RiceGum Net Worth (Updated 2022)

RiceGum is one of the most skilled YouTubers. Even though he is more hated than loved, it is speculated that he does it intentionally, because hate wins’ views on YouTube. Ricegum’s net worth is estimated at around $8million.

On the Billboard Emerging Artists chart in 2017, he was placed number 25. The Recording Industry Association of America certified his song “It’s Every Night Sis,” a response to a Logan Paul song, platinum in March 2018. (RIAA). Even though RiceGum has reduced his number of posts, he still made a lot of money while he was at it.

What is RiceGum’s Total Net Worth?

For a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and music producer, RiceGum has raked in a huge amount of money. An online sensation once declared his surprise at RiceGum’s net worth because he has his fair share of hate on the Internet. However, the hate helps him grow because it attracts more followers. 

As of 2022, RiceGum has a net worth of $8million. He reads this money through YouTube, Twitch, donations by his fans, his music, sponsorships, and other minute sources of income. 

His music career is mostly made of diss tracks. Due to the hate the diss tracks pull, they go viral and hence, make him a lot of money. 

In 2020, RiceGum showed his nudity on his Twitch account and was banned. If not for the ban, his net worth would have been more than it currently is. 

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Who is RiceGum?

Born on November 9, 1996, Bryan Quang Le, popularly known as RiceGum is a popular YouTuber, known for his constant controversial statements about other YouTubers. He is also a Twitch streamer, and music artist known for his constant music diss releases.

He has been posting on YouTube since he was 16 years old. He started with uploading gameplay commentaries of Call of Duty.

When he was interviewed, he stated that his reason for making YouTube videos was because he wanted to make enough money to retire his parents and buy some clothes. After a while, he started a Twitch account as well, doing the same thing he was doing on YouTube- playing Call of Duty and making commentaries.

Diss tracks on YouTube started to trend in 2017 and RiceGum wasted no time in joining in. His first diss track was a single Its Every Night Sis, where he featured Alissa Violet. The diss track was directed towards her ex Jake Paul.

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RiceGumater met up with a social-media influencer group named Clout Gang and joined them that same year, making diss track and parody for Jake Pauls’ Team 10 set-up.

Due to his controversial lifestyle, he has gotten into misunderstandings with several popular Internet sensations like Jake Paul, Hasan Piker, Bhad Babie, Gabbie Hanna, amongst others. RiceGum has also been called out on several occasions on the Internet because of his viral controversial behavior.

He got it hot the most when he promoted a scam site that used gambling-esque features to lure in their users.

RiceGum lives in Los Angeles, California, United States, is not known to be in any relationship and is 5 feet 8 inches in height. His source of wealth is basically from his online streaming, content creation, and numerous sponsorships.

On What Platform Does RiceGum Stream?

RiceGum is an Internet sensation and as such, he has accounts on almost all social media platforms. He streams live on Twitch and has three different YouTube channels. He uses one as his vlog, one as his main channel and the third one serves as his live channel.

He currently uses his main channel- RiceGum and the other two are inactive. His last upload on his YouTube channel was 11 months ago. On his Twitch account, he streams once every week or two.

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How Much Does RiceGum Earn?

When RiceGum was younger, he used to be very active on social media, pulling in a lot of money. However, he currently does not have a regular streaming schedule. He streams once every week or two.

If he was actively streaming, he would be making anywhere between $4,000 to $6,000 a month on YouTube, and $48,000 to $72,000 every year. Due to the drop in his content creation, he has lost quite a lot. RiceGum has 8.4k active subscribers on Twitch, as such, he would be making $21,000 off tier 1 subscribers alone in a month. 

In terms of his music career, the amount of money he earns is unknown. We are only sure he receives royalties from his diss tracks.

Due to his unregulated fluctuations in his posts and live streams, it would be difficult to tell how much exactly RiceGum earns from his multiple sources of income. 

RiceGum’s Music Career

In 2017, RiceGum found its way into the music industry. His first diss track that went very viral was his parody of Jake Paul and Team 10s single Its Everyday Bro, titled It’s Every Night Sis. 

The diss track went so viral that it was ranked #80 in Billboard’s Hot 100, ranked #34 in Billboard USAs R&B/Hip-hop chart, and ranked #25 in Billboard USAs Rap chart. 

