17 Most Expensive Pizza in the World

Pizza in its elegance is a favourite dish of all time from the Italian origin, a Neapolitan dish to the specifics.  With a whole day dedicated to celebrating Pizza, rest assured it is not just highly-priced as it meets the needs of a favourite snack for every class.

The world most expensive pizzas are making amazing sales. Not just seated on the record books, they are bringing huge money to the pockets, huge money that could buy expensive houses and all-expense-paid luxurious vacations as well.

The most expensive pizzas in the world are made from unique, exorbitant ingredients. A few days ago, Domino’s introduced spicy catfish, another mouth-watering recipe to celebrate world Pizza day.

This article explores the most expensive pizzas in the world. It states its price and some unique ingredients that make them exceptional.

The table of contents below reveals the order in which the most expensive pizzas were discussed.

Is there really a 70000 dollar pizza?

Yes, the eating of this dollar pizza was covered by Business insider and Insider.com. In a video that found its way to the internet, celebrity YouTuber, Mr Beast and David Dobrik were seen eating a $70, 000 golden pizza with his friends.

Basically, there is no 70, 000 dollar pizza anywhere except on demand. In the video, one can simply deduce that this dollar pizza was made on-demand.

The dollar pizza was made by a private chef who usually cooks for billionaires. The base of the pizza was covered with an ounce of gold followed by a ten-year-old parmesan bechamel.

The toppings of the 70, 000 dollar pizza include a Japanese beef marinaded in $10, 000 grape juice and Hudson Valley foie gras. The foie gras was seared and flambeed with a $6, 000 bottle of apple juice. You could also see $4, 000 worth of white truffle shavings from Italy and $16, 000 worth of albino caviar.

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What is the most expensive pizza in the world 2022?

The most expensive pizza in the world is the Pierchic Pizza made in Dubai at the Pierchic restaurant.

This expensive pizza cost a mind-boggling price of $180, 000. Before the advent of Pierchic, the 70, 000 dollar pizza eaten by Mr Beast and David Dobrika was the most expensive pizza.

However, the all-time most expensive pizza of all time is reportedly the Louis XII $12, 000 pizza made by Renato Viola.

What is the most expensive pizza topping?

Pizzas made with truffle oil tend to cost more than others. Basically, the most expensive pizza topping in the world today is the 24-carat gold flakes which is an edible metal and reserved for loyalty.

Other expensive pizza toppings include the truffle oil which is made of white truffles, lobster thermido- a rich mixture of lobster, cognac or brandy and egg yolks.

17 most expensive pizzas in the world.

In compiling this list of the most expensive pizzas in the world, the price of the pizzas is put into consideration. Basically, close attention is paid to the chef in charge, city and ingredients used in making the pizzas.

#1. Pierchic Pizza

Price:  $180,000

The Pierchic Pizza is the very first in our list of the world most expensive Pizza. The world most expensive pizza is made in Dubai at the Pierchic Restaurant for $180,000.

The Chef testifies that “he cooks with his heart”, his heart now in our pocket for this insanely priced Pizza but yes, it is worth it. I

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t is a highly-priced piece of pie that can create a hole in your pocket and dent your savings. It is worth the try especially for the affluent of course it is for the affluent.

As the pie is prepared diligently with white Edible gold leaves and Italian white Alba truffles, Perigordian black truffles, red saffron from Kashmir, imported French foie gras, champagne-soaked Almas, beluga caviar, Matsutake mushrooms.

#2. $70,000 Golden Pizza

Price: $70,000

The $70,000 Golden Pizza is second world expensive Pizza that really makes Pizza seem not to be a pie it is.

Especially its presentation on the gold base. A very luxurious outlook. The creativity in the food industry comes into play full time in the creation of this piece of the meal.

It is a highly-priced pizza because the base is covered only with gold. It was prepared by a private chef for a group of very rich friends and was beautifully garnished with beef drenched in $10,000 grape juice and Hudson Valley foie gras scorched with a $6,000 bottle of apple juice.

The finishing of the pizza is with $4,000 worth of white truffle shavings, which was flown in from Italy, and a $16,000 costing albino caviar. The Albino Caviar as known is the rarest caviar in the world.

The piece of food art was sealed off with enough gold leaf and smoked sea salt. Incredible! It is worthy of its position at the second most expensive Pizzas in the world.

#3. Louis XIII Pizza

Price: $12,000

Louis XII Pizza costs a whopping $12,000. An insane price for a Pizza in Italy. Louis XII Pizza is another world most expensive Pizza.

