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Passive income for graphic designers is crucial since it will aid in accumulating wealth and creating financial stability in the future. Unless you’re designing for fun, then this should matter to you.

An emergency fund is always a good idea, but with a passive source of income flow, the emergency fund may be considerably larger and more equipped for unforeseen needs.

Increasing financial stability is one of the most compelling reasons to gain passive income. With a second source of income, you are no longer fully reliant on your salary, which might open up new avenues for financial stability.

You understand that even if you lose your work, you will still be able to sustain at least a portion of your lifestyle. Greater financial stability might also ensure that you always have a stream of income to offset challenges like inflation and market activity.

Passive income for graphic designers can provide designers with the most valuable gift of all: time reduces future anxiety and stress. Passive income provides stability and alleviates the fear of being unable to pay debts.

It gives financial support and future security, resulting in the financial momentum to manage yourself, your time, and your assets wisely. This article deeply delves into the 10 best passive income ideas for graphic designers.

10 best passive income ideas for graphic designers

Unless a designer is lucky, passive income for graphic designers is not a deal that just readily falls into their laps. Some things need to be done to secure a source of passive income for graphic designers. Here we have the best 10.

#1 – Freelancing

While it is feasible for creative folks to get into the graphic design profession, it does require abilities in the form of a solid portfolio and self-marketing to earn a career as a freelance graphic designer.

Begin with offering a minimal fee for most searched services and then surpass your client’s expectations. You will barely make any money at this point. You must strategize and determine where you can make huge profits to make money.

Assume you provide fantastic designs at $15 or $20. You may charge a bit more for the source file (.ai) or other packages such as stationery, expedited delivery, or a social media package.

Depending on what your customer wants from you, your initial $15 gig may turn into $150. The pricing will be greater if you know how to design apps or websites.

When you have a large number of orders you can fulfill, you may raise your pricing or outsource to other freelancers. You will not only generate more money at this point but also work less and just leverage your prior hard work via your account.

From now on, you can consider this passive income or, at the very least, an active source of income. You can focus on creating something else for yourself, such as adding more services or using that hard-earned money to build a personal brand or an agency where you can charge more for the same work.

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#2 – Create graphics for sale

You may meet a need for businesses as a graphic designer, and your talents as a salesperson will help you to connect with the firms that want your services. Selling graphic designs might be difficult if you don’t do your homework and prepare beforehand.

The more businesses you approach, the better your chances of getting clients. You may use direct mail or email blasts to reach out to businesses that may use your services. Your message may be more detailed than what would fit on a postcard and could also be less expensive.

Create an appealing website with your portfolio online, and create and bring a hardcopy portfolio of your greatest designs to evaluate with possible customers.

Experiment with your selling strategy and method, explaining how employing your ideas might result in great bottom-line benefits.

How you present, yourself is an important aspect of marketing. When you approach individuals in the store, for example, whether they are employees, managers, or the owner, your manner should convey warmth and friendliness as it may pave the door for sale.

#3 – Create a digital course

If you’re a good graphic designer, you may try your hand at this by selling courses online through learning sites like Udemy, Teachable, or Skillshare. Your clients would undoubtedly enjoy the opportunity to learn from you at their leisure.

People no longer need to fight with time slots now that e-tutoring is open to everyone; they may study at speed.

Online learning is expanding at an unprecedented rate, and I’m confident some of you will be able to attend an online lecture on ‘How to Earn Money as a Graphic Designer.’ Go to Udemy and see how many sales courses on graphic design have been developed.

#4 – Work with design startups or think tanks

A startup cannot compete with other more established brands if it does not look good in a world where what you see is what you expect. The initial impression a consumer has of your company influences their sentiments toward it and impacts whether or not they are interested in your offering.

From a marketing standpoint, it is clear that failing to hire a talented graphics designer early on is one of the worst blunders a business CEO can make.

Graphic design has grown as an important component of a company’s image. Because the image is crucial in business, people who do not prioritize it will struggle to withstand the fierce competition.

Hiring a creative graphic designer early on will only help your business survive. This is especially significant considering that up to 90% of startups fail. (Xanax)

Sometimes, startups fail because they cannot hire people for unprioritized things. That’s where you come in. When you are out of current jobs, you can work with startups on contract to help them fix some of their design issues.

This way, you earn and still earn from your art.

#5 – Share knowledge through workshops

A workshop is a planned, controlled manner for teams to interact that assures strong outputs while avoiding common cooperation hazards such as team politics, unbalanced knowledge, and variations in working styles.

Workshops are an alternative to the tedium of group cooperation. They significantly alter collaborative work by replacing unstructured open talks with exercises and activities that reduce groupthink and prejudice while encouraging disciplined discussion and uninterrupted innovation.

In addition to honing these talents, conducting your workshops allows you to develop the necessary leadership experience to land your next top job or sale.

On a practical level, you’ll be overcoming challenging issues, dealing with diverse personalities and working styles, and steering complicated debates to ensure the group achieves its shared goal. Few things beat it when it comes to advancing our professions and solidifying our expertise in our field.

