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Top 10 Most Expensive Plants in the World

Plants are multicellular creatures in the order of Plantae that produce their sustenance through photosynthesis. There are about 300,000 plant species, with grasses, trees, and shrubs being notable examples. Plants play a crucial part in the global ecology.
They are crucial in the food chain because many species eat plants or eat organisms that eat plants, creating most of the World’s oxygen.

The most expensive plants in the World are mostly pricey because of their rarity and how difficult they are to plant. This article outlines the most expensive plants and how best you can care for them. Keep reading.

Why Are House Plants So Expensive?

Most people keep house plants as hobbies. They can occupy any part of your house and still look chic.

There are a couple of reasons house plants are expensive, and to top it off, where they even exist are the most expensive plants in the world.

Some of these reasons are-

  • Some of the plants are so difficult to get hold of. Rarity and demand have a way of driving up the price of plants.
  • Some house plants are difficult to propagate and grow. Time is money, so a person must include the time spent on the plant and find the equivalent of cash.
  • Plants that root quickly cost less than those that take longer to root or those that are only grown from the seed.
  • Plants need water and attention to grow. The water, attention, and care cost must be added to the price.
  • When you buy a house plant, it has to be transported to where you are. The cost of transportation is one of the factors that make house plants so expensive.
  • Most plants come in a plant bucket or a vase. Whether customized or not, the price of the bucket or vase has to be included.

Where Are Expensive Plants Grown?

Where a house plant can be grown depends on the kind of plant it is. Most big business owners of house plants have greenhouses situated outside their homes where they can grow the house plants and sell them in the future.

Other people have stores and supermarkets where they grow house plants.

This is easier because anyone who walks into the store or supermarket can see the plants and the owners save themselves the stress of carrying it to the market for sale.

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Is It Easy To Transport Plants?

No. Transporting house plants is one of the major challenges sellers of houseplants face. They are plants and are susceptible to death if they lack sunlight. As such, whether by sea, air or road, you must be very careful when considering moving house plants.

When there is a need to transport a houseplant, you should put some precautions in place to ensure the plants stay healthy and alive during the transportation. You should provide humidifiers, grow lights, temperature stabilizing equipment, and packing materials.

Take into consideration the type of plant you are moving, to ensure you put the right precautions in place.

How To Do You Move House Plants Into Your Home?

If you plan to move plants into your home, the steps and tips you should take are-

  • If your house is a few hours away, you should consider moving the plants into open boxes and cushion the sides with newspapers to ensure they smudge. Load the plants into the car that way without closing the boxes and head out.
  • If you have purchased a tall plant, gather as much sphagnum moss as you can and place it on top of each pot. Afterward, wrap each pot with plastic and tie it with a tap to ensure that it doesn’t break. That way, the pot with the plant can be tipped on the seat of your car while you move it to your home, without making a mess of your car.
  • If you are moving a plant in the winter, wrap the plants with newspapers before loading them. The weather is usually so cold. Maximum exposure to the cold could kill them. Try loading the plants safely in your car before you move them out of the garage.
  • If you are traveling a long distance with your plants, give them care and attention. Make sure they do not get too hot or too cold. The air and temperature should be just right. Try to water them once in a while if your journey to your home is more than a day long. 5. You can arrange to have plants shipped by land or air. Shipping can be expensive, however, and there are no guarantees. If you’re moving a long distance, pick out three of your favorite plants and move them however you choose, then have a plant sale for the rest and use the money to buy new plants for your new house.

Where Can You Buy Houseplants For Your Home Online?

#The Sill

The sill is one of the best places you can buy houseplants for your home. When you buy from The Sill, you can get a good source for popular houseplants, you get a large selection of pots to choose from for your plants.

The sill offers faux and preserved plants, giving you multiple options for finding the best plant for your house. When you buy from them, you can also expect to get nice packaging and quick delivery.

However, the sill’s services are expensive and they lack the rare plant selections.

You can contact them here.

#The Spruce

The Spruce is another really good online store you can buy plants from and be sure that what you ordered would be what you get. They have a large selection of plants for you to choose from.

If you lack a local nursery, The Spruce is also a great place for you to buy the plants from because they also have less pricey options.

However, because they have a variety of sellers, the quality of the flower you could have delivered to you, may vary.

You can contact them here.

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#Greenery NYC

If you are looking out for large house plants, Greenery NYC is your go-to place. They have several large plants on sale.

In addition, you would have access to stylish planters and fast shipping. However, if you want the next-day shipping, it is only available in NYC.

The online shop also has a mix and match capability, allowing you to find a planter that can help you pick out the best plants for your home based on the look of it.

You can contact them here.


Bloomscape offers services that allow you to buy both your indoor and outdoor plants.

In addition, they offer helpful information on planting for those who would want to try out planting themselves. The only downside to Bloomscape is that their plants are quite pricey.

They also have an app with all the plants they offer with the sellers on it. There are also video contents to make and helpful information on it to make your plant buying an easy one.

You can contact them here.

#Home Depot

With a lot of really great reviews, you should consider getting your house plants from Home Depot. They have a great selection of indoor and outdoor house plants for you to pick from.

Even though they have less trendy pots and planter options, they have a garden center with plant care items to ensure your home plants are well taken care of.

Asides from plants, they also offer home renovations, enabling you not just to pick out the right plants for your home, but to know the necessary upgrades you need.

You can contact them here.


To buy your house plants at Horti, you need to be a real plant lover. Their plants are not pricey.

