15 Places To Sell Crafts Online For Huge Cash | Updated

Selling craft is a lucrative business and there are a lot of websites and places you can display your work for money online.

In recent times, the craft business is estimated to be worth as much as $44 billion. People who make crafts spend a lot of time, energy, and money to come up with amazing designs.

So, if you are talented at this and you do it majorly as a hobby, it is possible you could make money from doing what you enjoy. You could consider it as a form of side hustle if you wish.

However, before you venture into this, there are some things you should consider before you embark on this business. You have to consider where and how you will sell your crafts if selling online will be favorable, and bring as much cash as you hope.

Not to worry, you are covered as this article will give the necessary information you need on the best places for you to put up your craft online for people to see and buy, and then make a lot of cash in the long run.

Here is a table of what to expect:

15 Places to Sell Crafts Online for Huge Cash

Here are 15 places to sell your craft online:

  • eBay
  • Social media
  • Esty
  • Cafepress
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Amazon handmade
  • Redbubble
  • Society6
  • eCrater
  • Aerende
  • Bonanza
  • Designers Makers
  • Artfire
  • iCraft

#1 eBay

eBay is one of the largest sites with an overwhelming number of sellers and buyers, though the selling and buying are not strictly focused on crafts, you can sell there. It is also possible that you sell other stuff there. Considering the huge number of people there you can take advantage of this place to sell your craft.

If you plan on using this site, you do not need to pay any listing fee as the payment structure only mandates you to pay a commission only when you have sold an item. You might pay an amount if you have more than 50 listings in a month, but this is not applicable to those who have to sell few craft items.

#2 Social media

There are several social media platforms you could your crafts, you could sell on Instagram, Pinterest, and even Facebook. A site like Pinterest can attract more sales directly to your website. On Instagram, if you have a large number of followers and you are really good at taking pictures, your page can also increase sales for you.

Furthermore, Facebook Marketplace is a part of Facebook that you could sell on. Facebook has a number of users who can directly buy from it. One disadvantage is that people do not really come there to shop for crafts. You do not pay any fee to list your goods on this site but you will have to invest time into putting up your items for sale.

#3 Esty

With up to 1.9 million sellers in 2017, Esty is a booming online market for handmade products and crafts. It is the best known global market for unusual and ingenious goods. Most buyers are from the USA and the price point is below 50 Euros. This site hosts an overwhelming amount of handmade items. On Esty, you can create a shop that groups all your items in one place.

If you wish to join and start a shop, you have to pay three basic fees which are: a transaction fee, a listing fee, and a payment processor fee.  One important thing you should know about Esty is that you are charged $0.20 dollars for every item whether you sell them or not and you also 5% transaction fee when you sell an item.

#4 Cafepress

If you hope to get unique items, CafePress is a really wonderful place for you to source for rare designs. If your craft designs are unique, you can show them here and get sales. CafePress allows you to sell items such as mugs, water bottles, and cell phone covers.

Basically, CafePress has two options for you if you want to sell on the site.

For the first option, you can sell through the Cafepress Marketplace and make a profit of 5% – 10% on each sale or you could just create your own shop and put your own price for each merchandise. If you set up your shop, each item will have its base price and you can choose how much profit you want on your craft.

#5 Shopify

This is a set of e-commerce tools with which you could set up your own shop. You get to customize how you want your shop to look and pick a name, to make it look professional. You are allowed to design your shop to suit your craft.

If you go through the features and you want to sign up, Shopify permits you to sign up for a 14-day free trial after which you will be charged a fee that ranges from $29 to $299 a month. This fee is dependent on the number of features your account will be using. This avenue is much profitable if you will be selling a large amount of craft.

#6 BigCommerce

BigCommerce also possesses features like Shopify which helps create your own shop. Rather than having a shop hosted on platforms like Esty, with BigCommerce you can create your own shop and integrate it into your website. So, anyone who comes across your craft on BigCommerce can directly link to your website to make a purchase.

You get an initial 15-day trial after which you will have to make payments. Also, BigCommerce offers a discount with Paypal on credit transactions, but you will need to structure your own payment system. 

After your 15-day trial, the company requires you to pay between $29.95 to $249.95 a month. This seems pricey, but if you are selling much of your craft, this is a promising arrangement.

#7 Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is a specialized space within the Amazon website. It was established for invited crafters to showcase and sell their rare handcrafted items. These items could be fashion accessories, jewelry, stationery, home decorations, and lots more.

Amazon is a space for you to meet a huge amount of potential clients. When it was launched in 2015, a number of people felt they will give Esty a run for their money. However, Amazon Handmade charges a commission that is on the high side. You are charged for payment processing, fraud protection, seller support, and marketing. Although it seems that Amazon is strict with sellers of only handmade goods, it is definitely worth it.