It’s a sumptuous creation with a unique taste of its own. This expensive Pizza is prepared by the legendary Master Chef Renato Viola and served in a cafe in Salerno, Italy.

This expensive Pizza is also made for the affluent alone and must be ordered 72 hours before delivery. It is prepared from organic Arabian flour and sprinkled with Murray River pink salt. The dough is rested for 72 hours for it to acquire the authentic flavour.

This authentic Flavour holds the uniqueness of the Louis XIII Pizza. The toppings include three variants of caviar, seven types of cheese, and Norwegian lobster. It’s a Pizza of 20cm diameter and it’s enough for two people.

#4. Favitta’s Pizza

Price: $8,180

The Favitta’s Pizza also known as Pizza for lovers with the beautiful shape of a heart is another world expensive Pizza ever sold.

With the intention to create beautiful memories and experiences for its affluent lovers, Favitta comes with a Diamond ring and the stupendously expensive Don Perigon Champagne

The Favitta’s Pizza was available at the Favitta’s family Pizzeria for a very proud price of $8,180. The Favitta’s Pizzeria closed down in the year 2008.

The Pizza was also known to have diamond scattered at the top of it. It was indeed a creative idea for the affluent to show and receive love but sadly could not survive. Could this be because there was no more love among the affluent because it was indeed a beautiful pick for proposals?

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#5. Miss Verdum Pizza

Price: $4,250

This is another highly-priced Pizza that can dent savings. Miss Verdum Pizza made it to our list of the world most expensive Pizza because of the beautiful packages that come with it.

You can get this expensive Pizza in the comfort of your home as the chef would come to your home to prepare your pie with Orchestra!

Yes, you read right, Orchestra. You enjoy your pie and you enjoy your music for the sum of $4,250.

This is a perfect way to have an affluent house party with a budget for orchestra and pie covered in space.

This is appealing really. If you can afford it, you should try it. The expensive Pizza is made with White truffles, Caviar, Lobsters, and 24- Karat gold flakes. Miss Verdum Pizza is prepared by the Mizzou Pizza in Verdun, Montreal.

#6. Pizza Royale

Price: $4,200

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Pizza Royale is another world most expensive Pizza sold for $4,200 but not sold for commercial purposes.

It was prepared by the award-winning Restauranteur, Chef Dominico Crolla in 2007 to raise funds for Fred Hollows Foundation ( An organisation working towards preventing curable blindness in developing countries) and it was inspired by James Bond.

Basically, you are giving to charity if you buy this Pizza and you should buy too if you are a fan of James Bond. Now, who is not a fan of James Bond?

Yes, we all don’t have $4,200 for Pizza. It is still worth the money if you can afford it. We are very much safe to call it the Charity Pizza.  

The toppings of the Pizza Royale have both white and black truffles, 24-carat gold dust, vintage of balsamic vinegar, lobster tails marinated in thousand-year-old cognac, the caviar is soaked in Dom Perignon champagne.

It also has high-quality prosciutto (cured pork meat), Scottish smoked salmon and venison medallions. Plus it is served with a glass of martini, shaken not stirred as per the James Bond style.

#7. Not-So-Poor Man’s Pizza

Price: $2,400

This supposed average man’s Pizza as the name ironically implies is highly priced for a jaw-dropping price of $2,400.

What an irony the name suggests that a Not-So-Poor man buy this expensive Pizza? At this ridiculous price?

Well, we have seen more expensive Pizzas that do not have the name though. It was first known in the year 2010 and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for quite a while.

This Pizza is prepared with fresh organic water buffalo mozzarella, Italian white truffles that have been brought in daily from Alba in Piemonte within 8 hours of harvesting and beautifully garnished with 24-karat gold leaf.

These constitute the exotic ingredients of this pie. The preparation of the pie requires a week’s notice due to the daily acquisition of the fresh ingredients.

The majority of the sales of this pizza go to charity. So, this also can be classified also as charity Pizza but can only be afforded by the affluent of course.

#8. 24k Pizza

Price: $2000

 The 24k Pizza made to our list as the 8th Most Expensive Pizza in the world. It is prepared by the industry Kitchen in New York.

This high-priced Pizza for $2000 must be ordered 48 hours before so the ingredients can be readily available as everything is freshly ordered for every order.

So, eight friends can contribute $250 and they will have this beauty readily on their table.

The 24K high-priced Pizza is made with Truffles from France, Foie Grass, Ossetia Caviar from the Caspian Sea, Shilton Cheese from England then 24- Karat gold foil and 24- Karat gold dust as toppings. This incredible piece of food art has blackish dough.

