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PC Matic Review: Is It The Best Antivirus & How Does It Works

While using any electronic device, you may be afraid of threats (viruses) that could cause harm to the device. Although there are several antivirus solutions on the market that offers protection, PC Matic appears to be one of the best. Hence, this article will give you a full review of PC Matic.

PC Matic is a fantastic antivirus solution that you can rely on to protect your device. Once you install PC Matic on your device, it will offer maximum protection against viruses, trojans, malware ransomware, and other online threats.

In addition, this antivirus software scans your device in real-time and blocks the malware immediately.

What is PC Matic antivirus?

PC Matic is a very secure antivirus solution that supports all the major operating systems and devices by using whitelisting to detect malware. It is not a regular antivirus solution.

Reviews show that PC Matic performs very well in several malware tests although it does not use the same technology as other antivirus programs.

This antivirus program does not use traditional blacklisting like other antivirus solutions. Its scanner contains a whitelist of all familiar legitimate programs and it blocks programs that are not in the whitelist. The programs that PC Matic blocks could either be safe or malicious.

What are the security features of PC Matic?

Like we said earlier, PC Matic is not your regular antivirus program. This is because it makes us of a whitelist to block malware. In other words, PC Matic has a database containing familiar programs, and the antivirus blocks any program not saved in the database.

The program may be safe or malicious. However, if a program is not on the whitelist, the program automatically goes to the PC Matic’s testing team for verification. Once the team certifies that the program is safe, the program is added to the whitelist. Users can whitelist the program manually if they cannot wait for the company’s testing team.

On the other hand, hackers always come up with new threats by using tools like PowerShell to install malware without any .exe files. PC Matic’s Fileless Script Block detects this malicious scripting activity and blocks the malware.

How PC Matic System Scan works

PC Matic performs a thorough scan on devices to check for different problems. These problems include malware, junk files, driver updates, and broadband quality that can damage or slow down your device.

The system scan is somehow different from other antivirus solutions. Here, it runs a full scan instead of scanning to find and deal with a particular malware. The full scan includes complete disc fragmentation, performance tweaks, and, of course, malware detection.

PC Matic begins the scan by launching a diagnostic scan to find and deal with threats in the operating system. This diagnostic scan checks for junk files, craplets, driver updates, and other dangerous files.

Afterward, the software runs some tests and develops a complete report. Red color shows that the test failed, green color shows that the test was successful, while gray color shows that a particular test was skipped.

You can run a full scan from the main dashboard of the PC Matic. The moment the scan is over, the software will generate a comprehensive report for you. This report comes in four different parts including Performance, Security, Disk, and Other.

From one of the reviews we read, the free version of PC Matic takes several hours to run a scan while its premium version runs a full scan in less than two minutes. The bad thing was that the premium version of the software did not perform malware scanning.

PC Matic SuperShield

Unlike other antivirus programs, PC Matic offers real-time malware protection in a different manner. It has a feature known as SuperShield which uses the software’s whitelist to detect and prevent malware from damaging or slowing down devices.

The SuperShield can be enabled once the PC Matic is installed or at a later time. You must have to perform a system scan before you can use the SuperShield.

Check your system tray to ensure that the SuperShield is up and running. Once perform a scan, the SuperShield will create a list of good (marked green), suspicious (yellow), and unknown/malicious (red) files.

To see how this works, we performed a test on malware and our review shows that the PC Matic worked excellently with the green, yellow, and red colors appearing. We also tested it against some ransomware. The SuperShield blocked the ransome and we had to whitelist the ransomware but it still blocked it.

This shows that the SuperShield is very good, however, there was a high increase in the number of false positives.

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What devices are compatible with PC Matic?

PC Matic was designed specifically for devices running on Windows. Later on, PC Pitstop included Mac support thereby making it accessible for desktop computers. From one of the reviews gathered, PC Matic is now compatible with Android devices. However, PC Matic is not compatible with devices running on iOS.

What does PC Matic Magnum mean?

PC Matic Magnum is a software solution that eliminates sensitive information from a browser and device. This software eliminates information by deleting browsing history, download history, cache, image cache, and cookies permanently. It can also remove Microsoft Office and PDF files.

The program also has dark web monitoring tools. You can purchase the tool separately or as an add-on to the premium PC Matic package. This software solution can cover up to five (5) devices but it can offer protection for up to ten (10) devices for a little fee.

How much will it cost to get PC Matic?

It does not cost much to subscribe and install PC Matic on any device. The standard Home Security plan and the Lifetime subscription do not have an expiry date.

Hence, the table below gives you a list of PC Matic pricing:

Plan5 Devices10 Devices15 Devices20 Devices
PC Matic Annual$50$100$150$200
PC Matic Lifetime$150$300Not availableNot available
PC Magnum$30$60Not availableNot available

PC Matic Home Security Free

PC Matic Home Security Free is the free edition of PC Matic and it is limited. It can only run a scan and this takes a very long time before it will generate a report.

This free version cannot perform any action against any malware unless you get the paid version (Home Security).

PC Matic Home Security

PC Matic Home Security is the paid version of Home Security Free. This antivirus tool does not cost much to get on the market. It is not as effective as Kaspersky, Norton, Bitdefender, and TotalAV.

PC Matic Home Security does not have a VPN, parental controls, or a safe browser. However, it runs accurate scans and has SuperShield (an antivirus engine). It also has an ad blocker that blocks ad pop-ups. PC Matic Home Security prevents invasive messages and adware from damaging the operating system.

Does PC Matic offer support or customer service?

PC Matic does not have a phone number that you can call to speak to an agent or a human live chat. The good thing s that the software has a live chat bot, email support, different user tutorials, and a user forum.

You can find the live chatbot on PC Matic’s official website. On the live chatbot, you can ask questions on how to add PC Matic to a new device or how to renew the PC Matic license.

If you have more questions to ask apart from the aforementioned, you can do that via email to the technical support team of PC Matic.

So, we tried this by sending an email on PC Matic’s website. From our review, we received an automated email from PC Matic’s support team within some minutes

Is PC Matic the best antivirus?

PC Matic is a good antivirus solution. The whitelist feature blocks any malware and legitimate programs that are not in the PC Matic whitelist.

PC Matic is not the best antivirus solution in the market due to certain reasons. Although it detects a malware, it does not leverage advanced malware detection including AI or machine learning.

This antivirus program does not have the features like other top antivirus programs. Anyways, it is still a good option due to its setup, ease of use, and how it detects as well as blocks malware.


PC Matic is very much affordable and it blocks malware and any legitimate program that is not in its whitelist. However, it does not have advanced internet security features like some of the best antivirus programs on the market (Norton and McAfee).

If you want a simple, affordable, and easy-to-use antivirus program that detects malware, PC Matic is a sure bet for you.


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