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Top 10 Most Expensive Tequila In 2023

Tequilas with the highest prices come in various shapes (bottle), flavors, and distillation procedures. Some are pricey for the tequila itself, while others are pricey for the bottle in which the tequila is kept.

The majority of drinkers are familiar with tequila blended with a variety of other ingredients in margaritas. Some people associate tequila with machismo-inducing shots. True tequila connoisseurs, on the other hand, regard it as a great spirit that should be consumed without the salt and lime that are employed to disguise a subpar quality.

The article lists the 10 most expensive tequila in the world. Carefully read through!

What Is Tequila?

Tequila is a distilled spirit made from the Agave tequilana Weber Blue, also known as blue agave or Agave Azul, and is only produced in five areas of Mexico: Jalisco (where 99 percent is made and where the town Tequila is located), Guanajuato, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, and Nayarit – these are known as the Denomination of Origin Tequila (DOT) and are recognized as

Only Weber Blue may be used to create Tequila. There are 166 different species of agave, 125 of which can be found in Mexico. The silicate-rich, red volcanic soils in the region near Tequila, where more than 300 million plants are collected each year, are ideal for these plants.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Making Tequila?

Tequila is manufactured by distilling the Weber blue agave plant’s fermenting juices (Agave tequilana). It resembles a huge aloe vera plant with spiked barbs on the tops and is a member of the lily family. The agave plant is ready to be harvested after seven to ten years of growth.

The plant produces a big bulb underground called pia, which looks like a giant white pineapple. The pias are cut and slowly roasted in steam or brick ovens to convert the starch into sugar after removing the leaves.

The sweet juice is extracted from the baked agave, which is then fermented with yeast to convert the sugar to alcohol.

The fermented agave juice is distilled in either pot or column stills and is frequently distilled twice to produce tequila ordinario, a high-alcohol concentration.

Tequila may be aged in barrels or tanks, depending on the style, and some tequila is filtered or blended. The distillate is cut with water before bottling to get the bottling strength.

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What Makes A Tequila Great?

Almost everyone will tell you that the best tequila is made entirely of Weber blue agave juice. An excellent tequila can’t be “mixto,” which is a blend of at least Weber blue agave and other allowable components. A fantastic tequila, on the other hand, is more than that.

The key to a great tequila is consistency. Year after year, every bottle of the brand has the same flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. Great mixologists can not only mix premium components, but they can also make the same tequila when such ingredients aren’t available. Every time you drink nice tequila, you’ll have a fantastic time. That’s why good tequilas should be sipped rather than combined.

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10 Most Expensive Tequila

Here are the 10 most expensive tequila in the world:

1. La Diamante’s Law

Tequila type: Extra-Anejo

Cost: 3.5 million dollars

Level of alcohol: 42% alcohol

Image Source:

La Diamante’s Law is one of the world’s most expensive tequila. With $3.5 million, a bottle of La Diamante’s law is yours. The bottle is handmade and adorned with priceless gems, which is why this record-breaking tequila is so pricey.

Its slinky metallic curves are crafted from two kilos of platinum, the world’s most precious metal. If that wasn’t enough, the bottle is encrusted with 4100 white diamonds weighing 328.59 carats, giving it an iridescent sheen.

The artisan bottle was meticulously created over the course of ten months, involving no less than 17 artists. It’s been on display all around the world, but unfortunately not in our kitchen.

You’ll find a rich and aromatic Extra-Anejo if you can tear your gaze away from the magnificent bottle long enough to take a drink.

2. Tequila Casa San Matias Rey Sol Extra-Anejo

Tequila type: Extra-Anejo

Cost: $400

Alcohol level: 38 to 40%.

Image Source:

The Casa San Matias Rey Sol Extra-Anejo Tequila costs roughly $400, which is significantly more expensive than your ordinary bar tequila but far less expensive than La Ley Del Diamante. They all have one thing in common, though: lovely bottles.

