2022 Samsung Smart TV Apps Hack You Haven’t Tried

Smart TVs were originally known as connected devices. They typically can be connected to the internet, use apps, and behave in certain ways like our computers and web browsers.

Asides from these features, there are other features of Samsung Smart TV apps that exist but are hidden. These Samsung smart TV apps hacks will enlighten you about them.

One of these Samsung smart Tv apps hacks you probably never knew is that the tv can be controlled by voice commands and by apps running on the smartphone.

Generally, Smart TVs resemble the Internet of things.

Let’s get down to talking about the Samsung smart tv app hacks and tricks that will aid optimal usage of the smart tv.

Samsung Smart TV Apps Hack You Haven’t Tried

Let’s get started and explore some of the best Samsung Smart TV apps hacks and tricks you haven’t tried.

#1. Private Listening

Samsung Smart TV can be controlled through the Samsung SmartThings app available on iOS and Android.

Download this app on your smartphone for some private time.

So, if you’re listening to a late-night show and do not want to disturb the family, switch the audio to your smartphone while streaming the video through the TV. And you can also use your smartphone to broadcast audio or music on your smart TV, vice versa.

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This is the first Samsung Smart TV app hack on our list.

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#2. Smart Eco Solutions

Another unexplored Samsung smart tv app hack is the Smart Eco Solutions.

This feature lets you adjust the TV’s brightness as per your surroundings. Isn’t that awesome? There’s also a Motion Lighting feature on your Samsung Smart TV that automatically reduces the brightness of the screen the moment you’re asleep or when the device tracks lesser movements.

So, next time when you fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie, your TV’s bright light won’t mess with your sleep.

#3. Smart View

Another Samsung smart tv app hack is screen mirroring. You can mirror your smartphone’s content on the big screen with Samsung’s Smart View option.

To start, go to the Samsung SmartThings app, tap on the TV name, hit on the three vertical dots icon, and then pick “Smart View”.

#4. Game Mode

Samsung Smart TV offers a dedicated Game mode feature where you can enjoy an optimized viewing experience with picture-perfect graphics.

For this to be activated, go to Settings> General> External Device Manager> Game Mode.

#5. Smart Security

We already mentioned that smart tv uses the internet of things and this happens to be a vulnerable target for cyber attacks.

In order to keep your Samsung smart Tv safe from threats and viruses, Samsung offers a smart security feature that scans the device thoroughly.

To use Smart Security, head on to Settings> General> System Manager> Smart Security> Scan.

This is another Samsung smart tv apps hack that many people are not aware of.

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#6. Hospitality Mode

This is another Samsung smart tv app hack that many people are not aware of. Samsung Smart TV offers you a hospitality/hotel mode that allows you to set up a secret menu with customized options limited to users.

Basically, this feature protects some functions from the modifications hotel guests want to do.

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In this mode, you can tweak with a few settings like setting up maximum volume limit, using the energy-saving mode, which consumes less power, and many other features.

#7. Say goodbye to your remote

Back in the day, losing the TV remote was a tragedy. Now, although Samsung smart TVs come equipped with a remote, you don’t actually need them.

one of the Samsung smart TV apps hack allows you to use your phone or tablet as a remote so that that you’re always in total control of what’s on the screen.

#8. Control it with a controller Using your Xbox One or PS4 controllers

Here is another handy Samsung smart TV app hack. Samsung smart tv supports the use of Xbox and PS4 controllers.

Just go to your settings and select “Add Accessory”, the TV will scan for supported Bluetooth accessories, allowing you to select your controllers for use.

#9. Upload DVDs

Don’t throw out those old DVDs just yet. Download the Vudu app and create a digital library of your old favorites on your Samsung smart TV.

Once you’ve opened a Vudu account, you can use their disc to digital service by scanning the DVD’s UPC code using your phone or tablet. It costs a couple of bucks for each disc, depending on the DVD, and is only available for a limited number of films, but is an easy and fast way to watch your DVDs again without the need for a DVD player.

It is important to note that this feature is only available for those living in the US and Mexico and who are using a Vudu-supported smart TV. Samsung Smart Tv is Vudu-supported.

This is another Samsung smart tv app hack you probably never knew of.

#10. Stream presentations from your phone

This Samsung Smart TV app hack is for business. Your Samsung smart Tv can serve a function in offices too, allowing you to wirelessly stream presentations from your phone or tablet onto a bigger screen.

Just sync your smart device with the TV, and show off your PowerPoint skills at your next meeting.

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#11. Work from the sofa: Use Microsoft Office on your Samsung smart TV

Did you know you can create, edit, and share Microsoft documents from your Samsung smart TV? There are a number of Microsoft Office apps that are free to download in the Google Play store, and that will allow you to work from the comfort of your sofa.

Just search and download from your phone, and get your work done on your TV. Now, this is another Samsung smart TV app hack.

#12. Let guests stream on your Samsung smart TV

Another handy Samsung smart TV app hack is to let your guests decide the next thing to watch.

If you’re using a Google Chromecast, you can let guests choose what to watch or listen to without sharing your WiFi password with them. Just set your Chromecast to Guest Mode, and it will allow anyone in the vicinity to open and display Cast-enabled apps.

With this, no one has full access to your network.

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Samsung Smart Tv app hacks give more functionality to your smart TV. Now, the TV isn’t just for watching movies but can e tweaked to perform certain functions we never imagined.

It is very important you learn these hacks.



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