30 Untapped Self-Care Ideas In 2022

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about what you have on your plate or what you do in the gym. True holistic wellness also focuses on your emotional, mental, and social health. That’s why it is absolutely important to work your self-care muscle just the way you sweat while doing your favorite activity.

You may be wondering what it is that you’re are not doing for yourself to ensure you attain true happens. In this piece you’ll discover 30 un-tapped self-care ideas- they could just be those “little things” like watching the sunrise or going out into nature. These things help keep the body, soul, and mind in good shape.

You may want to have a peep into what to expect in this article, the table below will help you navigate the options. And yes! reading through this piece might just be a form of self-care for you so don’t trivialize the opportunity.

What is self-care and why do we need it?

Self-care is the intentional act of taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. In an ideal world, this would come naturally and would be an effortless part of life. But in today’s fast-paced society, if we don’t prioritize our own care, it just doesn’t happen. Instead, we are faced with stress, depression, and burnout.

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So whether you need some self-care ideas for a bad day, or you just need a little reboot, read through these easy self-care tips for stress and be ready to implement them when you need them.

Again, if you tend to find yourself at the bottom of your priority list, especially when the list is long, that could mean that you are neglecting yourself.

Parents do absolutely everything for their children but in most cases, they forget to take care of themselves. Taking care of yourself as a Mom or Dad is just as important as making sure your child is well-taken care of. You must put on your own air mask before helping others.

List of Self-care Ideas- Your Ultimate guide to Self-care

Below are 30 untapped self-care ideas. Most of the listed ideas are totally free ways to practice self-care at home. By making one small change in your day, you’ll soon find that you feel healthier, happier, and ready for anything

#1. Lift weights while rubbing

According to a study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, the risk of heart events like heart attack and stroke was up to 70% lower in people who lifted weights twice a week than in people who never did. Weight training also improves bone density and balance. Buy a set of lightweight dumbbells (3-8 pounds) and do moves like curls and bicep lunges while watching TV.

#2. Take 20 minutes to clean up the mess

Getting rid of that pile of mail, the pile of shoes on the door, and your closet overflow can improve your well-being. Studies have linked crowded environments to stress and less self-control (for example, over food), which can negatively affect your physical health.

#3. Turn late nights into long lunches

A Sleep Health study found that 41% 41% of parents said too many late activities — their own and their kids’ — kept them from getting a good night’s sleep. When you’re exhausted, deep-dish pizza is much more appealing than steamed vegetables, and the exercise is less appealing than hitting the snooze button.

#4. Take care of your feet

Getting a pedicure is more than painting your nails. They will also work to remove calluses and soften feet for the baby.

#5. Take a walk for lunch

Research shows that a 15-minute walk at noon increases concentration and energy during the workday.

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#6. Breathe like a yogi

Take a deep breath; Press the right side of the nose with your thumb to block the right nostril. exhale; inhale through the left nostril; Block the left nostril and release the right. exhale; Aspire. Change of sides; repeat.

#7. Give your eyes a break

We spend a large part of our days in front of screens. Avoid digital eye strain (dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision) by following the rule of 20: Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes to look at something 20 feet away.

#8. Open your blinds

Let the sun in first and leave your shadows open in the office to synchronize your daily rhythm. Sleep doesn’t just relieve a bad mood – less than six hours a night can put you at risk for heart disease and stroke, especially if you have a risk factor like diabetes or high blood pressure.

#9. Step outside

Being in nature, especially on the move, improves your mood, sharpens your thinking, and makes you feel calmer and more generous. You can also go hiking but that may require getting hiking apps.

#10. Plant something

One study found that adults who garden were more likely to eat vegetables than those who did not. Additionally, other research shows that people who have their hands on the ground are generally happier and healthier.

#11. Get your sweat on

Exercise is not just for weight loss; It is also a powerful mental health tool that has been shown to be effective against depression and anxiety. Our wellness lab offers 25 home fitness programs.

#12. Schedule a play date just for you

Book this girl’s night out (even if it’s a virtual date!). Researchers aren’t sure why, but a strong social life seems to protect against cognitive decline. In fact, studies have shown that people with more positive social relationships than their peers have better intelligence.

#13. Laugh with friends

Researchers have found that social laughter releases endorphins (a.k.a. feel-good hormones) in our brains. Not only will you benefit from the giggles, but laughing can strengthen your relationships!

#14. Plan a getaway

Research new places or revisit your go-to spots — it’s the perfect escape from reality, especially if you haven’t been able to travel safely in a while. Who knows, it may inspire you to take time off!

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#15. Take a course in something brand-new

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try dancing, painting or photography. Active learning exercises your brain — and you may meet new friends on a learning forum.

#16. Take a long, luxurious bath

Pop on a relaxing playlist and wait for your skin to get pruny.

#17. Write a “To-do” and “it-is-done” list

Write a list full of things you’ve already accomplished versus things you have to do.

#18. Take a nap

Take out time and rest for twenty minutes or two hours. Choose your own adventure.

#19. Try a makeup look you’d normally be too scared to wear

Open YouTube, find a bold tutorial, and take glam selfies to send to your friends.

#20. Refill your water bottle frequently

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself.

#21. Light your favorite candle

Really pay attention to the scent and see if you can figure out all the notes.

#22. Watch a Netflix movie or show that always makes you laugh

Might we suggest one of these hilarious, female-led comedies?

#23. Write a list of ten things you love about yourself

Self-love is self-care. Give yourself a compliment.

#24. Put your phone on “do not disturb”

If only for an hour, spending time without texts, emails, and Instagram stories looming over your head is so refreshing.

#25. Visit a museum—online

Google’s Arts & Culture platform lets you take in some of the world’s most impressive sights from the comfort of your living room.

#26. Change your sheets

There’s really nothing like falling asleep in a freshly fluffed bed.

#27. Paint your nails

It’s cheaper and often longer-lasting than a salon mani.

#28. Go through your camera roll

Reminisce about all the wonderful things you’ve done.

#29. Doodle

Even if you don’t have an adult coloring book on hand, grab a pen and paper and let your creative juices flow.

#30. Create a gratitude list

Writing down the things you’re thankful for will make you appreciate them even more.

Final Thoughts

The need to indulge in self-care cannot be overemphasized. Take advantage of our list of self-care ideas and prioritize your mental and physical health.


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