Casa San Matias is served in a crystal decanter that twinkles like the sun. The Sun King, also known as Rey Sol, is imprinted on the bottle, which is quite fitting. Sergio Bustamante, a well-known Mexican artist, developed the design, and the fine glasswork is brilliantly enhanced when the bottle is full of the dark amber drink.

This isn’t a tequila you can rush, as it takes 7-10 years to harvest the agave and another 5-7 years in an oak barrel. However, the burst of vanilla, chocolate, oak, hazelnut, and dried fruit aromas on your tongue will be well worth the wait.

3. Porto Asombroso Reserva

Tequila type: Extra-Anejo

Cost: $2800

Alcohol Level: 40 percent alcohol content

Image Source:

With its distinctive presentation in a handmade cigar humidor, the AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto seems more like a piece of ornamental artwork than a bottle of tequila. The AsomBroso Reserva is housed in a hardwood box with a drawer for the stopper, and it looks like a premium tequila should.

A curving glass bottle with colorful decorations near the base may be found inside the magnificent oak humidor.

The fact that the bottle is a work of art, the result of a partnership between renowned Italian artist Luciano Gambaro and distiller Ricardo Gamarra, will come as no surprise.

The presentation’s Portuguese theme is a good indicator of the tastes you’ll find inside. The AsomBroso is matured in Portuguese port wine casks for a decade, yielding a tequila that is nearly brandy-like.

This tequila is blended with a smaller amount of tequila matured in white oak barrels. The two tequilas combine to create a multi-layered, rounded flavor that develops in the mouth.

4. 250 Anniversario Jose Cuervo

Tequila type: Extra-Anejo

Listed at $2179

40 percent alcohol content

Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario

Image Source:

The José Cuervo 250 Aniversario is sophisticated, elegant, and refined without being ostentatious.

With an engraved neck plate and a leather-bound glass decanter, the design is effortlessly exquisite. Each bottle is given a unique number and is packaged in a solid oak box.

And this tequila is unique since it was developed to commemorate the 250th anniversary of King Carlos III of Spain handing Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo land to plant agave in 1758.

The tequila is matured for at least three years in bourbon barrels before spending an additional ten months in a sherry barrel.

The result is an Extra-Anejo tequila that is both warming and powerful. Smoke, citrus, and sherry dominate the nose, which is unsurprising.

5. Tequila Don Julio Real

Tequila type: Extra-Anejo

Cost: $350

Alcohol content is 38%.

Image Source:

Don Julio Real Tequila is high-quality yet one of the more cheap entries on the list, claiming to be one of the – if not THE – first luxury tequila ever introduced to the market. It’s still a high-end item, but you won’t have to sell your car to get your hands on one.

Because it was released in 1996, a decade before the extra-Anejo category was established, it is not labeled as such. Regardless of the lack of labeling, it is unmistakably an extra-Anejo and maybe the first-ever manufactured.

The tequila is presented in a glass decanter-style bottle with a silver-leafed agave leaf on each side. The silver stopper is formed like a pias, the heart of the agave plant used to make tequila, giving it a lovely organic look.

Real Tequila is matured in Canadian and American whiskey casks, which sets it apart from other tequilas. This results in tequila with a lovely sweet vanilla flavor that evolves into stewed fruit, cigar tobacco, and a smidgeon of rum and resin ice cream.

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6. Tequila Serie 2 Patron En Lalique

Tequila type: Extra-Anejo

Cost: $7500

40 percent alcohol content

Image Source:

With its attractive appearance and high-quality tequila, the inaugural batch of Patron En Lalique tequila raised eyebrows…

They’ve returned with a vengeance, just like Arnie. Thankfully, no one attempted to give a Terminator a bottle of tequila, especially one worth $7500.

The clean, geometric lines, which resemble a large Art Deco perfume bottle, are unusual yet unquestionably alluring. The French crystal decanter has a similar design to the original series, but it has been updated to look more modern.

