Rosewholesale Reviews 2022: Is It Legit Or Cheap Clothing Scam is one of the top leading fashion hubs that offer affordable prices and excellent customer services. In contrast to that, most people believe it doesn’t exist because their deals look too good to be true.

You will agree with me it’s not ideal to judge a book by its cover or based on what others think. After all, people are likely to tell others of an awful experience than they are to talk of a positive one.

For this reason, we have made a comprehensive Rose wholesale Reviews in this article. This review will help you know whether or not exists.

What is is an online fashion platform that makes available affordable fashion and accessories to its customers. In order words, it is like a wholesaler company that provides trendy high-quality offers at affordable prices.

One interesting fact about this wholesaler company is that it’s not limited to Rosewholesale clothing alone although fashion is its primary focus. Aside from clothing, shoes, wigs, lingerie, and men’s fashion are available.

Generally, the company boast of a large international customer base and one of the top leading clothes wholesaler in the world because of its high emphasis on quality and style at affordable prices.

Not just that, they also offer professional customer service which has helped in making the shopping experience easy and fun especially for first users.

In short, when talking about a fashion hub that can satisfy your fashion need either as a buyer or seller, is the ideal hub.

What Product does Rosewholesale Offer?

A lot! got you covered no matter your gender. They categorize their products into different categories like:

  • Men’s clothes which include trendy shirts, polos, sweaters, panties, pants, waistcoats, and so on.
  • Women’s clothes which include stylish dresses, bottoms, outerwear, underwear, plus sizes, and so on.
  • Kids’ wears for both genders such as long-sleeve dresses, casual attire, jackets, shirts, dresses and coats, sweaters, and cardigans.
  • Jewelry and Watches like brooches earrings, rings, bracelets, and body jewelry. Styles and themes include vintage, silver, rose gold, turquoise, and diamond.
  • Then Hairs like Huma hairs, assorted wigs, and wigs.
  • Shoes for both genders such as flats, boots, wedges, peep-toes, and slippers.

You can also get bags, makeup and belts all at affordable prices.

Features in Rosewholesale?

Rosewholesale is a fashion online shopping platform with unique and distinguishing features. These made it stand out from other fashion platforms. Owing to these features, most people make it their choice once it comes to fashion.
Here some features;

  • Diverse Products
  • Wholesale prices
  • Customer Service
  • Quality assurance
  • Timely Shipping
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Accurate product description
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Diverse Products

You bet has a diversified branded product to suit every taste and style, being a large wholesale company with an expanding international customer base.

The company can enhance an extensive network of production and distribution of fashion products. This gives them access to thousands of clothes of high quality. It also means that at competitive factory prices, they can offer you the top fashion brands.

This wholesaler has various categories of fashion wears compiled in full catalogs. So, no matter what you are looking for, as far as its wear, Rosewholesale must have it.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is another thing you can be sure of getting at They offer unique and high-quality products below market prices. In fact, they don’t skimp when it comes to quality.

This is because before you become a supplier in this fashion hub, you must have gone through a review process to ensure you can deliver high-quality products.

Interestingly, the business provides a 30-day warranty on its goods to put your mind at ease. This ensures that you can conveniently return or request a refund for items you are not happy with, 30 days after purchase.

Overall, these uncompromising features of quality assurance help to enhance your shopping experience at Rosewholesale.

Give Discounts and coupons

Rosewholesale offers amazing sales discounts. Combined with their low wholesale costs, you can shop for less for more of your favorite designer brands.

Their impressive coupons are another thing that you’ll love about Rosewholesale. It is possible to redeem coupon codes to cover the value of items. This really brings convenience to your online shopping experience at Rosewholesale.

Wholesale prices

The bulk of goods from Rosewholesale are supplied by reputable businesses. They enter a long-term contract with these suppliers with the central goal of ensuring that their supply of goods is stable and prices are low.

That’s why for a bargain from Rosewholesale, you can be sure of having your favorite fashion pieces. The costs are also too low; it is basically as if you were buying from the producer directly.