#8 Redbubble

Though Redrubble is an Australian company, it is still possible for you to access the platform if you are in the US. Redrubble is a form of design selling website, where you are able to put up your designs, and people order them on caps, t-shirts, tote bags, and stickers. It is possible you sell other designs but you will make a lot more from designs on pop culture.

There is a default commission rate of 20% on Redbubble, but you can change this anytime you want. Also, they only pay $20 and above. If you sell items such as stickers, you’d need to sell many and wait longer before you can be paid.

#9 Society6

If you have amazing designs you haven’t been able to share with anyone, this is the best place to sell that craft online.  You could partner with Society6 to set your art on items like pillows, comforters, smartphone cases, throw, and wall art. You remain the owner of the designs and whenever one makes a purchase, Society6 attends to it and all you look forward to is a paycheck.

If you want to make cash off your hobby, this is a convenient choice because you are not responsible for taking care of any arrangements nor are you required to pay a fee. Once a purchase is made, you are given 10%.

#10 eCrater

eCrater is a general online marketplace where you can open a store synonymous with eBay. It is not an auction site, anyone selling can sell directly from their storefront with a fixed price. There is no allowance for negotiations as it is the price you display that you sell for, so ensure your prices do not scare people.

Now, to set up at eCrater is free and you pay no listing fee, but you pay up to 2.9% commission, whenever you sell on the platform. There is no specific crafts category but the subcategories are up to 17 options, most of which are for craft materials and not necessarily handmade items.

#11 Aerende

This online shop was made in the UK for people who were encountering social challenges. Arenade as a social initiative website has its concentrates on interior products such as candles, ceramics, textiles, home accessories, and lovely prints. 

Based on the values on which it is built, listing your crafts here will be beneficial as the organization has a commitment to showcase heritage skills and British-made items as considerate business practices.

#12 Bonanza

Bonanza is an alternative to eBay. Though handmade crafts appear to be more common on eBay, this is still a wonderful place to sell. Bonanza has an import feature that helps you move listings from sites such as eBay, Esty, Shopify, or Amazon. You can easily move your listings to Bonanza, so your crafts are displayed on different sites.

The display of your crafts on different sites means you have access to more potential buyers. So, if a person doesn’t come across it on Amazon, they might see it on Esty or Shopify.

Also selling your crafts here gives you an advantage as there is no listing fee and you pay 3.5% commission when you sell items worth $500 and 4.5 % when the items are worth over $500.

#13 Designers Makers

Designer Markers is an agency that was set up in 2010 by Sophia Rese. It is a contemporary design organization that offers business advice, opportunities to groom its brands, PR, and monthly sales events. These sales events usually take place at Truman Brewery in East London as well as a Christmas market at the Design Museum in London.

This foundation also has an online store for designers to display and sell their designs. You could sell your craft through Designers Makers and make a lot of money. It is a platform already engaged in the contemporary design of items like prints, ceramics, tightening, jewelry and homewares.

So, if you want to use this site, you pay a one-off lifetime membership fee that permits access to their business tools.

#14 Artfire

Artfire is an online market site and also a craft community where people from over the world come to interact, sell, and purchase items. They catalog vintage items, handmade goods, and craft supplies. This is a good option for you to sell your craft online because of the thorough attention they pay to handmade items.

Launched in 2008, Artfire is one of the oldest online places for handmade crafts. Additionally, the site can be improved to give its users a much better users experience.

#15 iCraft

iCraft is another platform where you can sell your crafts online. Though iCraft is a site established in Toronto, Canada, it isn’t restricted to that region alone. It is possible to open a store even if you don’t leave in Canada. Items such as decorations, handknit items, jewelry, and lots more can be found on iCraft.

You do not need to pay any processing or listing fee to be on this site. All you have to do is pay a one-time registration of $25 with which you can get started. Then you are required to pay a subscription fee of $10 – $15 every month. After these payments, you are not required to pay anything else. The money you make from your sales is totally yours.


Using online tools and platforms to promote your crafts is an excellent way of driving sales to your website. Other than sales, you end up reaching out to more persons who use these platforms. Getting on these sites aren’t exactly tedious, it is for you to be able to understand which setting will be favorable to you.

Also, do not forget that even after this list, there is still an option for you to thoroughly search these listings and check if your items are a fit before your make your payment or sign an agreement. The reason being that in setting up an online space you want to be sure you aren’t spending more than you are earning.

I hope this helps you as you launch an online selling community for your crafts.




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