The stopper, adorned with the Patron bee etched in white gold, is the crowning glory. The entire item is housed in a custom wooden box with a curving cover that spins open to display the magnificent amber contents.

Serie 2 tequila is manufactured in small batches and matured for eight years in a variety of casks, including American oak, French oak, and sherry barrels.


7.  Porfidio Barrique De Ponciano

 Anejo is a type of tequila.

The cost is $2,000.

The alcohol content is 38%.

Image Source:

This is not only a pricey tequila, it is also one of the rarest, with only 3000 bottles manufactured between 1998 and 2011. Because of the tremendous demand for this whiskey, you’ll have to be faster than Speedy Gonzales to get your hands on a bottle.

What a bottle that is, too! The wording is adorned with 21-carat gold and an engraved shining sun throws out warming rays, making it tall, slender, and easy to pour. The cactus design, which represents the tequila’s Mexican origins, will catch your eye.

The cactus, however, is a handblown hollow glass sculpture that is literally within the bottle; it is not an average bottle ornament. The glass cactus within this handcrafted artisan bottle is ideal if you’re searching for a souvenir of the day you spent two big ones on tequila.

The tequila is made with the same care and attention that went into the bottle design. Barrique is matured in a number of diverse, expensive woods, including Esche, acacia, and cherry wood, rather than traditional oak barrels. This multi-step distillation and aging procedure results in a pure, clean flavor that is distinct and, quite well, fantastic.

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8. Tequila 1800 Coleccin Reserva Tequila Extra Aejo

Tequila type: Extra-Anejo

Cost: $1800

Alcohol content: 38%.

Image Source:

If you can’t decide whether to buy a piece of art or a really exceptional bottle of tequila, the Tequila 1800 Colección will allow you to check off both boxes.

Every edition of this Extra-Anejo tequila comes with a custom-designed decanter, making it a special bottle of the most costly tequila that is difficult to find. Every few months, a new design for the 1800 Colección is released, making each bottle of tequila a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

It almost doesn’t matter what the tequila tastes like because the bottle is so collectible, but the good news is that it tastes just as amazing as it looks. It spends three years in oak barrels, giving it toasty oak, black pepper, and roasted agave flavors with a silky finish.

9. Azul Extra-Anejo Clase (ULTRA)

Tequila type: Extra-Anejo

Cost: $1700

alcohol content: 40%

Image source:

If you want to sample one of the world’s most exclusive tequilas, get a bottle of Clase Azul Extra Anejo (Ultra). With only 100 bottles manufactured each year, consider yourself extremely fortunate if you can obtain one. It may not be as pricey as some of the other tequilas on this list, but it’s still one of the best you’ll ever try.

The ornate bottle has been compared to a giant salt and pepper shaker by others. That, however, would be impolite. We’ll call it a curving decorative decanter with a wide bottom, domed cover, and contoured waist and neck instead. The design is Talavera-style, with platinum, 24-carat gold, and silver being employed to elegant effect.

Every bottle is matured for at least ten years, with three of those years spent in a charred sherry-oak barrel, which gives it a characteristic reddish tint. Warming vanilla and honey aromas linger on the aftertaste.

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10. Tequila Tres-Cuatro-Cinco

Tequila type: Extra-Anoja

Cost: $389

Alcohol content: 43.5% 

Tres-Cuatro-Cinco Tequila is presented in an attractive and simple bottle with a neck as long as an upright elephant’s trunk.

You don’t have to be a linguist to figure out the tequila’s name: three, four, and five. This Extra-moniker Anejo originates from the manner it’s made, with several tequilas blended together for optimum depth and flavor.

This one-of-a-kind maturing procedure results in a tequila that is both rich and sophisticated. Every mouthful begs out to be savored and cherished, therefore hiding these flavors as a mixer should be a crime. On the scent, there are notes of oak, pepper, caramel, and chocolate, followed by a delicate fruitiness and hints of coffee on the palate. 


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