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10 Reasons To Learn A Trade And Leave Your Degrees | Ultimate Guide

A good number of people feel that attending a college for any degree of their choice makes them open to earning a higher income.

However, obtaining a degree is not always guaranteed a higher income. You also need to know that learning a trade is a great option!

I’m sure you giggled at that.  Just as the traditional degree of four years isn’t for everyone, trade should not be viewed with so much disdain.

Engaging yourself in a trade school offers you a wholesome career path, and that is why you would see for yourself, some of the reasons why you should learn a trade.

What Is A Trade School?

The trade school is an educational institution that is designed to provide the students with technical skills that are needed to finish up a particular job.

Also known as a vocational school, this type of educational institution has its set of laid-down approaches to teaching.

It focuses more on how the students can be empowered with a particular skill rather than receiving a general education.

The type of training the students acquire in trade schools is first-hand and some of the jobs they get to land in the end are those with beautiful pay.

Some of these jobs include pharmacy technician, dental hygienist, machinist, electrician, giving room for the students to widen their horizons in any of the fields they find themselves.

Advantages Of Attending A Trade School

Although you may have had a lot of people, advise you to go to a college, right? There is no need why you should fret at the mention of a trade school.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages associated with you attending a trade school in the list below.

  • Small classes and meeting people with like-minds.
  • Career opportunities
  • Hands-on training

Reasons Why You Should Consider A Trade School In 2023

Let us see why learning a trade is matchless compared to attending a college.

#10 You Have The Opportunity To Do What You Are Good At

It is funny how a massive number of college graduates who specialized in one field of study end up doing something entirely different from what they studied.

This is because there are no many job openings. Therefore, college graduates make do with what they see and settle for it not minding if the pay is worth it.

The story is a different one for someone who attended a trade school.

Possessing the right skill, education, and training, you can decide to start up your own business or opt for a particular job that is rewarding in return.

#9 It Requires Little Time For Completion

A college takes about four years to complete, but the maximum time needed to complete a trade school is about two years.

So, while your counterparts are still in the study hall, you are already a graduate earning pay.

#8 Attending A Trade School Is Not Cost Effective

As much as many want to attend college, the cost of tuition is a bit discouraging to those who may not have all it takes to go through school.

Therefore, with the fair cost of tuition at a trade school, the students graduate without the thought of how to pay back the loans they have piled up.

More so, there is higher grant accessibility and simple to-apply awards and credits.

Additionally, while those who choose to go to college are left with a small portion of the ‘real-world’ experience, trade school graduates gain the real experience while in school with less debt.

#7 Gleaming Occupation Possibilities

Years back, Jobs were up for grabs, but now, times have changed. Given the shortage of skills in the US, learning how to become a bricklayer, tiler, or electrician is a great option.

If you are exceptional with your skills, you will be confident of walking into a job upon completing your training.

Also, odds are that you will most likely secure a placement with the place that served as a preparatory ground for you.

#6 Optimum Satisfaction

A worldwide report indicates that employees between 28% and 56% wish they could leave their jobs. Would you rather spend a greater part of your life not satisfied?

Therefore, choosing the right profession is as important as making the decision.

Some people, they can easily pick being creative over sitting all day to fill in Excel spreadsheets.

So, nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with being innovative. You can only get that when you attend a trade school.

#5 High Demand for Such Skills

A lot of persons have chosen to tow the path of white-collar jobs. Another set of persons are retiring from being employed. So, there is a high need for those with the appropriate skills to fill the placements in various sectors.

Upon migration to either US or UK, you will be sure that you possess the skill that is being sought.

#4 Learning a Trade Teaches You How to Control Your Emotions

There are real challenges trade helps us solve. Some of those challenges are as follows:

  • How to be grateful for the things you have
  • To not feel bad when things turn out the opposite way
  • How not to retaliate when someone pissed you.

Learning a trade teaches us all of those and a lot more. You must develop a cool, collected, and calm spirit to excel in your craftiness.

#3 Learning a Trade Makes You Independent

A market is where greed and fear have become the order of the day.

Your ability to understand the crowd and guess what their next line of action will be is what learning a trade does for you.

To be a good trader, you must break expectations and do what is outside the norm.

If you can do this, it leaves a trademark on every area of your life unknown to you.

#2 Learning a Trade Points out your Strengths and Weaknesses

Trade brings you to bear all of your weaknesses and gives you an approach to rely on your strengths than worry about your flaws.

If you have ever entertained the fear of missing out or being wrong, you will learn how to make better composures.

#1 Be Your Own Boss

Working day and night taking orders from another person makes your work-life boring.

Learning a trade means you no longer have to work for someone else but yourself.

The trade gives you greater adaptability around your work, and everything you do; you do for yourself.

What are the Top Trade Schools?

In no particular order, the following are trade schools where you can choose to learn a trade that best suits you.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of a few urges for you to attend a college, there are many trades to learn with great advantages too.

So, learning a trade is something you need to do. Good luck!

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