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30 Passive Income Apps to Make Money While Away | 2022

You can agree with me that one great way to improve your finances is by earning Passive income. Actually, generating a passive income in most cases requires an upfront investment and a lot of nurturing in the beginning but, with Passive income apps, you make money while you sleep.

While passive income apps will not make you rich overnight, it can help to increase your savings, pay off debt, fund a vacation, and improve your finances.

There are a variety of passive income apps you can download to make money; we have put together the top 30 in this article.

Passive income is money that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. This includes sales from products, such as apps or books.

It is very easy to earn passive income these days. All you need is a smartphone. Whether your device is based on the iOS or Android platform, you can make money with your phone and the FREE apps you install on it.

Best Passive Income Apps

Below are 30 passive income Apps that allow you to earn passively. These apps offer a completely legit way to earn money.

They range from paid surveys, earning cashback, completing simple tasks, investing apps to cashback, and side-business apps. With these apps, you can easily make money from your mobile phones.

#30. Drop

Drop is some of the best app to make money. It is free and rewards you for shopping at your favourite brands.  You earn points when you shop that can be redeemed for gift cards.

#29. Swagbucks

 Swagbucks is a great passive income App that offers users reward points for doing simple tasks online. You can earn on this app by searching the web, watching videos, and completing surveys.

#28. Rakuten

 Formally Ebates, Rakuten is another great app for passive income. You can save up to 40% when shopping online with this app. Rakuten partners with more than 750 stores in Canada and 2,000+ in the U.S.

#27. Panel App

Panel App collects market data and tracks your location on your phone. You collect points for doing nothing more than installing the app. It’s not one of the highest paying passive income apps, but it can be another tool you use to get as much money as you can for no work. 

#26. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the top-rated passive income App. This app pays you for sharing your opinion. Each survey is worth a certain number of points, which you can redeem for cash or gift cards.

#25. TopCashback

TopCashback is one of the most generous cashback sites in America. When you make a purchase from a retailer featured on TopCashback, the retailer will give them a commission for sending you to their website. TopCashback shares that commission with you.

#24. Ipsos i-Say

This is a great app that allows you to take exclusive mobile-friendly surveys, and earn rewards anytime. You share your opinions and earn rewards that can later be redeemed as cash through PayPal.

#23. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a good app for passive income. This app offers weekly cashback on groceries and other household purchases at any store. You can earn as high as 35% of your purchase price.

#22. Instacart

If you don’t know what to do at your spare time, join Instacart and make money. You get paid to shop on behalf of a customer and deliver groceries to their doorstop with your car. You can make up to $25/hour and payment is made weekly.

#21. Rover

Rover is a money-making app for pet lovers. It pays you to walk dogs. You set your own schedule, prices, and the type of pets you prefer to work with. 

#20. Airbnb

If you have a comfortable apartment, you can connect with Airbnb and earn a good passive income. You rent out your apartment to people who are looking for accommodations. 

#19. Lyft 

 Just like Uber, you can make money on Lyft whenever you have spare time. You sign up to become a driver, cash out your earnings instantly with their Lyft Express Pay feature. All you need is a phone and access to a car.

#18. Mobilexpression

Mobilexpression allows you to have fun and earn passive income. You get paid to use the internet isn’t that amazing? You install Mobilexpression and receive a $5 Amazon gift card when you keep it installed for 1 week. Continuous usage of the app makes you eligible for credits that can be redeemed for free gift cards.

#17. KOHO

KOHO is a no-fee spending account with instant cash back & money management app designed to simplify your personal finances. It is a highly rated money making app that comes with a reloadable Visa card. You can use the app to automate your savings, as well as earn 0.50% cashback every time you make a debit purchase.

#15. Tangerine

Tangerine offers you a good banking experience with great interest rates. You can receive a $50 bonus on your savings account. Your deposits are insured up to $100,000 per account category.

#14. Media Insiders

Media Insiders is a top rated app that allows you to earn up to $14 a month plus a $5 bonus after 12 weeks. This app pays you monthly to download their app in return for measuring your activities such as clicking and downloads. This has to be the easier money making app.

#13. Bitwalking

Walking is a form of exercise, who wouldn’t love to earn money by just taking a walk? Except if you’re disabled, you can take advantage of Bitwalking app and earn pasive income.

Every time you walk, Bitwalking tracks your steps and gives you Dollars according to how many steps you take. 10,000 steps equates to one Bitwalking Dollar which is double the average adult’s daily step-count.

#12. Ebates

Ebates is a great option for making passive income. You can earn up to $10 for signing and a 38% bonus on your orders from popular websites like Amazon and Macy’s.

#11. Nielsen Mobile

Nielsen Mobile is a great passive income app that allows you to earn $55 for doing nothing. Besides keeping active on your mobile app, you will not need to do anything extra to be entitled to bonus points. Simply download Nielsen’s app to your device and get started.

#10. Cross Media Panel 

 This is a browser extension that allows you to earn up to $2 per week in passive income just by installing the Cross Media Panel on two devices.


Turo is the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace. You can earn money by simply putting up your vehicle for rent when you are not using it. You can lease out your car for as little or as much time as you choose.

#8. Honeygain

Honeygain is a perfect app to make money online by sharing your internet connection. Once you signup, data scientists will use the Honeygain network to connect to the Internet. You earn base on the amount of GB you share with the Honeygain network. 

#7. Foap

Do you know you can turn your photo into money? With Foap App, you can promote and sell your photos. You can win Hundreds of dollars by submitting pictures and videos to one of the Foap “missions”.

#6. Dosh Rewards

Dosh Rewards is an amazing app that gives you cashback for shopping with your credit or debit card. All you do is link your cards with the app.

#5. Fetch Rewards

This is an app that gives you points just for taking a picture of your receipt. After shopping, you take a picture of the receipt without blurriness.

#4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars works like Swagbuck. You earn by shopping online, changing your search engine. To get more bonus points you have to take advantage of special offers and much more.

#3. S’more

S’more rewards you for allowing ads to display on your lock screen. If you’re interested in what you see, then you can click and learn more. However, you’ll earn points even if you never pay attention to the ads just unlock your phone claim your reward.

You can cash out via a gift card to Amazon, AMC Theaters, Applebee’s, Best Buy, CVS, Domino’s Pizza, GameStop, Starbucks, or Target.

#2. Caddle

If you want to make real cash, consider Caddle. This app allows you to earn real cash back for shopping in-store and online, watching video ads, and taking 30-60 second surveys. It is indeed a great money-making app.

#1. Udemy

If you are good at sharing ideas and teaching, you can make money on Udemy. This platform enables you to create courses. If you’re an expert in music, you can create music courses, sell and share some of the profits with the platform.


With over 50 apps out there, you can get paid for doing little or nothing. Take advantage of our top 30 apps and increase your earnings. You don’t require upfront capital to download these apps.


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