Shopkick Reviews 2022: Legit or scam/How it works

Being rewarded for making purchases seems like a win-win for me. Shopkick is one of the top reward apps that lets you earn gift cards without actually buying anything.

Getting into this Shopkicks reviews, embrace yourself for the amazing things you probably didn’t know about Shopkick.

Our Shopkick reviews will clear your doubts if its legit or not and explain how it works. Shopkick won’t replace your day job, but it can help you earn points toward gift cards every month, even if you don’t purchase a thing.

What is shopkick?

Shopkick is a free rewards app for Android and IOS that allows you to earn points (or kicks as they call it) by walking into certain stores, scanning items, making in-store purchases, shopping at online partners, and more!

It was founded in 2009 and has accumulated over 7.5 million users, thereby, making them one of the largest shopping rewards apps around.

Shopkick is only available in the US. However, we had to write Shopkick app reviews simply due to the sheer number of options you have to save money with this app.

How Does Shopkick Work?

To start using Shopkick, you need to download the Shopkick app on an iOS (10.0 or later, including iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touch) or Android (6.0 and up) devices. After that, you’ll then have access to a lot more options for earning Shopkick points, or kicks.

From this Shopkick reviews, let’s see a few different ways you can get “kicks”. My favorite method of stacking up points is opening the app before entering a participating store and then checking to see the items I can scan within that store for more kicks. I’ve also found other ways to rack up points too, which you can find below.

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Different Ways to Earn Kicks Fast

1. Entering a store

Stores that are Eligible pay you between 30 and 100 “kicks” to enter their store. However, you have to wait a few seconds at the entrance with your open Shopkick app to earn points.

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2. Scanning items bar codes within the store

You also get paid to scan specific items using your Shopkick app. Generally, you get ten kicks per scan, and you can scan multiple items per store (although these items are most times not close together within the store).

3. Buying stuff

shopkick lets you earn kicks by purchasing items at participating stores. However, the exact number of kicks you earn depends on the item you purchase and from which store it is bought.

4. Refer friends for kicks

You can actually get up to 25,000 kicks from invites, and that is equivalent to inviting 100 friends. Of course, you are highly welcome to invite as many friends as you’d like to join and enjoy Shopkick with you! although, they offer kicks for the first 100.

5. Connect your credit card

You recieve up to 200 kicks when you link one of your credit cards.

How Many Partners Does Shopkick Have?

The uncertainty if Shopkick is legit sometimes comes into play here. Shopkick claims they have over 250,000 brand partners in retail locations around the country.

However, it is difficult to pin down an exact number as Shopkick is constantly rotating partner brands. Nevertheless, some brands that they have either worked with or are currently working with include TJ Maxx, Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, Kroger and Crate & Barrel. So, regardless of you location, it is likely that you can find a participating retailer.

Perhaps the most useful stores that Shopkick partners with are grocery stores. Shopkick grocery partners will give you extra rewards for scanning coupons and barcodes on their items. Also, Shopkick’s list of brand partners has only gotten larger since 2009 and continues to expand.

Extra Tips & Ways to Earn Kicks

Keep the following Shopkick tips in mind if you want to earn extra points the next time you go to the store:

1. Turn on notifications and bluetooth.

Making sure that these 2 simple features are turned on will make it so that you never miss an offer again. This enables Shopkick to notify you when there are specific promotions in your area and other simple ways to earn.

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turning on Bluetooth also lets you walk into stores and immediately earn points for having the app open. These two options can be the difference between an extra gift card every month or not!

Also, don’t dramatically alter your shopping habits to earn $0.25 or some small reward, but don’t miss out on free money.

2. Shop kick hidden kicks.

Another easy way to earn free gift cards with this app is to look for hidden kicks,

When you open the Shopkick app, head over to the Discover tab. According to Shopkick reviews, this feature lets you “go on a treasure hunt to find instant surprises”.

This is just one reason to always check the app for new offers and opportunities to earn points.

Watching Videos

Watching videos online is an easier way to make use of Shopkick since you can earn kicks while commuting or even while watching tv, movies, or videos on a different device. However, most videos only offer around 50 kicks, so you may need to spend a lot of time on Shopkick to earn a reasonable number of kicks.

Is Shopkick legit?

Before we even get into the pros and cons, we should answer the question is Shopkick legit? Shopkick is not a scam at all, and it is completely safe and legit to use.

undeniable; Yes, Shopkick is 100% legit and is not a scam in any way at all. They won’t steal your money and you won’t be disturbed by endless pop-ups and spam Mails. You are not required to enter any payment information in the app so if you are uncomfortable linking one of your debit cards, you don’t have to and can equally benefit from the rewards program.

However, you don’t have to take it from us though. Shopkick has thousands of truly positive reviews on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. and If those are any indication to go by, then Shopkick is most certainly legit and worth your time and effort.

Pros and Cons Of Shopkick

Now let’s go over the pros and cons of Shopkick so you can decide if Shopkick is right for you.

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  • it is free to sign up and use
  • There are super easy ways to get rewards
  • It is a User-friendly app
  • It has great reviews on the Play Store & App Store
  • shopkick Can make shopping fun
  • It has a large number of gift cards to choose from


  • One Shopkick problem is that there are privacy concerns with the app needing a lot of permissions.
  • Also, one kick is not worth much and it takes some time to get enough points to cash out.
  • PayPal requires more points for the same amount of cash as gift cards.
  • this is an important problem with Shopkick that some people complain that they get banned from the app for no reason.
  • lastly, not every store is on Shopkick.

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Is Shopkick Worth It?

Shopkick shouldn’t replace your daily job, but you could earn $10 or more in gift cards every week simply by going to their partner stores and submitting receipts through the app.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

If you shop regularly in Shopkick’s partner stores its not a bad idea to visit regularly anyway. But there are actually better ways to generate sustainable income, especially if you have the time to begin a more lucrative side hustle.

And There Are Trade-Offs

You also have to look at your tolerance for letting Shopkick or anyone track your movement. If you take your privacy seriously, this may give you pause.

Anyways, if you’ve had experiences with cashback and shopping apps you may have already gotten used to the inherent trade-offs.

Shopkick Review Conclusion

Shopkick is legit and a good method to make money. You can use the app to earn real gift cards to popular stores, and In case you are looking for ways to earn when shopping or you’re just getting started with learning how to make money when you shop, you can sign up for Shopkick today.



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