They also have new to plants subscription plans, ensuring all the information you need about the plant you want, gets to you.

You can also cancel your subscription anytime you feel like it. However, most of the plants they have are for indoor use.

You can contact them here. is a highly organized platform that works on the light needs and care requirements that are needed for your plants. The shipping takes two to three days.

They, however have a range of plants, both rare and common, for you to choose from. You can contact them here.

Most Expensive Houseplants

#1. Variegated Monstera

Ranked #1 in the list of most expensive houseplants is the Variegated Monstera. It has sold for hundreds of dollars, with the cutting off on the stem alone costing $120.

The most expensive sold was to Adansonii Variegata, who bought it for $38,000. Over the past few years, their popularity has not waned at all.

They are sporadic and beautiful. They require medium sunlight and not a lot of water as well. Due to its rarity, it has high demand, which even drives up its price further.

#2. Hoya Carnossa Compacta

The Hoya Carnosa Compacta is currently one of the most expensive houseplants in the world. In 2020, the Hoya Carnosa Compacta was sold on an auction site for a whopping price of $6500.

To date, it is still the most expensive plant sold on the auction site.

The Hoya Carnosa Compacta has a cream/yellow variegation on the inside of the leaf making it appealing to the eyes and hence, attracting more buyers.

The price you can get this plant for also depends on whether it is the full-grown version of the seed.

#3. Philodendron Pink Princess

With people looking out for more glory and planting for exquisite parts of their houses, Philodendron pink princess used as a household plant cannot be left out.

Its fully grown version can cost about $3,500. It is rare and beautiful.

To find this plant, you can go to Galaxy from Esty seller Eden Garden. If you want to plant it yourself, you could get the seed for $50, depending on where you find it. This household plant is a beauty and as such, has won a lot of hearts.

#4. Old Pine Bonsai Tree

If you are going for a simple look in your home interiors, you should consider getting the very rare but exquisite old pine bonsai tree. They are very expensive. Research shows that the most expensive Bonsai tree to be sold was sold for $1.3 million in Japan.

Of recent, even though it is still rare when you look carefully, you can find it. This has driven the price down.

You can now get a well-grown old pine Bonsai tree plant for a few thousand dollars. Even though they are deemed priceless by those who own them, I bet you could find sellers.

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#5. Syngonium Podophyllum Albo

The Syngonium Podophyllum Albo is one of the household plants constantly in high demand right now. It has a beautiful green and white coloring, capable of grasping your attention wherever you see it.

They do not grow very tall and as such, can be great in any part of your home. The Syngonium Podophyllum Albo is sold for $800, depending on the seller.

If you are looking out for something simple and exquisite, you should consider going for this plant.

#6. An 800-Year-Old Bonsai Tree

If it is 800 years old, you already know it, it is expensive. Bonsai trees are generally known for their age, history, and shape. Like wine, the older they are, the better.

This plant has been sold for a whopping sum of $1.3 million in Japan. It is very rare and when it is seen, its kingly look speaks volumes.

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#7. A Man-Made Orchid

The man-made orchid- Shenzhen Nongke Orchid recently claimed the record for being the most expensive flower ever sold, when it was auctioned off for about $224,000 in 2005.

The man-made orchid was created by scientists in a university lab and took 8 years of work to develop.

It only blooms every 5 years. As such, it is rare and has a lot of prestige attached to it.

#8. Large Monstera Obliqua

The large Monstera Obliqua plant is one of the most expensive plants in the world. It has delicate leaves and a very beautiful-looking color.

It was once sold for $23,000 at an auction. They are very difficult to care for, and as such, very rare.

A lot of people are trying to pass off other plants that look like this at cheap prices. Be wary when you are buying to avoid being scammed.

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#9. Alocasia Azlanii

The Alocasia Azlanii is another rare and expensive plant. It is sold based on its size and weight. You can get one of them for $1000.

They have dark green leaves that look almost black, with veins that can be red, purple, or pink, depending on when and what perspective you look from.

It is also called the red mambo. Having this plant could just be the missing piece your house needs.

#10. Anthurium crystallinum

This plant’s dark, velvety leaves and shimmery white veins make it a favorite among rare plant collectors. It can be sold for $200 depending on your location. If you are just average buyer f plants, take your eye off the Anthurium Crystalliinum.

They are not only expensive; they also require a lot of care.

Anthurium has an orange color that slowly turns green, creating a contrast with the rest of the plant. They are beautiful and if you get them, you could spend minutes just staring at them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most expensive house plant?

Although there are more expensive plants out there like the Bonsai, the most expensive house plants are the variegated Monstera. There have been Monsteras that have brought in over $10,000.

What is the expensive Japanese plant?

Old Pine Bonsaii ($50 to $1.3M)

Bonsai trees catch the eye of plant lovers looking for a unique indoor specimen. The highest priced Bonsai is a centuries-old White Pine, which sold for 100,000,000 yen (about $1.3M) at the 11th Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition in Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan.

Why are string of turtles so expensive?

At one time, a string of turtle plant was tough to find and expensive to purchase, but this is now changing with access to online retailers.

These plants can be bought on Amazon or Etsy and shipped to your door at the touch of a button. However, large plants are still expensive because they do not grow very fast.


The most expensive plant ever sold was the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid sold for $224,000 in 2005. Created in a university lab by scientists it took 8 years to create.

These most expensive plants are rare, thus difficult to find. To get any of them, you must be intentional to look in all the right places.




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