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Old Navy Credit Card: What You Were Not Told In 2022

If you want to enjoy a shopping spree without breaking your budget, you should consider getting Old Navy Credit Card or Old Navy Visa Card to receive rewards for items purchased – and then redeem them at any Gap Inc. Brand shop.

Synchrony Bank’s Old Navy Visa Card offers fans of Old Navy and other Gap brands some compelling rewards for future purchases.

With affordable prices and more than 1,000 stores across the US, Old Navy is a popular shopping destination. The company also has branded credit cards that offer generous rewards: the Old Navy Card and the Old Navy Visa Card. Both credit cards are managed by Synchrony Bank.

We will enlighten you on everything you were not told about old navy credit card and how to maximize it.

About Old Navy Credit Card

The Old Navy Credit Card issued by Synchrony Bank is a business credit card used to collect points that can be used across the Gap family of brands (Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City, Gap Factory, and Banana Republic Factory).

The card comes in two flavors: an in-store credit card that can only be used in Gap Inc. branches and a Visa card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

The card offers a rewards program where cardmembers earn 5 points per dollar spent on Gap Inc. brands that can be redeemed for in-store credit.

After earning 5,000 points, the card will be upgraded to the Navy credit card, which offers free shipping on eligible Old Navy brands, a points bonus, and free major changes to the Banana Republic.

The Old Navy Visa credit card works wherever Visa payments are accepted. Cardholders of both cards earn points for purchases and can redeem these points for rewards that work like cash on future purchases. The cards have no annual fee and give cardholders early access to sales and exclusive offers.

Who is the Old Navy Credit Card best for?

The Old Navy Visa Card is best for those who shop frequently at Old Navy and other Gap brands (Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City, and Gap brand outlet and factory stores).

Of course, you can use the card anywhere Visa is accepted, but the real reward options can be found in the appropriate stores.

The easiest way to imagine this: For every $100 you spend online or in-store, you will make $5 on a future purchase.

The Old Navy Card and Old Navy Visa Card could offer valuable rewards to someone who purchases most of their clothing from Old Navy and other Gap Inc. brands.

Spending $1,000 in these stores will allow the cardholder to attain Navyist status, which will increase their points balance on a quarterly basis and add extra perks to an otherwise rather limited rewards collection program.

If you don’t cross that threshold, the card is probably not a good choice for you. You’re probably better off using a more versatile reward credit card that will allow you to make more money with a wider range of purchases.

Pros of Old Navy Credit Card

  • Good rewards for in-store purchases: Earn 5 points for every $ 1 on every purchase made at Old Navy and its sister stores, and receive 5% off future in-store purchases. This is as good or better than other business credit cards.
  • 20% off your first purchase at Old Navy: Some loyalty cards offer a 10%, 15% discount, or nothing at all. Proper planning of your vacation or back to school can help you maximize the value of this incentive.
  • Additional benefits for larger donors: If you earn 5,000 points in a calendar year, you qualify for Navyist status. This gives you access to additional perks including a quarterly increase in Reward Points of 20%, free fundamental changes to purchases in the Banana Republic, and free shipping on online orders at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta.

Cons of Old Navy Credit Card

  • Rewards Good for Future Purchases Only: You can only use your rewards on purchases at Old Navy and other Gap branded retailers. Also, your rewards will be awarded in increments of 500 points, so you cannot redeem them until you have earned 500 points through your spending.
  • High APR: Business credit cards typically have higher APRs than general credit cards. So, if you tend to have a balance month to month, we don’t recommend this card (or any business card).

The card does not offer a traditional bonus for new cardholders in terms of extra points or cash back. When you receive the card you save 20% on your first purchase.

If you are applying on the Old Navy website, you must use your discount at by a specific date listed on the Old Navy credit card website.

Applying to an Old Navy store requires you to use the discount in the store on the same day and you cannot take advantage of the discount online.

Old Navy Credit Card Rewards

The Old Navy Credit Card provides in-store rewards for purchases of goods. Rewards can be redeemed at any Gap Inc. brand. Gap Inc. brands include Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City, Gap Factory, and the Banana Republic Factory

Earn Rewards

This card earns you 5 points for every dollar spent on purchases from the Gap Inc. family of brands including Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City, Gap Factory, and Banana Republic Factory.

In addition, the Visa version of this card receives one point for every dollar spent at all other merchants.

Once you have accumulated 5,000 points, your account will be updated to the Navy credit card and you will receive a 20% bonus on your quarterly accumulated points.

Redeem Rewards

Rewards will automatically be given out with every settlement in which you have earned 500 or more points. Rewards are issued in increments of $ 5 with a maximum reward certificate value of $50.

For example, if you earn 6,000 points in one statement cycle, you will receive a reward certificate for $50 and one for $10.

You can redeem up to three rewards for a single item purchased in-store or in the mail and up to five rewards for an order placed online or over the phone.

Each award certificate is issued with its own expiration date. No more than $250 in rewards is issued in any one billing cycle. Any points that are not awarded as rewards will be carried over to the next billing cycle.

Reward potential

Because the Old Navy credit card earns 5 points per dollar for purchases made at Old Navy and The Gap Inc. family of brands, most of the reward potential comes from spending in these stores.

