Untapped Part time Jobs With Benefits To Pay Bills

Part time jobs with benefits to pay bills have become the dream of so many individuals today and there are Virtual assistant companies hiring part time workers. But the problem is that, individuals have this misconception that a part time job comes with a part time salary. No!

Part time jobs doesn’t have to be paid peanut as salaries. There are people living off on their part time salaries. In fact in recent times, people have quit their 9-5 to focus on their part time work because not only have the money from their part time work covered emergency funds, it has also been a source for their insurance money and retirement plan.

There is nothing small about a part time job. With the flexible work time and enormous benefits to pay bills, part time jobs should be considered among creative, knowledgeable and experienced individuals.

You may also be wondering if working part time jobs for some virtual assistant companies have as much benefits to pay basic living bills. The answer is Yes. It does.

Why focus everything on a full time job that still doesn’t pay all your bills when you can get a part time job that covers all your bills and still leaves room for saving?

On that note, there are a good number of Untapped part time jobs with benefits to pay bills available for individuals round the globe.

Benefits of Part Time Jobs

Here below are some of the benefits of you get from part-time jobs.

1. Increased free time

The biggest benefit of working part time is the free time that becomes available. This is arguable the best part of a part time job. You work for less hours and have extra time to  engage in your personal activities.

For some virtual assistant companies you can choose your most preferred working hours and working days. This is such a relief for employees with family responsibilities, employees living far and employees with health issues and disabilities. 

2. Extra source of income

For workers who are able to balance more than one job, part time jobs are beneficial in making more money. There are tons of part time jobs that pay very well. These extra income can take care of electricity bills, Internet bills, research, work resources etc.

Often times income from part time jobs can take care of huge bills like family vacations, short trips, exhibitions, shopping vouchers, digital resources etc. 

3. Saving transportation cost

Can you quickly calculate how much you spend on transport for twenty five working days a month as a full time worker?

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What was the result? Imagine saving that amount every month, I guess by now you’d have realized how much you would be saving annually on transportation alone if you were working part time. 

Virtual assistant companies have a lot of offers for freelancers to work remotely. Isn’t that beautiful? Part time jobs are beneficial in saving transportation cost. 

4. More Growth & Opportunities

Because some employers and virtual assistant companies are reluctant to hire in-experienced workers full time, it has become important that you work part time in order to train yourself and have sufficient experience in any field. 

Working part time builds your portfolio. It comes with a lot of sustainability in growing your career. It also presents a wide range of opportunities to improve yourself and your career.

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How to Work Part Time Jobs for Virtual Assistant Companies

  1. Figure out what you can do effectively well. What skills do you have? What can you do even in your sleep? How knowledgeable are you in this skill? The answer to these questions is the first big step.
  2. Once you’ve figured out what part-time job you want to secure, start learning. Constant learning is the biggest growth principle. Increase your knowledge of that skill by learning. There are a lot of beneficial free teachings on almost everything in the world right now on the Internet. Befriend the Internet, make google your friend and keep learning.
  3. Search online for companies hiring part-time. There are a fair number of both virtual assistant companies and businesses in need of part-time workers.
  4. Craft an attention-grabbing proposal and send it to that company if it’s remote work. If it’s a physical interview, bring in your A game. Be professional, friendly, and sociable. Your tone should be confident and heartwarming. 

25 Untapped Part Time Jobs with Benefits to Pay Bills

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants remotely offer professional support to their clients and employers in different forms. A virtual assistant job varies from answering emails, document organizing, writing, scheduling, etc. There are virtual assistant companies looking to hire virtual assistants.

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2. Freelancing

Freelancing entails working from home like anything. Dealing with employers and clients is mostly done online. freelancing is also based on contract. Delivering and meeting deadlines are important as a freelancer. 

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3. Writing

Writing alone is broad. You can work part-time as a copywriter, blog writer, email writer, content writer, and technical writer. Focus on which one you can do best and work at it.

4. Advertising

Advertising is a big marketing strategy and if you are skilled at both display advertising and social media advertising, you have a big chance of being hired by virtual assistant companies.

5. Driving

You can work part-time as a driver. In Nigeria, companies like Bolt and Uber employ drivers to work on their own time with their own cars. Cool right?

6. Delivery services

People are in search of delivery services that can deliver errands quickly and adequately. Start an on-time delivery service and your services would always be needed.

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7. Logistics

Here you’d be in charge of travel logistics, shipping items, waybill items, etc. 

8. Graphics designer

A graphics designer can be hired by virtual assistant companies or even individuals looking to design flyers, presentations, logo’s, templates etc.

9. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing skill that brings extra commission by advertising products of others through your platform and earning a fixed amount anytime someone buys that product.

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10. Digital Marketing

This is simply selling online. A digital marketer is skilled at selling anything across all digital platforms

11. Data Analyst

Collection and analysis of data from companies and organizations.

12. Web designer/developer

As a web designer and developer, you need to be vast with technology and softwares in order to develop websites.

13. Speaking

Speakers are in high demand for events. You should be well articulated in speaking and must possess excellent communication skills. NGOs, schools, and corporate events are always in need of speakers. 

14. Event planner

This entails planning events like weddings, birthday parties, picnics, school parties, sports events, etc.

15. Nanny

Nannies are primary caretakers with the sole responsibility of taking great care of little kids whose parents are not available to take care of them due to various reasons. If you’re good with children, then this job is for you.

16. Customer service

Satisfying customer needs from replying to messages, recording their orders, reminding them of deals, taking calls, etc are the job of customer service.

17. Call attendant

If you are a call attendant, you’ll be answering important business and organizational calls at all times. 

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18. Videographer

This involves videoing and editing of content. A videographer should have exceptional editing skills and creative skills as well. 

19. Photographer

Creating moments through the lens. Telling stories through capturing moments. A sharp eye, a knowledge of using a different camera, and a high level of creativity are a must have’s for a photographer.

20. Chef

The ability to cook tasty and delicious dishes and cuisines is the duty of a chef. Also having the readiness and flexibility to try new dishes is an added advantage.

21. Baker

Working as a part time baker involves baking cakes, pastries, snacks for clients from your own comfort. 

22. Home teacher

Parents are in dire need of teachers who are educationists wiling to teach their children at home for a particular period of time.

23. Social media strategist

As a part-time social media strategist, you are tasked with advising and creating strategies for companies on how to grow their social media accounts and increase customers. 

24. Branding expert

Be it a personal or business brand, a branding expert discusses with clients and creates the brand goals for their business. 

25. Auditors

These are accounting auditors tasked with the responsibility of auditing the accounts of both small businesses and companies. Showing them their monthly & annual profits, loss, credits and debits.

How to Apply for Part-Time Jobs with Virtual Assistant Companies

After knowing how to work part-time and the position to work for, the next step is to apply for that position. Which is by researching virtual assistant companies that hire your services.

  • For writing jobs; the Writers gig is exceptional even for Nigerians. 
  • For freelance jobs, companies like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, and Indeed have been known for hiring part-time freelancers. www.freelancer.com www.indeed.com www.upwork.com
  • For physical part-time jobs you can check one of the biggest job sites; LinkedIn www.linkendin.com
  • For other virtual assistant jobs worldwide, Flex Jobs is known for its well-detailed job listing. www.flexjobs.com



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