen.

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This is a stunning, well-crafted necklace made of the finest materials. Crystal (Clear), light purple amethyst, and white topaz are stone colors. All are set in platinum and feature beautiful high-quality cut stones that will last a lifetime.

#6. Leviev’s Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant – $10 Million

Leviev’s Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant
Image source: teakadaibench.com

Lev Leviev, an Israeli diamond trader, sold the masterpiece for up to $ 10 million. The high cost is due to the following factors: A 77.12-carat bright yellow diamond is set in this necklace, which is complemented by a string of white diamonds.

This priceless gem was discovered in one of Leviev’s mines and is one of the world’s largest Ascher cut diamonds.

The highest rating for a colored stone is “fancy vivid,” and this Leviev piece certainly fits that description.

Leviev owns the world’s third-largest diamond mining company. Given the massive amount of attention this beauty is receiving from wooers worldwide, the price may well rise.

This Brilliant Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant by Leviev is highly sought after and statements future generations.

This 1.6ct VS2 F-G SI1 Fancy Brownish Untreated Darillion comes from the Mereb mining area in Africa’s Mesabi Delta region and has exceptional color intensity and clarity.

In addition, this is one of the most expensive necklaces in the world

#7. Christie’s Diamond Necklace – $8.14 million

Christie's Diamond Necklace
Image source: christies.com

This necklace has been sold for $8.14 million at a Christie’s auction in November 2013, bringing the total raised to a record $111.3 million.

The piece’s astronomical price is because it contains 52 round diamonds totaling 104.84 carats. Furthermore, Christie’s guarantees the highest clarity and quality of each gem.

As a result, this all-diamond beauty has an intense fire and sparkle that no other necklace can match.

Paloma Picasso created this diamond jewelry. Who assembled a collection of rare, flawless stones with a wide range of coloration?

She made this piece coveted among jewelers as one of her lifetime collection’s most delicate details. In addition, this is one of the most expensive necklaces in the world

#8. Etcetera’s Burmese Ruby Necklace – $6.4 million

Etcetera’s Burmese Ruby Necklace
Image source: pinterest.com

The Etcetera Burmese Ruby Necklace, which sold for up to $6.4 million at Christie’s Hong Kong auction in November 2013, is considered the most valuable ruby necklace in history.

This stunning piece resembles a lace collar with 87.78 carats of oval and white pear-shaped diamonds and Burmese rubies.

Each ruby is linked to a wave of diamonds, with six pear-shaped diamonds dangling from the streams’ edges to create a dripping effect.

Coco Chanel knows a thing or two about diamonds, making her ideal for quality-conscious women. A round-cut ruby is set in this 18K gold plated necklace.

On even the darkest day (or night! ), sparkles emit radiant lightroom after room, composed of 1 carat in weight and perfectly set in rounds ranging from 0.03 to.14 carats.

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#9. The “Mrs. Winston” Diamond Necklace – $5.8 million

The “Mrs. Winston” Diamond Necklace
Image source: tech4tanzania.org

The most precious necklace Because we have such a large selection to choose from, the “Mrs. Winston” diamond necklace is one of the best jewelry pieces in the world.

Since 1919, our fine designers have been creating beautiful jewelry, and our high standards have never wavered.

Mrs. Winston’s diamonds are hand-picked by Mrs. Winston as soon as they are mined, a process that can take up to 18 months.

You’ll keep coming back to the Mrs. Winston Necklace, which is made of flawless antique gold and genuine diamonds. Enjoy glistening in style and shining brighter than the rest of society.

The most valuable diamond necklace was originally known as the Winston Necklace, and it was named after Sir Winston Churchill.

The title “Mrs.” evolved due to its reputation, making it more personal and intriguing to a buyer. This isn’t just any diamond jewelry with 132 carats of diamonds; it’s top-of-the-line luxury with nearly perfect clarity.

#10. The “Red Scarlet” Diamond Necklace – $5.1 Million

The “Red Scarlet” Diamond Necklace
Image source: pinterest.com

The most priceless necklace The “Red Scarlet” Diamond Necklace is one of the most stunning and valuable diamonds in the world.

It features a massive 5-carat diamond solitaire and two blood-red garnet drops to match. Micro prong-set diamonds in 18K white gold surround it.

This necklace compliments any skin tone. This is an investment that you will not be sorry for, so get yours now.

The most experience chain The “Red Scarlet” diamond necklace is one of the world’s most valuable diamonds. Two rows of trellis pave diamonds accent a bezel-set champagne diamond that is beautifully combined with a red ruby gemstone.

This magnificent necklace features 61 3 or better carats of cushion cut diamonds. Round stones are paved as a pendant to trios of the framework.

It’s suspended from a three-stranded 18K white gold chain weighing up to 1/4ct. It can be worn at 16′′ or shortened by 2 inches.


The 10 most expensive necklaces in the world are really beautiful, but you should know that these items are not for everyone. If you want to look like a celebrity or famous star it is just an idea that you can use as a fan.

You need to remember that these necklaces are not for everyday wear but all of them are so elegant and gorgeous that when there’s a special event like prom night or New Year you can use this beautiful item.



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