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10 Most Expensive Phones In The World in 2023

Phones form an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Just as there are different social classes among people, the prices of the phones vary too. With some being the most expensive phones and others the cheapest.

Various modifications have been made to specific pieces that have made it to the top as the worlds’ most expensive phones.

Below is an exhaustible look-through of the most expensive phones in the world in 2023.

The Most Expensive Phone Ever

The most expensive cellular phone recorded in the Guinness book of records is the Goldvish Le Million.

Made in 2006, by Swiss Goldfish S.A., the handset is made of pure gold and studded with diamonds. So expensive is this one, that it limited its production to only three pieces.

One piece of this luxurious phone retailed at 1.2 million dollars. The pieces went out to one Russian business person, another in Hong Kong, while the rest remained unsold.

However, there have been recent more expensive phones launched but not yet rated in the Guinness book of records.

The FALCON SUPERNOVA IPHONE 6 PINK DIAMOND which retailed in 2023, is the most expensive phone yet to be recorded in the Guinness book of records.

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Who Owns The Most Expensive Phone In The World?

FALCON SUPERNOVA IPHONE 6 PINK DIAMOND is owned by Nita Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani, a businessman and the wealthiest man in Asia.

Which is the Most Expensive Phone in the World 2023

The most expensive phone in the world in 2023 is the Falcon supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond.

According to, the most expensive phone in the world costs a whopping  $48.5 million and comes with a $300,000 earphones accessory.

How Much Is The Most Expensive Phone?

The FALCON SUPERNOVA IPHONE 6 PINK DIAMOND remains the most expensive phone in the world. However, there are two cheaper versions of the SUPERNOVA substituting the pink diamond with the orange or blue diamond, retailing at 42.5 million USD and 32.5 million USD respectively.

Why are iPhones So Expensive?

Why are iPhones so expensive? This is a question that might have crossed your mind every time you set out to buy a new phone.

Eyes on the sleek iPhone on display, you inquire about the price only to get your heartbroken and the price is too high for your pockets. I can attest to that, you and I, have gone through the same experiences.

Here is a research result of why we get our hearts broken by the iPhone prices.

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1. Own operating system.

iPhone’s biggest competitor is the android phones which are significantly cheaper than iPhones and almost of equal performance. Yet, the biggest difference between iPhones and Android phones is the operating system.

The android phones use the Operating system from Google at a license fee. However, Apple has to develop its own operating system from scratch.

Other than being unique, Apple tailors the operating system to meet the iPhone users to the detail. The perfect engineering is reflected in the price tag of the items.

This is an attribute of the most expensive phones.

2. Beta apps

Beta apps might not be the correct term to tell of how most app developers launch their apps in iPhones way earlier than in Android. This might be for the sole reason of iPhone users paying for the apps or not.

For instance, the developers launched Instagram and Snapchat in iPhones and operated for almost 2 years before their introduction to android phones.

Subsequently, Apple filters the type of apps to be installed on their devices. This way, underdeveloped or harmful apps are less likely to find their way into your phone.

3. Apple garden

Apple has a well-manicured ecosystem that allows smooth operation between different devices.

As a person with heavy reliance on tech devices, I would rather go to the devices that synchronize well and I can get to access my data and information from any device I have signed up for.

The Apple garden allows the user to switch between iPhone, MacBook, and iPad seamlessly.

Tus is another reason apple phones make up the most expensive phones ever sold.

4. Higher warranty

Most android phones come with a warranty of 12+1 months for manufacturers’ defects. However, Apple products come with an additional warranty of 2 years for the same.

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5. Apple obsession

There is an inexplicable feeling one gets from using an Apple product. It may be the teenage thrill of merely having the logo in their pocket or the satisfaction of a CEO who knows he will operate without hitch courtesy of Apple products.

This beats the need to purchase a cheaper phone but less satisfaction. iPhone users will always use iPhones despite the price.

The 10 Most Expensive Phones In The World

Here is a list of the 10 most expensive phones in the world;


The phone is a customized model of iPhone 6, made of 24-carat gold, platinum plating, hack protection and studded with a huge pink diamond at the back.

This is the most expensive phones in the world.


Designed by Stuart Hughes, the phone is hand-made, embezzled with 500 diamonds of over 100–carats, they studded the iPhone logo with 53 diamonds, two home buttons, detachable, of 8.6 and 7.4-carat diamond.

The behind panel is made of 24-carat gold. A platinum chest, piece of original dinosaur bone, and other precious stones are additional features in this device.

This is another most expensive phones in he world.


Designed by Stuart Hughes, the phone is made of pure rose gold and decorated with 500 diamonds that add up to 100-carats. The phone comes with a 7kh granite chest.


The phone boasts 271 grams of  22-carat body, a front bezel of 136 diamonds, a rear logo of 53 diamonds, 7.1- carat diamond home button, and a granite chest made of a single block.

Its design is by Stuart Hughes. It is one most expensive phones in the world.

5. iPhone 3G KINGS BUTTON (USD 2.5 M)

Peter Allison is the designer of this masterpiece. It has a combination of white, yellow, and rose gold amounting to 18-carats. In addition, it has a strip of 138 diamonds and a 6.6-carat diamond home button.


Designed by Peter Allison, the phone comprises solid platinum and its logo of rose gold.

Additional features include; gold rose navigation keys, with 28 round cut diamonds, additional 10 rare blue diamonds, and side panel wood from hand polishes Macassar ebony.

It is another most expensive/costly phones in the world.

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Rated in the Guinness book of records, the phone boasts of an 18-carat white gold body and gold plating, and 120 carats of VVS-1 grade diamonds.


Designed by Gresso, he made the phone’s back panel from polished African wood extracted from a 200-year-old tree. Additional features include over 10 grams of gold, black diamonds, and a keypad beautified by gem sapphire.

This is another most expensive/costly mobile phones in the world.


Made by Swiss Company Goldvish, the phone has a detachable analog watch, rounded ends made up of the sapphire-glass display, diamonds, pink and white gold, and fine leather.


Designed by Boucheron, the phone sports a cobra wound around its edges is gold plated, and has additional rare stones. They made the cobra of 2 emeralds and 439 rubies.

It is the last most expensive phones in this list.


Mobile phones remain at the core of our daily lives. However, the prices might bring a very huge difference on the type of phone one settles on.

Despite it all, the different prices of mobile phones are justifiable.  Greater dimensions of luxury continue to be unveiled every day.

Manufacturers are striving to remain at the top by integrating better technologies in order to maintain cutting-edge competition.

Read through this list to ascertain the most expensive/costly phones ever.



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