The truth is, while this concept appears to be complex, it is rather easy. Talk about your art and what makes it unique in most of the classes you attend, and you will almost certainly earn what might be regarded as passive income for graphic designers.

#6 – Sell customized branding packages

Designers frequently specialize in a specific area or kind of customer. Some designers, for example, develop the visuals used on product packaging, while others focus on the visual designs used on book covers. This can be done as a source of passive income for graphic designers.

Graphic designers use computer software or hand to develop visual designs that inspire, inform, and fascinate customers. They provide the overall design and layout for applications such as ads, brochures, publications, and reports.

You may also sell customizable design templates to consumers that want design assistance or are not design smart. While doing this, you may realize your flair for small businesses that pay well.

The varieties you may design are practically unlimited, but to begin, consider: A bespoke logo design, business card design, letterhead design, and envelope design are all included in the Corporate Identity Package. Is your customer launching a new business or trying to establish a good corporate presence?

#7 – Go into printables

One of the most significant distinctions between print and web designs is how people perceive them. Holding something tactile in your hand – a piece of paper, a folding brochure, or a book — is a different experience than seeing anything on a computer.

You may either subcontract printing services and then mark up the expenses to pass on to your clients, or you can do both. This makes you liable for all printing costs, regardless of whether your customer pays you.

You may mitigate the risk by requesting deposit payments for printing services. This implies you can make a small profit through pricing markups.

Alternatively, you may simply submit press-ready files and delegate all reproduction to the customer. This eliminates the chance of you incurring charges, but you may lose money by marking the printing rates.

#8 – Design social media graphics

Passive income for graphic designers by designing social media graphics comes through patience and doing really good work. Instagram will be a case study here.

According to Social Toaster, influencer marketing is on the rise. 90% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations, 72% trust material ordinary people offer more than brand names. And 84% of customers want to hear recommendations from friends before purchasing.

Most businesses are willing to spend for promotion if it produces results. As a result, it’s simple to identify high-quality affiliate marketing programs that pay recurring royalties if your suggestions generate revenue. Affiliate links may make a lot of money if used correctly.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks with the highest engagement; thus, generating cash on the platform is simple if you utilize it correctly. There are several unique methods for anybody to generate money on Instagram, ranging from sponsored posts to social media marketing services.

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#9 – Start a monetized blog

Blogging is one of the oldest methods of making money online. It’s also quite simple to get started—all you need is a platform, a theme, and a domain name. Start a personal blog on graphic design, for example, and offer tips, tricks, experiments, results, and tales.

The reality is that blogging is straightforward. You set up a website and start publishing creative material. That’s all! Everything is simple, smooth, and stress-free.

If you are not tech-savvy and don’t know where to begin, there are web developers and hosting platforms you may rely on. Yes, there is an additional fee. However, having a responsive and visually appealing website makes the expense worthwhile and significant.

A blog is often only a single page that online users may scroll through. It functions similarly to Facebook’s and other social media sites’ news feeds. Create cool graphics and keep publishing them.

Interlinking is another reason why blogging is so popular. What exactly is it? This occurs when bloggers link to another person’s blog in their own post.

If your blog has an active community of readers who want to learn more about your topic, a paid membership or subscription model is another method to monetize your unique content in the long run.

Advertisements are often the first and most straightforward approach for many individuals to monetize a site. Ads have the advantage of being simple to utilize, fully passive, and, depending on the advertiser, you may not even need to sell anything to make a profit.

#10 – Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel as a graphic designer might be the correct decision if you’re comfortable on camera and know how to connect with an audience. Writing guest blogs is another option to make money as a graphic designer.

Create a YouTube channel and begin publishing graphic design videos on it. You will highlight a topic, most likely one that interests you.

When you have a graphics design channel with subscribers, your subscribers are valuable. The subscribers are part of a certain demographic. You may discover which target group your viewers belong to in your YouTube stats. Understanding this is critical since you will need those numbers to make money with branding on YouTube.

The following step is to determine which firms your target audience works for. Is it possible for two firms to have the same target audience for their products or services? Then those are your finest YouTube branding partners. Sometimes such firms will come to you, and you will have to contact them other times.

If you want to make money with adverts, the greatest thing you can do is write to firms personally and ask for a partnership on your YouTube channel while these companies aren’t swarming at your door.


Why should a graphics designer want sources of passive income?

Passive income is important since it may help you enhance your financial stability. From saving to regularly investing to consistently giving, the more passive income you accumulate, the simpler it is to maintain consistency in your financial life.

Why is passive income attractive?

Passive income is attractive because it frees up your time to focus on the things you enjoy. Workers in most professions must continue to work the same number of hours year after year to earn the same amount of money and enjoy the same lifestyle. When you factor in inflation, those workers must receive pay raises or work even more hours to maintain their current income. 

What are the benefits of passive income?

The passive income supplements a worker’s income from their job, allowing them to work fewer hours, stick with the same pay rate, or improve their lifestyle.


The need for other sources of income can not be overemphasized, especially when your industry is still growing. This means that if you don’t take the necessary steps, you could be without earnings for a while.

Passive income for graphic designers is a must-have, and this article outlines their top 10 best options.



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