#9. Nini Bellissima

Price: $1000

Another world expensive Pizza at $1000 is the Nini Bellissima Pizza. It was launched by Chef Grovani Spatula. It is sold at Gino’s restaurant in New York City.

This expensive Pizza was revealed in the year 2012. It cost $820 worth of caviar garnish to prepare this lie hence the high price tag.

The profit on this luxurious pie is $180. The pizzeria is run by Nino Salmache who has 33years of experience in the Pizza business.

This Pizza is made with  Large blobs of beluga with black Russian Royal Sevruga roe which constitute the garnish spread over the base, with sliced lobster and crème fraîche to top it off. Politicians, Wall Street Traders, and wealthy love-struck couples constitute the well-off customers of this Pizzeria.

This Pizza is known to sell at least 50 a day.

#10. SeeNay Pizza

Price: $850

 Yay! The SeeNay Pizza made it to our top ten most expensive Pizzas in the world with its ridiculous price of $850.

The SeeNay Pizza is a Steveston Pizza at the Richmond Pizza Joint. This SeeNay Pizza here is the most expensive Pizza in Metro Vancouver.

It is prepared with Tiger Prawns, Lobster touille, smoked steelhead, Russian Osetra Caviar and furnished with Italian white Truffles. Relishing!

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Not our regular Pepperoni Pizza a change is not a bad idea if you can afford it.

#11. The C6 Pizza

Price: $450

The C6 Pizza of Stevenson Pizza is located at Richmond, BC, Canada the home of fresh seafood availability.

It made it to our 12 most expensive Pizzas in the world as the 11th most expensive pizza in the world.

The C6 Pizza sells at a not-so-humble price of $450. This exorbitant pie is a seafood-based pie hence the high price.

This highly-priced Pizza is prepared with Black Alaskan cod, Russian Osetra Caviar, Tiger Prawns, Smoked Salmon and Lobster Thermidor.

#12. Gordon  Ramsay’s Pizza

Price: $250

Our List definitely won’t be complete if the Legendary Gordon Ramsay’s Pizza is not captured in our 12 most expensive Pizzas in the world.

That would be a disaster in the Pizza community. This Mouth and pocket ravishing Pizza is served in Maze Restaurant In London for $250.

It’s a fair price in comparison to the others on our list but still in the class of the affluent. The Signature ingredient of the expensive Gordon Ramsay’s Pizza is the Italian  Onion Puree.

Other Ingredients used in preparing this expensive Pizza are, Cep Mushrooms, Fontina Cheese, White Truffle Pasta, Rare herbs, Truffles from Italy and Pork Belly

#13. Triple Mille-Feuille Pizza

Price: $140

This is one of Domino’s expensive pizzas. Although you can order this pizza without all the toppings, you will best enjoy it if you spend $140 to get its real delightful taste.

Just as its name, this pizza is a triple layered stuffed crust with cheese in between every layer. The triple layered pizza is apparently the heaviest and thickets pizza you may come across. The double cheese topping on top of the two layers of cheese creates a strong aroma will surely stir up your apetites.

#14. The Astice E Tartufo

Price: $127

On the 14th place on our list of most expensive pizzas in the world is the Astice E Tartufo. It is made in the Third Avenue Cafe in Dubai. This makes its the out of range for delivery around other countries considering the distance.

Every ingredient used in preparing this pizza is imported. They include truffles and lobsters.

#15. The Magic Gold Pizza

Price: $108

The Magic Gold Pizza is one of the most expensive pizzas with gold. It is best for individuals who prefer to eat healthy food.

This pizza is for the filthy rich and the brainchild of the Magic Over Resturant in Toronto, Canada.

Magic Gold is made with organic ingredients and its best for vegans. It can be finished with an edible 24-karat gold leaf if you are willing to spend extra dollars.

#16. Kobe Beef Pizza

From the stables of Domino’s Japan comes this beef steak Pizza unveiled in 2013. It is topped with high-quality beef from Kobe in Japan’s Hyoo Prefecture.

Kobe Pizza is known for its flavor, tenderness, fatty and well-marbled texture. You can also get this pizza with higher grade toppings like steak sauce and cheese.

#17. Round Table’s Premium Pizza

Price: $27

Producers of ths expensive pizza has over 450 units across the US with headquarters in Atlanta.

This Pizza is one of the most extravagant pies on this eminent Fast-food chain. It is known for its variety of griment and signature specialty with tasty wings and amazing sandwiches.


Pizzas are one amazing set of delicacies you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. Although it was meant to be an easily made food, most expensive pizzas in the world has its master chefs employing all their culinary talents.

If you have enough money, which of these most expensive pizzas would you be placing an order for.



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