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If you have been looking for reviews to know if is a scam or legit platform, or to understand strategy, you did the right thing folk!

You’d agree that most things that sound too good to be true usually aren’t true. This seems to be the case with this platform.

According to, In the US, one in ten adults will fall victim to a scam or fraud every year. These staggering stats reinforce the need to do these reviews.

In this article, we will explain how Mybitcointube.come works.

We’d give an independent opinion on if the platform is a scam or legit. But we will also look at’s strategy.

What Is, Is It Scam Or Legit? Do I Get Rewarded With Bitcoins For Watching Videos?

The platform is a network marketing establishment that allegedly gives people an opportunity to earn extra income. They claim to reward people with cryptocurrency for watching their videos. However, when one looks at how not so simple the Cryptocurrency market is, one will be forced to ask if their claims are legitimate.

For anyone looking to join this platform, you must dig into’s strategy and business activities. This you must do to ensure you’re not just another mark.

It is to ensure that you, our esteemed reader, do not fall prey that we are doing reviews.

For most people that have had experience with Multilevel networking companies, they might argue that there are levels to Network marketing. A level they feel attained within its short time of operation.

However, while all Multilevel marketing companies might not be equal, others might not actually be a company. But a well-orchestrated scheme to swindle you.

You may have come across elsewhere. Say, a marketer has tried to recruit you, or you have come across it on social media.

Whatever be the case, read through this review on, as we help you make a better decision. We will dig into the company’s ownership and how the platform works. We will also look at their compensation plan and other information we feel might apply to you.

Read to learn about How To Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos All You Need to Know. is a video marketing platform that pays members to interact with marketers or advertisers. The platform provides an incredibly secure platform protected with industry verified and the best online standards.

Video marketers purchase video ads on the Mybitcointube platform and then deliver on the videos to users who’ve proven valuable. The company provides those users with fast cash incentives to work with video advertisers.

The platform claims to be like YouTube, but with a difference. The difference is that they pay with bitcoin and you don’t have to make your own content to earn. Mybitcointube has a bogus claim that one can earn a maximum of $210 within seconds for watching videos.

To do this, according to them, you only need to watch the paid video adverts that will be sent to your account. The videos are so short you only spend seconds watching each and earn almost $210.

Funny, right? So basically, you need to watch videos for an hour to earn $37,800 on this platform. Keep it up for a year and you’d give Jeff a run for his money.

Hilarious!! I know this isn’t supposed to be funny, but you have to hand to these guys. They think people are that stupid.

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How MyBitcoinTube Works

This is a platform where advertisers can advertise their YouTube videos for members to watch for a cash reward. As a freebie on the forum, you need not to make any deposits according to them. You’d be getting Bonus videos to watch, and when you earn enough points, you qualify to receive adverts videos.

Meanwhile, beware that the adverts do not earn you Bitcoin, but some credits. After that, you’ll start getting videos on a paid section of video adverts.

Each 2000 BVP is supposed to earn you a $1 worth of Bitcoin, and you can make withdrawals if it gets to $5 In Bitcoins.

A referral is another way you earn from the site. It rewards you with 10% of whatever advert purchase your referral makes.

The Platform would have you think you only earn by watching videos, whereas, you actually really need to do more. You invest, and then you recruit others to do so too. One might wonder, what do I even invest in? Your guess is as good as mine.

The company, however has the following programs for people:

  • Earners Program
  • Advertisers Program
  • Referrals Program

1. Earners Program

The platform claims you are eligible for these as an earner:

On this program you will receive 100 BVPs every day for free with some bonus videos.

You need no referral or sponsoring to make money here.

They claim you will earn $210 for every video worth 20 seconds that you watch.

It guarantees you daily adverts according to the BVP Groups, and a fixed maximum of ten videos daily.

Free lottery will throw in when you watch these videos.

And another free lottery ticket for every time your referral watches a paid video.

2. Advertisers Program

Advertise and also make some money at the same time.

Receive advertising packs worth $1.00 and above.

 Get 2700 BVPs to your account for every $1.00 Advertising Pack.

Get 100 views for your YouTube Video for every $1.00 Advertising Pack. However, your YouTube videos should have a minimum length of 30 seconds.

 Get 50 clicks to your banner for every $1.00 Advertising Pack. However, your banners should be 468×60 or 125×125 pixels.

3. Referrals Program

This program offers you an unlimited bonus from each person you invited.

You’ll earn 10% of all banner and video ad purchases your referrals make, now and also in the future. Therefore, if your referral purchases $100 worth of adverts, you will instantly earn a $10 commission.

You will also get 10% affiliate commissions every time your referrals upgrade, and some free tickets in the Weekly Lottery for every video they watched. The referral commissions are usually credited instantly to your account and are available for withdrawal immediately. You will find your referral link on the Promote page. For?’s strategy is to make it seem like is aimed at video marketers who are seeking an audience for who and what they are marketing and promoting. 

In reality, however, our reviews on and their strategy show that the scheme appears to be aimed at the vulnerable and desperate.

How To Get Started?

Create an account: Through a seamless, easy to use you can input your email on the box provided and press join. Then you’d fill in other registration boxes, which will set up your account.

  • Accumulate some bonus video points

Accumulating these points helps the company know how valuable you’d be to the marketers and advertisers. The bigger your points, the bigger the value of paid video adverts your accounts get priority in receiving.

  • Get paid every day

You will get some bitcoins for each Paid Video advert that you watched, which can be withdrawn immediately. Get paid every day within a couple of minutes with low minimum payouts.

And because it pays you in Bitcoins, there is no more waiting for bank transfers and checks to get processed.

Is a Scam or Legit Organization?

While many people would want to hear no, so they have a reason to try it out, I will have to say yes. They facts examined so far suggests that runs a scheme, similar to a Ponzi, which are outlawed in the United States.

In our, reviews, you’d see that the Platform banks on the ability of members to recruit more people to invest, and when they can longer, the company crashes.

There’s no sustainable plan that insures the investments of people, or that guarantees that it will pay them if they fulfil their side of the bargain.

When you look at these factors, it’s only fair to tell you, to stay as far away as you can from this company.


For me, there’s no good highlight about the platform.

 However, according to Alexa, is getting a lot of online traffic and the platform has an SSL certificate.


The owners of the website are hiding their identity using a paid service.’s strategy has similarities with previous online schemes that turned out to be a scam.

The website’s server is utilized for multiple websites

We could not find reviews for this website on WebOfTrust (WOT) and (BBB) Better Business Bureau.

Many scammers and spammers normally use the registrar of the site.

The website is pretty young; it was set up in 2019.

It involves three countries in the website set-up

Conclusion made lots of claims of paying users on the platform $210 for watching videos for a few seconds.

They also claim that they can turn a dollar into $1.50, a 50% interest. A fit that can’t be replicated within a short time in the real investment world. What they failed to mention, was how long it would take for them to do that.

There’s no clear explanation how the money anyone invests with them will be increased by half.

You can hardly find concrete information about them, and this for me raises further red flags.’s strategy is not easily identifiable, and the owners are not known. Whatever chance you’d like to take is very risky, and I’d advise that you do not test their muddy waters with two feet in.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if is a scam or legit, we hope the points we raised was enough to help you decide.


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