21 Untapped Practical Skills to Learn This Year

One major characteristics of successful people is that they have a skill. Whether its a practical or creative skill, they’ve developed it in such a way that it adds value to their lives. The importance of having a skill in life cannot be overemphasized, as the benefits it provides are endless.And to help you enjoy these benefits, I have created a list of 21 untapped practical skills you need to have.

These skills cut across different areas of life ranging from interpersonal skills to profitable skills.

However, regardless of the area of life they touch, each of these skills have a potential to make your life better

So, without further ado, below are 21 untapped practical skills that you should have.

#1. Computer Literacy

In this day and age, computer literacy is the first and major practical skill you need to function smoothly in this digital world.

From simple tasks like using the ATM, being familiar with touchpads, ability to connect to Bluetooth devices and printer to complex tasks like using several computer software such as Google drive, Docs, etc.

If I keep naming them, this list would be really long. Thus, I want to believe you understand the significance of computer literacy.

#2. Speed Reading

Speed reading is another practical skill that has endless advantage. Let’s take for example you have an exam the next day, and what you need to read is cumbersome. So, you decide to skim through the less important one so that you don’t waste so much time.

However, as you skim through, you realize that the text isn’t making so much sense as it should. And that’s where the problem lies.

Speed reading helps to eliminate this problem by allowing readers skim through the text and comprehend it at a faster rate.

Almost every reader has the habit of saying the words in his head while he reads them. This habit is known as subvocalization, and it is known to significantly increase reading time.

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#3. Social Media and Digital Marketing

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has provided both benefits and disadvantages that we can almost not do without social media.

Being able to use and navigate social media efficiently is a skill on its own, and one essential practical skill that you should have.

Even if you say you don’t like the attention that it brings, you should still be able to navigate comfortably through these sites, and possibly make money off them.

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The most popular ones are, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Google and Facebook. Select one and start learning from there.

Conversely, if you have mastered social media to a certain level, you can branch into the world of digital marketing. You’d discover lots of other skillset you can get. More so, it’s benefits are endless.

#4. The Art of Delegating

There’s a popular saying that goes “No man is an island.” This means that you can’t do everything in life by yourself, and this makes delegation a practical skill everyone should have.

More so, if you are in a managerial position, you should know this and master the art well.

However, the problem is that a lot of us are trying to micromanage tasks and the people around us. And it sucks.

By learning to delegate, you can free up your time and mental space for more important things.

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#5. Mastering Body Language

Contrary to popular belief, people pass lots of information through heir body language.

According to research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), people consider information from body language over facial expressions when perceiving emotions.

This study shows that you can get your information across if you can use the right body language.

And this makes it a must-have practical skill.

#6. Problem-Solving Skill

Problem-solving is to a certain level a measure of your mental capacity. It is a psychological state where you take on problems and devise the best methods to solve that problem.

It is a practical skill to have when you work in demanding settings where instant solutions can either result in gains or losses.

#7. Driving

The next most important thing after breathing is knowing how to drive. It’s one of those practical skills that you need to learn early in life as it can save your life one day.

The best part of this skill is that you wouldn’t forget it no matter what. And this maakes it another must have skill.

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#8. Communication Skill

Being able to communicate your idea clearly and straightforward without complications or anxiety remains undefeated.

As appealing as staying indoors and talking to yourself sounds, the truth is that you can’t avoid communication from other human beings.

There are certain milestones that you can achieve if you are able to communicate your information effectively.

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#9. Prioritizing Tasks

Many of us lack the ability to determine which tasks should come first, and which should come after.

Unfortunately, this is a task that we must have if we want to retain our mental sanity. I’ll explain.

Having so many tasks to do can make you feel very overwhelmed. In fact, it could affect your mental health especially if you have deadlines. And that is why you need to learn how to prioritize tasks.

Something as simple as having a to-do list that organizes your tasks for the day is a great start.

By learning to prioritize, you’ll let go of useless tasks that you shouldn’t waste your time on.

#10. Videography

Videos are fast becoming the order of the day. Everywhere you turn you see that videos are used to push more content to you, to gain your attention.

Several businesses use videos to market their products and even create awareness about it. All of this is because research has shown that people tend to watch videos more than they are able to read the content.

More so, it has been seen to increase user traction.

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#11. Writing

If you are also searching for practical skills that can fetch you some extra cash, consider this as part of them.

It’s an evergreen skill, as despite digitization, writing is still a major form of communication.

Be it an office report, a social media caption or video description, good writing can get you tons of advantages.

#12. Social Influence

The ability to influence the mind and decisions of humans remains one of the greatest practical skills available. The skill was mastered by some of the greatest minds in history, Nelson Mandela, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In fact, they wouldn’t be remembered as icons today if they didn’t master the art of influencing people to stand behind them

#13. Learning a new language

Learning a new language is a great way to improve your mental capacity. When you learn a new language, you expose yourself to a brand new set of rules and vocabulary that exercise your brain muscles.

Additionally, you’re training your brain to function better by learning a new language and culture.

More so, being a bilingual can open more doors for you in life than you think. it allows you to connect better with people in that area, and secure more job opportunities.

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#14. Public Speaking

The art of pubic speaking is a practical skill a lot of people still struggle with today. And mostly, it’s because you have to stand in front of people and make your point as clear as possible.

It’s okay to get nervous during pubic speaking, but what’s worse than that is not speaking prepared.

More so, it’s not something you can avoid for the rest of your life. At some point yu’d have to stand up in front of people and make your point.

#15. Learning an Instrument

Learning an instrument may not seem as a viable practical skill, but developing your musical knowledge helps to develop cognition.

In addition, It can stimulate unconventional regions of the brain related to mathematical and logical reasoning. 

The instrument you choose to learn doesn’t matter at all, although some of it depends on the sound you like.

#16. Painting and Arts

Being involved in painting and arts makes the list one of the practical skills you should have. The painting shows how you coordinate your thoughts and hands to produce an accurate impression.

More so, they have found paintings to help manage certain types of personality disorders and mental issues.

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#17. Cooking

Yes! Cooking is a practical skill, and every adult should know how to cook at least one meal. You never know where life takes you.

More so, being able to cook for yourself not only makes you self-reliant, but helps you familiarize yourself with your taste buds.

#18. Sports

Engaging in any sports of your choice never goes out of style. It helps with fitness and motor coordination. In addition, it helps to develop your communication and teamwork abilities.

  • Knowing how to read official documents
  • Knowing how to do your taxes
  • Gardening


Practical skills are a must-have for everyone. Before you choose a skill to learn, you must first understand why you need to learn that skill. Understanding the “why” will enable you to learn for the benefit you want.

So, go through this list and choose at least one practical skill you need to learn.

I wish you the best of luck!


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