In the first year, the reward potential for this card is:

  • $50 off your $250 purchase
  • Rewards of $55 on your first $1,000 purchases at Gap Brands

If you spend that much on the card at Gap Inc. stores, you will be upgraded to the Navyist credit card so the rewards earned in your second year of card membership will be $65.

Note that you must earn the 5,000 Navyist rewards within a calendar year, which means that you would effectively have to be spending over $1,000 per year at Gap Brands.

In addition to earning points for purchases within the Gap Inc. family of brands, the card offers several benefits to frequent Old Navy buyers.

  • Exclusive offers all year round
  • Early access to popular sales

Once you have upgraded to the Navyist Credit Card after earning 5,000 points in a calendar year, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free Shipping: Free shipping in three to five days on any Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta orders online
  • Free major changes to purchases in the Banana Republic: the Banana Republic shortens the hems of pants, skirts, and dresses for free.

  • Private Toll-Free Priority Line: Cardmembers can access a priority telephone customer service line

How Can I Pay My Old Navy Credit Card?

Old Navy offers cardholders the option of making an online payment through the store’s online portal or the Old Navy credit card app. You can also use your Old Navy Card or Old Navy Visa Credit Card to make payment by mail or phone.

Make an Old Navy Credit Card Payment Online

Before making your first online payment, register for online access. You’ll need to give your account number and ZIP code to start the process. After registering your account, here’s how to make a payment:

  1. Go to the Old Navy cardholder account services login page and log in with your username and password.
  2. Have your bank account number and ABA sort code ready to pay your bill.
  1. On the Payments menu, click Make Payment.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete your payment.
  3. In addition to paying online, you can check your account balance, add an authorized user, or sign up for paperless statements.

Make a payment without logging into your Old Navy credit card account

You can also pay your bill as a guest if you don’t have your login details. Here’s how:

  1. At the top of the Old Navy Cardholder Account Services login page, click Pay As Guest.
  2. Enter your full card number along with the last four numbers of your social security number and your zip code.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment from your bank account.

Make an Old Navy credit card payment in the mail

To make a credit card payment from Old Navy through the mail, you will need a check or money order. Send the payment together with your account number to the following address:

For Old Navy business cards, please email:

Synchronous bank
P.O. Box 960061
Orlando, FL 32896-0061

For Old Navy Visa cards, please email:

Synchronous bank
P.O. Box 960013
Orlando, FL 32896-0013

Make an Old Navy credit card payment over the phone

Synchrony Bank also accepts credit card payments from Old Navy over the phone. Call 866-450-5295 and use the automated system to complete the payment or transfer to a live representative.
A fee may apply when completing payment using live assistance or requesting expedited payment over the phone.

Make an Old Navy credit card payment in the app

You can pay your Old Navy credit card account on the store’s mobile app. Download the old navy app from Google Play or the App Store. Go to the Wallet section to pay your bill.

Can You Make an Old Navy Credit Card Payment in the Store?

No, you cannot make in-store credit card payments from Old Navy. The stores also don’t offer envelopes and other credit card payment support.

How to apply for an Old Navy Card

Synchrony Bank offers two Old Navy credit card products: a regular business card and an Old Navy Visa card. You can apply for one of the cards and have it approved if you meet these requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • Have a US address
  • Have a tax identification number
  • Meet income and credit requirements

There are two ways to apply for an award credit card from Old Navy:

Apply for an Old Navy credit card online

You can apply for an Old Navy credit card online in minutes. Once approved, you will receive a discount code for your first purchase that can be used on online or in-store items. To complete an Old Navy credit card application from your PC or mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the consumer credit card application on the Synchrony Financial website with basic personal information, including your Social Security number and annual net income, and click Next.
  2. Confirm whether you want to receive electronic or hard copy copies, or add an authorized user to your account. If you choose paperless statements, you will receive 500 additional reward points.
  3. Check the terms and conditions and check “I agree” if you want to continue using the application.
  4. Click the “Secure Submit” button to edit your application.

Some loan applicants receive an automatic decision after submitting them, while others don’t. You can expect to receive a final decision on your application within seven to 10 days by post or within three to four days by email.

Apply for an Old Navy Card in person

Apply in person for an Old Navy card from a cashier at your local Old Navy store. To do this, follow the steps below. Once approved, you will receive a discount on your first purchase in the store.

  1. Find the store closest to you by checking the Old Navy Business Directory or contacting Old Navy Customer Service at 866-450-5294.
  2. Tell a cashier that you would like to apply for an Old Navy Card when you check out. You’ll need your driver’s license or other identifying information to electronically submit your credit card application and get an instant credit decision on the Old Navy card or Visa. Applicants who do not qualify will receive a letter of explanation in the mail within seven to 10 days.


For most people, the Old Navy credit card offers limited rewards that can only be used as a merchandise discount within the Gap Inc. family of brands.

If you’re spending hundreds of dollars on clothing every month, the rewards program might make sense, but most people get a $5 discount that they either throw away or use on a purchase they wouldn’t otherwise make.

Most consumers would be better served by a card that had solid cash back on general purchases or bonus cashback in everyday categories.

If you are considering the Old Navy Credit Card, consider the value of increased rewards on your everyday spending.


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