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Since his first track was such as success, he released two more later that same year- “God Church (a parody title of a line from Its Everyday Bro), Frick da Police, and Naughty or Nice. 

RiceGum’s Twitch Career

Having made it on YouTube, RiceGum decided to try his content creation on Twitch. He created his Twitch account in 2013. For a single stream, he streams for an average of 3 hours and gets up to 54,000 live viewers on his stream.

He first started with Call of Duty, playing and acting as a commentator on it. Currently, his most streamed categories are Fortnite, GTA V, and Just Chatting. 

His Just Chatting hours might break his GTA Vs record soon as RiceGum’s last 10 streams have all been in the Just Chatting category, except one where he also played GTA V. 

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RiceGum’s YouTube Career

RiceGum started his YouTube career as early as 2012 and has amassed a huge amount of wealth from it. His YouTube career is literally what started his journey into fame. He started with being a commentator for Call of Duty gameplay. After his popularity grew, he began to make comedy videos, most of which included dissing people. He was then involved in dragging people for their controversial lifestyle. 

His dissing skills got him a lot of followers on his YouTube channel. Holding onto the huge success of the content and how much he made from it, he did more and even went on to release some songs dissing people.

Earnings From His Music Career

Since he started his music career in 2017, RiceGum has released 9 singles. The exact figures he has made from his music career are not publicly known.

However, considering the popularity and how high up the charts his songs went, he has made a huge amount of revenue from his music career.

Earnings as a YouTuber

RiceGum’s earnings as a YouTuber have greatly fluctuated since the peak of his popularity. He does not upload content as frequently anymore and is not affiliated with any content house as well. However, his uploads featuring other content creators would gain a lot of traction. As of now, his monthly earnings from YouTube are said to be around $3,500 a month, and $42,000 a year, from just his main channel. RiceLive makes about $80 a month and $960 a year while FamilyGum makes $280 a month and $3.3k a year, on average.

Earnings As A Twitch Streamer

Of recent, RiceGum is more active on his Twitch account than he is on YouTube. He currently has 1.8 million followers on Twitch. Out of this 1.8million followers, 8.4k of them are active subscribers. This means that on Twitch, he earns $21,000 a month and at least $252,000 a year. 

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RiceGum’s Sponsorship Deals

RiceGum made a lot of earnings from his so-called subscribers. It was rumored that in 2019, he got a sponsorship deal from a gambling site- Mystery Band. He received a lot of backlashes when the public got this news. Other YouTubers started to show up, claiming they were offered large sums of money to promote the sake website. He however got the sponsorship deal and in one way or another, it might have contributed to his earnings.

RiceGum’s Expenditure

How RiceGum spends his money is not always publicly known. He loves to show off his luxury and affluence on his social media whenever he can. He once belonged to an influencer group – Clout House. When he was with them, he stayed in a 10-bedroom 13-bathroom multi-floored luxury property. It’s estimated that he spends $40,000 to live in the CloutHouse with fellow YouTubers and Social Media Influencers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RiceGum still in the Clout Gang?

No. In 202, RiceGum moved out of the Clout House. To date, no one still knows what he had with the Clout Gang.

Is RiceGum single?

RiceGum has kept his relationship life away from the public. No one knows whether RiceGum is married, single, or even currently dating.

How much does RiceGum earn?

Whilst having multiple streams of income, Rice Gum can be estimated to make $250k a year from both his YouTube and Twitch channels, even though he does not stream or post as often. This amount excludes what he has gotten from donations, subscriptions, and royalties.

Where does RiceGum stream?

RiceGum streams on his Twitch channel. He started his YouTube channel first but does not stream there. 

Q. Does RiceGum have any controversies?

RiceGum has faced many controversies in his life, including beefing with iDubbbzTV, Hasan Piker, Gabbie Hanna, Danielle Bregoli a.k.a Bhad Bhabie, Pokimane, and others. 


RiceGum was on life with a woman who had been the victim of sexual assault sometime in 2016. RiceGum continued to make jokes about the issue after the woman narrated her harrowing experience, even going so far as to add, “Did it feel nice though?” RiceGum received a massive amount of flak as a result of this, both from survivors and fans. Even though he does insensitive things like this, he has made a fair share of money from his life online. 



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