Accurate Product Description

The company provides an accurate product description to ensure the efficiency of product specifications. As a client, to ensure that they get the correct sizes, you will be advised to always check the size charts located below the product description.

Aside from that, depending on the clothing, other requirements such as material and data such as washing instructions are also given.

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Timely Shipping

Shipping charges have always been a challenge for most buyers when it comes to online shopping. Rosewholesale offers remarkably low shipping and handling charges. offers a wide selection of products available for free shipping. They also offer express shipping for certain products. For express shipments, you receive your order within 7 days or less.

How to get Discount at Rosewholesale?

Discount at is based on the number of products bought. That means, the more products you buy from, the higher the discount amount.

For example, if you get 20 pieces of a product, you attain a 20% discount.

Why then should I shop at Rosewholesale?

First is Quality. provides a wide range of fashion products of high quality and style that suit different styles.

They go for reputable fashion producers to ensure customer satisfaction. Thus, their product catalog is constantly updated to include the latest fashion trends.

The second is the wholesale Prices. When you shop at Rosewholesale, you can be sure of getting a quality product at wholesale or factory prices which if you are buying to resell, you can be sure of making a gain.

Then, top-notch customer service. This is where Rosewholesale nails it all. They offer professional services that enable you to have the best shopping experience. More so, they offer both pre-sale and post-sale services that are sure to leave you wanting for nothing.

Furthermore, you can be sure of the safe delivery of your product. You will have free shipping for select products to over 200 courtiers. The company works with reputable shipping companies like DHL, EMS, and UPS to ensure that all products get to their destination in good condition.

What are the Pros and Cons of Rosewholesale?


The pros of Rosewholesale includes;

  • Its high-quality fashion offers
  • It has a Fast and secured shipping mode
  • Rosewholsaleroffers Wholesale Rates
  • Futhermore, it offers impressive Discounts and coupons


  • The company doesn’t update its Men’s products regularly.
  • It orders often take time to arrive.

How can I carry out Rosewholesale Signup?

Very simple!

The sign up for Rosewholesale won’t take you up to 5 minutes. And unlike some online platforms, once you input a valid email and create a password, you are ready. Another interesting thing about signing up in this platform is that you will get 15% off & $89 cash off once you sign up.

Note, you can also connect with your facebook account which is more easier to do.

Rosewholesale Reviews & Ratings | Is Rosewholesale Scam or Legit

Reviews are essential tools that help online shoppers in particular to relive the experience of other shoppers’ shopping with the seller in question. Basically, they provide comprehensive descriptions of the company’s compliments, complaints, and concerns to help you make a more informed decision.

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Alas, most Rosewholesale reviews haven’t been nice at all. Even with the low prices they offer, they sometimes make mistakes in providing their services.

Another fact that has poised as a challenge is that it has a poor server. Then more than a few orders took longer to arrive. This has resulted to many saying that is a scam.

It’s not. That a site is a poorly served site doesn’t make it a fraudulent site.

So, be very careful not to be fooled by the overwhelming number of negative comments for Rosewholesale.

In fact, many of the reviews focus on the company’s failures. And you’ll definitely find that a customer or two are overreacting; You feel completely frustrated and upset.

After all, research has shown that people are more likely to tell other people about an awful experience than a positive experience.

With thousands of positive and negative reviews filling various forums, it is always difficult to point out the truth. However, I have found that you can always rely on customer review ratings to point you in the right direction. I always review the average star rating of clients for different review platforms before deciding what action to take.

Based on overall customer feedback, Rosewholesale still needs to polish up its service delivery. However, many other customers (more than half) are satisfied with it.

Bottom Line

Rosewholesale is one of those wholesale suppliers of clothing that is both trendy and cheap. The business has gained recognition for providing durable and affordable apparel and associated accessories.

Though this company gets bad reviews from unsatisfied clients, the amount of positive reviews from Rosewholesale fortunately outweighs the unkind reviews. The verdict, therefore, is that is a secure place to shop online for affordable clothes.



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